34 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Since most of us spend more time at work than we do at home these days, it’s no wonder that your co-workers start to feel like family, or at least become your closest friends. With that in mind, we think they deserve a truly special gift when Christmas rolls around.

So, since the big day will be here before we know it, we say now is the perfect time to start shopping for those gifts. Perhaps you’re searching out the ideal present for someone you’ve worked with for decades, or maybe you need something fun to give to your boss. You could even be on the hunt for a secret Santa gifts that’ll work for whoever happens to receive it. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re confident our list of awesome gifts for co-workers has you covered!

The Most Personalized Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

1. Handbag Shaped Wall Clock

christmas gifts for coworkers

Whether you work in fashion or the person you’re buying for just happens to adore unique-looking everyday items, this handbag-shaped wall clock will make a truly memorable gift. Its leather construction will look super-chic in any office space but will also work if they choose to hang it up at home.

2. Decorative Crab Ashtray

christmas gifts for coworkers

Sometimes, you just want to make that special someone laugh their socks off the moment they open your gift. If that’s what you need this year then you cannot go wrong with this decorative crab ashtray for smokers. It’s exceptionally handmade, the shell lifts off for easy ash disposal and there’s even a small hole for the crab to hold your co-worker’s cigarette in their mouth!

3. Chandelier for the Living Room 

christmas gifts for coworkers

For the co-worker that deserves a truly unique and lavish gift this year, we think this stunning multi-color chandelier is perfection! It has seven arms wrapped in a rainbow of yellow, orange, red, purple, navy blue, bright blue, and green cable braid so it’s guaranteed to make a statement in any room! This gift is especially ideal if you happen to work in a cool modern office or a design firm.

4. Dog Body Table

christmas gifts for coworkers

Whether they’re looking to decorate their office with some stylish new pieces or you know this will make a statement in their living room, this extraordinary designer end table will make an unforgettable gift for your co-worker to rest their coffee on as they work. Just make sure they don’t think you’re calling them a dogsbody!

5. Ofiedx Executive Knight Pen Holder 

Ofiedx Executive Knight Pen Holder

Whether your co-worker is a writer or they simply need a pen on hand to sign an abundance of forms each day, this awesome knight pen holder will be a welcome addition to their desk. It’s available in either bronze, silver, or gold so you can pick whichever best matches their office decor!

6. Couple Diving Whale Shark Night Light

Couple Diving Whale Shark Night Light

Perhaps your work at a diving center or maybe the co-worker you’re treating simply loves to dive in their free time. Either way, this incredible lamp is certain to be the best gift they receive this Christmas. It’s beautifully made with resin and wood and depicts one or two divers depending on the option you pick. Once the light is switched on after dark, the lamp is truly a sight to behold!

7. TAGVO Bluetooth Lighting Flashing Headphone

TAGVO Bluetooth Lighting Flashing Headphone

If your coworker loves to listen to music all day long, they’ll more than appreciate this cool winter hat with built-in speakers. It’s ideal on weekend strolls, for use at work if they’re on their feet all day, or even for running to keep the chill at bay. Also, it has an impressive 10-12 hour battery life and a volume control and pause/play button on the side for easy access whilst they’re on the go.

8. MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe

MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe

We honestly think this is one of the coolest co-worker gifts we’ve ever seen. They’ll love to display this awesome levitating globe on their desk for all to see. Ideal for anyone working in the travel industry, plus, it’s an excellent conversation starter since it not only levitates but spins for 15-25 minutes with just a spin from your fingertips!

9. Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks

Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks

Calling all those shopping for Star Wars fans! These seriously awesome lightsaber chopsticks are sure to be a hit in the office. They come in 11 different colors so you can even pick the shade based on their favorite Star Wars character. Eating sushi for lunch will never look quite the same!

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10. Cold Beer Coats

christmas gifts for coworkers

Do you and your colleague love to share a couple of cold ones when the week is through? Then these hilarious (yet surprisingly practical) beer coats are ideal! They have a soft nylon outside so they look like real puffer jackets, but the inside is lined with a metallic fabric to keep your brews extra icy at the end of a long hard day.

