24 Best Gifts for Quilters – Memorable and Unique

For many people, quilting is indeed often deemed as an unusual hobby. Hence, sometimes gift-giving for the quilters can be tough and confusing. With so many different gadgets, it can be quite difficult to pick which one to buy.

Thankfully, we managed to compile an extensive list of 24 best gifts for quilters to help you out. It comes in different price points and is perfect for many different occasions. No matter which one you get, the quilter in your life will be bound to love it. Here’s a complete list of thoughtful gifts for your fellow quilters, friends or relatives. Explore these ideas in order to find a perfect fit for your loved ones.

Memorable and Unique Gifts Ideas for Quilters

We have curated the best things you could ever get for your all-time favorite quilters at various price ranges. So, sit back, relax and enjoy our collection of high-quality and unique gift ideas for your beloved quilters.

1.  Rotating Thread Organizer

Rotating Thread Organizer

To make the sewing space look neat, organization is the main key. Help your loved ones to keep their thread tidy with a spool rack that fits enough to hold more than 80 kinds of threads with 21 spindles on each side. This will make your favorite quilters organize threads based on colors or types. Made of natural premium woods and paint, the rack is also able to rotate full 360° smoothly without jamming. This definitely makes the sewing space looks a lot more clean and well-organized, and also helps them a lot in finding the right color assortment for their project.

Shop Rotating Thread Organizer Here

2.  Quilting Journal

Quilting Journal

This journal will help to document every process and details of their past projects, starting from designs, materials, and references for future projects. The best thing about this journal is quilters can also attach pictures of their works if they would like to keep one for the record. If you are an environmentally-conscious person, good news, because this quilting journal is made with acid-free recycled paper and soy-based ink.

Shop Quilting Journal Here

3.  “Modern Quilt Bible: Techniques for Quilters” Book

“Modern Quilt Bible: Techniques for Quilters” Book

The book features more than 100 basic techniques to create eye-catching modern quilts, complete with a colorful illustration. Not only serves as the guidebook, this quilting bible also contains various inspirations from world’s best modern quilting designers. This might come in handy when they need to look up fresh ideas for their upcoming project.

Shop “Modern Quilt Bible: Techniques for Quilters” Book Here

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4.  Quilting Hoodie

Quilting Hoodie

For absolute quilters, the perfect weekend consists of drinking coffee while spending the whole day in front of sewing machines. Early mornings and late nights can get chilly sometimes, so this hoodie might be perfect to make you feel warm and cozy all day. Wearing comfy clothes will definitely help to boost their productivity!

Shop Quilting Hoodie Here

5.  Quilting Socks

Quilting Socks

These socks are comfy and will make your favorite quilter fall in love with it. Decorated with cute illustrations of quilting and sewing items, it would be a fantastic gift for quilters that still falls under the budgeSurprise The Quilters with These Gifts!t.

Shop Quilting Socks Here

6.  Quilting Coffee Mug

Quilting Coffee Mug

We know by heart that quilting is a hobby that is mainly fueled by patience and litres of caffeine. Show your support to their hobby with this lovely mug. At the same time, using the mug will also help to display their passion to the ordinary crowd without having to explain at length. Available in two sizes (11oz and 15oz), the mug is made with high quality ceramics that can withstand microwave and dishwashers.

Shop Quilting Coffee Mug Here

7.  “I Love Quilting” Personalized Keychain

Personalized Keychain

If you like to give something compact and small, this would be an adorable gift for quilters in your life. Not only does it act as a piece of accessory, it also provides a daily reminder on how much they love quilting. The keychain was made of silver plates that are durable and made to last, as well as being decorated with customized genuine Czech birthstones crystal. Each keychain order also comes with an organza gift bag to store your keychain. 

Shop Personalized Keychain Here

8.  Quilting Charm Bracelet

Quilting Charm Bracelet

The classic bracelet would make a perfect gift for any female quilters out there. It’s a subtle way to remind them of their favorite pastimes. It’s silver-plated and fully adjustable so that it can fit teen and adult sized wrists. The bracelet comes with several quilting charms, which could also work as a great conversation starter in the crowd.

Shop Quilting Charm Bracelet Here

9.  Quilting Workbook

Quilting Workbook

If you happen to have a well-organized quilter friend or family member, this will be a thoughtful gift for them. Other than helping quilters to record their projects, the workbook also comes handy with block designs, templates, binding calculators and common pre-cut sizes. The workbook comes in A5 size and spiral-binded so that it can lay flat easily. The covers were also made of sturdy kraft cardboard, so that the workbook is not easily damaged. 

Shop Quilting Workbook Here

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10.  Antique Sewing Station

Antique Sewing Station

Need some space to organize sewing or quilting implements? Look no further, because this antique-looking sewing station will keep sewing essentials in one place. Made with stoneware caddy, this handcrafted goods also features a pin cushion topper that will keep their needles in place.

Find Antique Sewing Station Here

11.  Personalized Yarn Bowl

Personalized Yarn Bowl

Sometimes it is really difficult for quilters to keep their yarn in place. To make your beloved quilters happy, you might want to give this stoneware bowl as a present. Complete with holes to rest their needles between uses, the minimalist design adds a touch of art to their sewing room or side table. 

Shop Personalized Yarn Bowl Here

12.  Minimalist Blanket Storage Display

Minimalist Blanket Storage Display

If you like home decor and want to give something functional and simplistic, this gift might be the perfect solution. Help quilters to showcase their best works by giving them this storage display. Made with American walnut, this storage display is lightweight and easy to install. It’s also a beautiful way to display quilting works in their living room without having to show any messy quilted blanket piles.

