30 Awesome Gifts for Journalists That Really Useful

Is it that time of the year, where you should surprise the lovely journalist in town? Or do you want to make someone’s day as they just start their career as a journalist? Look no more, this article is meant for you, who are looking for gifts for journalists. The gifts we have sorted out are just what every journalist must have, or simply their basic needs to run everyday. Your plan to make their day is about to happen!

1. A Compact Wireless Power Bank

gifts for journalists

A compact, easy to carry, and fast charging power bank is the most important thing to have right now. If your journalist son or daughter hasn’t got one yet, we strongly suggest you to equip them with this 8000mAh power bank type c that supports wireless charging too. This can save them from running out of phone battery when they are working. 

2. Kikkerland NUNCHUCK PEN

gifts for journalists

Surprise the new journalist with this NUNCHUK PEN by Kikkerland Design. This will be a funny yet useful gift you could ever give. Plus, this pen showcases how much you support your son or daughter to be a journalist, and they would also know that you give them a thoughtful gift

3. Portable 4G LTE Wireless WiFi

Portable 4G LTE Wireless WiFi

Being a journalist is not really an easy job. The most stressful time for a journalist is when they are in a rush to write and the cafe WiFi or their mobile hotspot isn’t working. This Portable 4G LTE wireless WIFI can be their lifesaver! If you are giving this as a gift for the new journalist, that means you saved them from the stressful moment. 

4. A Journalist Mug for the New Journalist

gifts for journalists

Although it seems boring to surprise someone with a mug, it can be a very meaningful and priceless gift when YOU are the one who is giving it to your journalist son or daughter. They will be very thankful and glad that you are proud of what they do. This customized journalist mug is ceramic, microwave safe, and it uses eco-friendly ink. 

5. The 5 in 1 Tool Pen

gifts for journalists

The hustle culture in the journalist world is not a secret anymore. This 5 in 1 pen that can magically turn into a screwdriver, capacitive touch stylus, an integrated bubble level, ruler, and of course a pen. This little ninja might be a very useful item when in the unexpected moment.

6. Twist and Eat Burrito Holder

Twist and Eat Burrito Holder

Working in the fairly early morning? Your journalist son or daughter surely will encounter that kind of day. Getting them this twist and eat burrito holder as a gift is just a wonderful idea. They wouldn’t know how much they need it to carry their breakfast until they have it in the kitchen. It’s food grade ABS plastic, acetal and microwave safe. 

7. A Happy Feet Mug

gifts for journalists

Cuteness overload! This happy feet mug by Dylan Kendall is made from stoneware that can handle up to 8 oz coffee or tea. The new journalist can use this as their office mug! The feet represent what journalists do everyday in a cute way. 

8. Women’s Hooded Rain Jacket

gifts for journalists

Make the young lady’s day with this Bagilaanoe hooded rain waterproof jacket. You know that sometimes the weather forecast is not 100% accurate. It is best to give her this jacket just in case and it can save her from a sudden drizzle! 

9. OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera

OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera

A really important item a journalist must have. Not only do they write up some stories, they also need to take pictures of the subject that is being interviewed. It’s not recommended to use a personal phone for business matters. So, getting the new journalist in house this OLYMPUS tough TG-6 waterproof pocket camera is the greatest thing they will ever receive. 

10. EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

If the journalist has their own pocket camera already, then maybe they haven’t had this voice recorder yet. Which is another crucial item that is very useful for them when out in the field, conducting an interview. This EVISTR 16GB digital voice recorder features playback, mini audio recorder USB charge, and can support MP3.

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11. A Sweet Mug for Him

gifts for journalists

A star wars fan or not, this cute mug with Yoda cartoon print is a mood booster for your journalist boyfriend. The “Yoda best journalist” says how much you adore him and what he does. The mug comes from a high quality ceramic, with a long lasting print ink. It is dishwasher and microwave friendly. 

12. Nike Men’s NSW Tech Fleece Hoodie

gifts for journalists

A warm hoodie from Nike? Definitely an awesome gift for your journalist boyfriend. Giving a warm hoodie means that you really care for him. It can save him from rain and can even shield his skin from the stinging sunlight. This Nike tech fleece hoodie comes with full zip and raglan sleeves.

13. Nike Walking Industrial Shoes

gifts for journalists

Yup, it’s Nike again. Nike has been known as the best go-to brand when looking for shoes for all occasions. Since your boyfriend is a journalist, he is always roaming around the time interviewing people for his writing  materials. So, getting him a new pair of comfortable walking shoes from Nike like this one is the best choice to increase his productivity. 

14. William Shakespeare Luxury Pen

William Shakespeare Luxury Pen

Who doesn’t know William Shakespeare? This Shakespeare luxury pen with inspirational quote can be the greatest gift for your journalist boyfriend. It comes in a satin-lined keepsake presentation case (easy for you to wrap the gift!). It has a twist-action ballpoint writing mechanism with black ink. 

15. OIDEA Couple Stainless Steel Bracelet

OIDEA Couple Stainless Steel Bracelet

A couple bracelets? Sounds like a great idea! This OIDEA couple stainless steel bracelet with infinity symbol pendant is such a heart-warming gift. The strap is made from good quality leather and is comfortable to wear. This can be a strong symbol between the two of you and also a good luck wishes when he is working anywhere in town. 

16. YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Cup

gifts for journalists

What’s your boyfriend’s favorite menu at Starbucks? Is it a must for him to get his special menu before going to work? If yes, we suggest you celebrate his special day with a brand new stainless steel cup with a straw lid from YETI. It’s stylish, dents and drops resistance, double-wall vacuum insulation, and dishwasher safe. 

17. Seagate 2TB Slim External Hard Drive

gifts for journalists

You can get this Seagate 2TB slim external hard drive for your journalist boyfriend. We know that now everyone is using cloud drive, but you need to resubscribe every month or year to get extra spaces. But, with this external hard drive, you only need to purchase once to get 2 terabytes! It’s such a safe place for your boyfriend to save his writing documents. 

18. An Affordable Paper Shredder

gifts for journalist

As a journalist, your boyfriend might always print out a bunch of papers everyday. Some of them might contain his office’s confidential information. It is important to have this one when he is working at home. Let’s give him this affordable Insignia 6-sheet crosscut shredder!

19. A Cotton Black Hoodie

A Cotton Black Hoodie

A black hoodie specially made for writers. You can consider this one as a gift for your journalist boyfriend! The material consists of high quality fabric such as cotton, and heat transfer vinyl. The design itself is professionally printed using commercial grade equipment for longer durability. 

20. A Quilted Sweatpants

A Quilted Sweatpants

So excited to tell you that this quilted sweatpants from Wellen is back in stock! It is very comfy loungewear for your journalist boyfriend. After a long hours of work, these sweatpants can pamper him and make him enjoy his free time on the cozy couch or his bed. It is 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

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21. A Leopard Journalist Sweatshirt

A Leopard Journalist Sweatshirt

Looking for a great gift for your journalist girlfriend? Well, a cute leopard sweatshirt always works. It comes with wide variations of colors. From white to sport grey are available. This is very comfortable, your girlfriend would love to wear this as their go-to outfit on any kind of day. 

22. A Journalist T-Shirt

A Journalist T-Shirt

Are you celebrating your girlfriend’s first job of being a journalist? Maybe you can surprise her with this journalist retro t-shirt. It is knitted from cotton and polyester, making the tee very comfortable to use. The colors also vary from maroon, pink, to heather peach and more. Let her know that you are proud of her!

23. Frances Marion Spiral Notebook

Frances Marion Spiral Notebook

Is your girlfriend a feminist by heart? Good news then! We found this Frances Marion printed notebook. Perfect for a feminist journalist like your girlfriend. It has 118 pages, spiral bound, ruled line paper, and of course Frances Marion print on the cover. This female series notebook surely will make her special day even more special!

24. New York Times – A History of Civil Rights

gifts for journalists

Being a journalist is a life-long learning job. It requires your girlfriend to keep up to date of what’s happening, be it in the health sector or government issues. If you want to give her something that can elevate her credibility as a journalist even more, this New York Times book, A History of Civil Rights can be the best option as a gift.

25. A Custom Meditation Box

A Custom Meditation Box

Exhausted from work? That’s normal and very understandable. Speaking of tiredness, why don’t you give her this custom meditation box? You can choose what kind of mantra inside the lid that you want for your journalist girlfriend to read everyday. This can be her new fuel, or some kind of hug when you are not around. 

26. A Lightweight Folding Umbrella

A Lightweight Folding Umbrella

Tell her that you care for her without telling her that you are. We bet you sound like that lady robot from that video app! What we are trying to say here is that giving a folding umbrella to support your girlfriend’s career as a journalist is sweet and thoughtful. Plus, the color is mint green, which is very cute!

27. A Day Pack with Laptop Compartment

gifts for journalists

Surprise your journalist girlfriend with this lightweight backpack from Eigtlay. It features a laptop compartment, modern roll top design, and most importantly it is waterproof! Just what a journalist ever needed. The unfolded version can handle up to 50 cm height. The fold-able top makes it easy to adjust the sizes for her storage. A good gift indeed!

28. Hemingway Pencil Cup

gifts for journalists

Originally made by Victorian Trading Co. This resin and faux stone based pencil cup is inspired from Hemingway’s typewriter! Your journalist girlfriend can’t even help but smile when she opens this gift from you. Make her day with just one gift? Check!

29. Jasco Power Gear Mini Wireless Mouse

Jasco Power Gear Mini Wireless Mouse

The requirement of being a journalist is to move here, and there for news coverage. It would be painful if your girlfriend needs to rely on her only trackpad. So, getting her Jasco power gear wireless mouse is pretty much solving your journalist’s girl problem. It is universally compatible with any devices, it has optical precision, can enjoy smooth navigation, and has ergonomic design. 

30. A Vintage Leather Notepad

A Vintage Leather Notepad

An authentic gift for your beloved journalist girlfriend. This vintage weather journal from Platform Vesta is made from a premium leather bound notebook. It is refillable inside including blank, grid, and lined. It can be your girl’s daily reminder book. Useful and simply beautiful gift. 

So, which item would you buy as a gift for journalists? You can group some items based on your budget if you are confused. But, whichever you choose, we know it is the best option and we guarantee the journalist will feel thankful and appreciated!

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