11. Standing Desk Balance Board

christmas gifts for coworkers

Nobody likes to sit all day. It’s super-boring and the lack of physical exercise can feel frustrating too! Enter, the standing desk balance board. Your colleague will be over the moon with this gift complete with an air cushion. Just standing on this board will engage their core and up their activity levels so they don’t feel so static. They can even add air to the cushion once they get better at balancing for a more intense challenge.

Shop the Standing Desk Balance Board Here

12. Snow Ski Wine Rack 

christmas gifts for coworkers

Say cheers to your co-worker this Christmas and present them with this snow ski wine rack at the office party. It’s ideal if you happen to work at a ski resort or sporting goods store. However, it works just as well if your colleague is into winter sports (and drinking wine) in their spare time.

13. Scooter Chair

Scooter Chair

This scooter seat may look seriously cool (and it is!) but it’s also completely ergonomic for a truly comfortable sit! The scooter-loving co-worker in your life is guaranteed to adore this amazing designer chair. We bet they even re-arrange their office so they can display it in pride of place for the rest of the office to see.

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14. Razer Zephyr

Razer Zephyr

Forget disposal masks in the workplace, this incredible, award-winning Razer Zephyr mask is the future. Your colleague will be amazed by its stylish and comfortable transparent design for full-face visibility, as well as its replaceable N95 grade filters, and dual air intake fans.

15. 23 Inch Small Smart Electric Ukulele 

23 Inch Small Smart Electric Ukulele 

Whether your colleague already plays the ukulele or they’ve always wanted to learn, make sure they have the opportunity to create beautiful music in style with this amazing, smart electric ukulele. It’s USB-enabled and AAA battery powered for easy use on the go. Not to mention, it has 72 LED lights inbuilt that show exactly where to place your fingers on the strings so they can learn new tunes with ease. Incredible!

16. GOAT STORY Coffee Brewing Instrument 

GOAT STORY Coffee Brewing Instrument

For the co-worker you’ve never seen without a cup of coffee in hand, we recommend this super smart and stylish brewing instrument. It has three brewing styles, pour-over, cold drip, and immersion, so you know the coffee enthusiast in your office will adore it! Not to mention, it has one of the sleekest designs we’ve ever seen.

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17. Novelty Mini Cigarette Lighter

Novelty Mini Cigarette Lighter

If the co-worker you’re buying for is a smoker, this novelty mini lighter is ideal. It’s shaped like a cigarette and is the same size so they can easily slip it in with their smokes for easy access. Not to mention, it’s another great conversation starter.

18. Sony Wearable Speaker System

Sony Wearable Speaker System

If your co-worker loves listening to music but hates earbuds, this sleek, over-the-neck speaker was made for them. Not only will it give them an up-close and personal sound, but it’s also ideal for colleagues that love their home entertainment from games to movies to music.

19. Newish Hands-free Flexible Neck LED

Newish Hands-free Flexible Neck LED

Does your co-worker love to read? Or are they always the last to leave the office because they’re burning the midnight oil? Either way, you won’t find a more perfect gifts for them than this super stylish and flexible, hands-free LED reading lamp!

20. EMVANV Digital LED Alarm Clock

EMVANV Digital LED Alarm Clock

Whether your co-worker is always late or you just know they have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. This gift was made for them! The alarm clock rug with a modern design and LED display will beep and beep until they get out of bed and step onto it. Just make sure they promise to place it across the room so they actually have to leave their bed to switch it off!

21. Keurig K-Mini Plus Portable Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Plus Portable Coffee Maker

Maybe your co-worker’s desk is so far from the kitchen they rarely get to make themselves a cup of coffee, or perhaps they drink so much of the stuff they need this amazing single-serve pod coffee brewer on their desk at all times. Either way, we guarantee they won’t stop smiling when they open it this Christmas!

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22. DB2 – Indestructible Waterproof BT Speaker

DB2 - Indestructible Waterproof BT Speaker

Is your music-loving colleague always filling your Monday mornings with stories of their outdoor weekend adventures? Or is traveling and getting outside part of your job together? Either way, this indestructible Bluetooth speaker is the gift for them. It has a 40+ hour battery life, a crush-proof case, and a wireless range of up to 100 feet. Perfect for a life spent on the go!