Shop Minimalist Blanket Storage Display Here

13.  Kantha Stitch Repurposed Sari Scarf

Kantha Stitch Repurposed Sari Scarf

Thinking of giving something fashionable for your favorite quilters? Doubt no more because this ethnic scarf would be a stunning gift idea. Made with patchworks of repurpose handmade Indian sari (Indian traditional clothing), this will surely inspire them to quilt in a more creative way. The scarf itself also has multiple purposes: it can be a piece of fashion statement or wrap it around their neck when it feels cold. 

Shop Kantha Stitch Repurposed Sari Scarf Here

14.  Cherry Pit Therapeutic Pillow

Cherry Pit Therapeutic Pillow

Spending too much time quilting may cause their back to ache. This therapeutic pillow may be the solution that they have been looking for. Heat this pillow in a microwave or chill them in the fridge and it will help to release tension and soothe pain in their back in a natural way. Give this pillow to your quilt friends and they will thank you for keeping their back health in check. 

Shop Cherry Pit Therapeutic Pillow Here

15.  Quilting Gift Mug

Quilting Gift Mug

Sometimes their life also needs a little puns and jokes after spending hours quilting. Give this mug as a gift and it is highly guaranteed that the message on the mug will freshen up their day. Made with high quality ceramics, this mug is freezer-friendly and microwave-friendly. With this mug, they can freely enjoy any caffeine beverage they want, whether it’s hot or cold. 

Shop Quilting Gift Mug Here

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16.  Hemline Sewing Gift Set

Hemline Sewing Gift Set

The sewing sets will be an amazing gift for quilters who often lose their sewing essentials. This antique gift set includes all things related to quilting, which includes embroidery scissors, retractable tape measures, thread cutter, non-slip metal thimble, and three hand needles. It also comes with beautifully decorated packaging, so you don’t really have to spend too much time on arranging the gifts. You just need to wrap it with gift paper.

Shop Hemline Sewing Gift Set Here

17.  Quilting Steam Iron Nonstick Ironing Mat Mini Pressing Board

Quilting Steam Iron Nonstick Ironing Mat Mini Pressing Board

A nice iron is a seamstress’ best friend. It’s a practical gift for quilters out there who always want their work to be extremely neat and clean. The mini steam iron works great and takes up less space. It also has a simple handle that makes it very easy for quilters to hold during any project.

Shop Quilting Steam Iron, Mat and Pressing Board Here

18.  Funny Quilting T-Shirt

Funny Quilting T-Shirt

This is another creative gift for your beloved quilters. With a little sense of humor, it will make a great holiday or birthday gift. Aside from the jokes, this also could be a nice reminder for them to finish their project. The good thing about the t-shirt is it comes in various sizes, have a gender-neutral design, and they can wear it all year round.

Shop Funny Quilting T-Shirt Here

19.  Quilter Christmas Tree Ornament

Quilter Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas is coming and you still don’t know what to give for your quilter friends? No need to worry because this unique Christmas tree ornament will make a perfect gift. Compact, simple and affordable, this will be a memorable holiday gift for your favorite quilters.

Shop Quilter Christmas Tree Ornament Here

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20.  “All in One Quilter’s Reference Tool” Book

“All in One Quilter's Reference Tool” Book

If you have someone who has just gotten into quilting, this will be a perfect gift. The book contains all the basic information quilter newbies need to know about quilting, starting from the techniques, measurement, as well as tips and tricks on choosing supplies and setting up fabrics.

Shop “All in One Quilter’s Reference Tool” Book Here

21.  “Coffee Quilt Nap Repeat”  Notebook

“Coffee Quilt Nap Repeat”  Notebook

This cute little notebook will help them to jot down or sketch any new ideas for their upcoming quilting project. The size is pretty compact, so that it will fit inside their bag.

Shop “Coffee Quilt Nap Repeat”  Notebook Here

22.  Gypsy Quilter, The Original Gypsy Gripper, Suction Cup Ruler Grip

Gypsy Quilter, The Original Gypsy Gripper, Suction Cup Ruler Grip

For quilters, sometimes it is difficult to make sure their rulers stay in place while cutting the fabrics. If you have friends or families who always want their quilt works to look neat and tidy, this will be an ideal gift. This ruler grip has comfortable handles and two suction cups with hand lock and release levers. This works in plastic ruler with smooth surface and can be used for rulers with any shapes (rectangles, squares, triangles).

Shop Cup Ruler Grip Here

23.  Dritz Quilting Marking Pencils

Dritz Quilting Marking Pencils

This high quality marking pencil will make a thoughtful holiday gift for your beloved quilters without having to spend a lot. Comes in two bright colors (yellow and silver), these pencils will surely help quilters to make their fabric mark visible at any time of the day.

Shop Marking Pencils Here

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24.  June Tailor Quilter’s Cut ‘n Press 

June Tailor Quilter’s Cut ‘n Press 

A practical gift that will make any quilters’ life so much easier. With this kit, your favorite quilters will be able to cut fabrics at any shape with a proper measurement. The Cut ‘n Press kit comes in portable sizes and includes a handle for easy transport to their sewing class or quilting club meetings.

Shop June Tailor Quilter’s Cut ‘n Press Here

No matter how much you allocate for your gift budget, there will always be a perfect gift for your loved ones who love to quilt. They will love whatever you get for them. Don’t forget to choose the most appropriate gift to suit their preference and circumstances and your kind gestures will always be remembered!

Happy gifting!

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