23. Classic Realtree Edge Clog

Classic Realtree Edge Clog

Forget brightly colored crocs or the classic black versions, these real tree edge crocs are all your colleague will want to wear once they’re unwrapped! They look great, plus, they provide all-day cushioning support, a secure heel strap for a perfect fit, and ventilation ports for breathable all-day wear.

24. Vegan Leather Pineapple Crossbody Bag

Vegan Leather Pineapple Crossbody Bag

If your co-worker just loves quirky fashion and accessories, we cannot recommend this pineapple crossbody bag enough. It’s made from vegan leather and thanks to its exquisite design, it looks super chic… and just like a pineapple! Not to mention, there’s plenty of room inside for storing their everyday essentials. We guarantee you’ve just found your co-worker’s new favorite handbag.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Need a present that’s one of a kind for your co-worker this Christmas? Look no further than these 10 unforgettable gifts…

25. Nike Go FlyEase Hands-free Shoe

christmas gifts for coworkers

These incredibly unique Nike shoes not only look amazing, they feel it too! They’re super lightweight for smooth and comfy all-day wear. Plus, when it comes to getting them on and off, they have an ultra-unique design which means you can do both – completely hands-free!

26. Unique Baseball

Unique Baseball

Don’t just gift your co-worker a baseball, gift them a baseball that lights up because… why not?! These balls are perfect for nighttime practice and, although they have four powerful LED lights built-in, they’re the same weight and size as a regular ball.

27. SenseGlove Nova VR Glove 

SenseGlove Nova VR Glove

If you’re feeling really generous this Christmas and want to get your colleague a present they’ll never forget, the incredible SenseGlove might be just what you’re looking for. It’s completely wireless and, when combined with a VR headset, has the technology to make the digital object feel real! No, we can’t believe it either!

28. Unique Personalized Gifts – Your Name Here 

Unique Personalized Gifts - Your Name Here 

Looking for a truly unique and meaningful art gifts for your co-worker’s office space? This personalized book piece couldn’t be more perfect. It’ll be specially made for them with their name and will make a fine center piece on any desk or bookshelf.

29. Unique Bedroom Decor Night Light

Unique Bedroom Decor Night Light

Another truly personal gifts idea for a colleague is this beautiful cloud night light. It may look small but it can illuminate an entire room on its own, plus, it has three lighting options inbuilt from cool, to warm, to mixed light. A stunning gift your co-worker will love to receive at this festive time of year.

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30. Unique Lighter, Unique Zippo – Hunter Bullet Shaped Lighter 

Unique Lighter, Unique Zippo - Hunter Bullet Shaped Lighter 

Whether they smoke or just love to light scented candles to unwind, they’re sure to appreciate this unique bullet-shaped lighter keychain! Not only will it be a stand-out look next to their keys, but it’s also flameless.

31. Golf Ball Bottle Opener The BeerWedge 

Golf Ball Bottle Opener The BeerWedge 

If you and your colleague just love to golf together on the weekends, you can’t go wrong with this funny golf ball bottle opener. It’s an ideal stocking stuffer and would make a great accompaniment to a gift of their favorite brews for the holiday!

32. Arnie the Cat

Arnie the Cat

Whether your colleague is a lover of cats or the Terminator movies, preferably both, we’re pretty certain they’ll be over the moon with this truly unique Arnie the Cat statue. It’s expertly crafted and will be an amazing conversation piece for their workspace. It even has a light-up robotic eyes to make it look all the more authentic.

33. Blue Resin and Wood Engagement Ring Box

Blue Resin and Wood Engagement Ring Box

If you and your coworker have become so close that you’re ready to propose, we highly recommend presenting their engagement ring inside this beautiful wood and blue resin jewelry box. They’ll say yes before they’ve even seen what’s inside!

34. Jerry Can Mini Bar. Matte Black + Wood Inside

Jerry Can Mini Bar. Matte Black + Wood Inside

Sharing a festive drink with your co-workers will be no problem once you gift them this amazing mini bar inside a jerry can at the Christmas party! They’ll love how unique the design is, plus, it’s the ideal place to house their favorite festive tipples for many Christmasses to come!

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