25 Charming Traditional Indian Baby Gifts To Welcome The Newborns

In India, it has long been customary to give newborns gifts. Traditional Indian baby gifts are said to be auspicious and will bring them good luck in the future. Usually, traditional Indian baby gifts are given during ceremonies or rituals. At the time of the baby’s birth, a Namkaran ceremony is performed. People give gifts and blessings to the newly born family member at this event. Silver jewelry became popular presents during this ceremony. Moreover, there is Godh Bharai, an Indian baby shower. In India, baby showers are commonly held in the third trimester, during the seventh or ninth month of pregnancy. People can give some baby shower gifts such as traditional clothes and charms to wish good fortune to the baby.

Because Indians have many ceremonies to welcome the baby, people should give the unforgettable traditional Indian baby gifts. In case your Indian friends and families are expecting a baby, then you have to find the right baby gifts soon. However, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! In this article, we will help you to find the best traditional Indian baby gifts to welcome the newborns to the world. Let’s get started!

1. Baby Protection Bangle 

Baby Protection Bangle 

For newborns, it is essential to protect them from negativity. Therefore, this baby protection bangle could be one of the best traditional Indian baby gifts which are usually given from grandparents for the grandchild’s first birthday. This silver bracelet has kade black and silver beads which may give protection. Not to mention, the size is adjustable so it will fit a newborn size to 3 years old baby.

2. Traditional Five Elephant Hanging

Traditional Five Elephant Hanging

Elephants are a symbol of intellectual and mental strength. This adorable elephant hanging decoration will be a great decoration to the baby’s room. Made of cotton and resin which come in attractive colors, it will also entertain your baby. Since it is also the animal that represents the reincarnation of Lord Ganesha, this beautiful ornament will fill your little one’s room with blessings. 

3. Baby Kurta

Baby Kurta

Who says kurta is only for grown ups? Well, this adorable baby kurta will turn your little Indian baby into a beautiful man. Made from cotton and polyester with elegant design, this kurta provides softness and comfort to any baby. For the smallest size, it is constructed without a nehru collar so that even tiniest babies have the most comfortable experience possible. This will be one of the most ideal traditional Indian baby gifts for boys.

4. Vintage Kantha Quilts Bedding

Vintage Kantha Quilts Bedding

If you are looking for traditional Indian baby gifts that will give them comfort at the night’s sleep, then this vintage kantha quilt bedding is the best. It’s constructed of 100% recycled cotton fabric with three layers of sarees layered on top of each other. This kantha is handcrafted softly quilted using thousands of small and delicate fine Kantha stitches. Because of the high quality stitches, making this item strong and durable.

5. Baby Pattu Pavadai Blouse 

Baby Pattu Pavadai Blouse

Dress your cute Indian baby girl with this lovely Pattu Pavadai blouse. It’s a delicate silk-based traditional South Indian cultural clothing. The silk material will provide comfort to your Indian baby. It contains a two piece dress consisting of a red top and a cream skirt with traditional floral Indian pattern. It is one of the most preferred traditional Indian baby gifts for celebrations or auspicious days.  

6. Small Wooden Sun Pom Pom

Small Wooden Sun Pom Pom

Although it comes with a tiny size, this lovely wooden pom pom holds the highest religious symbol in Hinduism. The sun ornaments symbolize the highest god Brahman as the light of all souls. You can give this item as traditional Indian baby gifts as a charm that will bring a light and bright future to the infants. Just simply put this pom pom near the door and window of your baby’s room, it will attract good energy for babies.

7. Indian Quilt Cotton Flower Blanket

Indian Quilt Cotton Flower Blanket

Give warmth to your Indian baby with this wonderful blanket. This blanket is composed of 100% cotton with durable and high quality kantha stitches. Moreover, the Indian white flower pattern in the lovely pink blanket transports your infant to a flower paradise. It will be one of the most useful traditional Indian baby gifts to protect infants from cold temperatures.

8. Baby Unisex Jutti

Baby Unisex Jutti

Let your Indian baby join traditional ceremonies and rituals with a perfect outfit. This adorable jutti will make a great fashion item for babies. It features the authentic design of traditional jutti for adults. Moreover, it can be personalized with colors and models that you want for your lovely baby. 

9. Traditional Baby Gold Plated Bead Bracelet

Traditional Baby Gold Plated Bead Bracelet

Wish your Indian babies wealth by giving them some gold jewelry. This bracelet comes in a stylish model with four gold plated beads, representing power and status. The size can be adjusted easily. It can be one of the greatest traditional Indian baby gifts that will bring good fortune.

10. Bohemian Style Baby Anklet

Bohemian Style Baby Anklet

This silver baby anklet will be one of the most classic traditional Indian baby gifts for a long time. This silver anklet has small balls which will produce sound when it’s moving. Your baby will surely be entertained with this gift. In addition, silver gifts have been given to people throughout history as a way of wishing them fortune and good health for the rest of their lives. 

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11. Traditional Indian Puppets

Traditional Indian Puppets

Introduce your babies with Indian traditional clothes and cultures with these lovely puppets. Each set features a pair of man and woman puppets wearing ethnic clothes. They also have cords on their heads and hands, allowing them to be easily hung. Made of georgette, it also can be a decoration or puppet performance to entertain your baby.

12. Baby Ganesh Plush Toy

Baby Ganesh Plush Toy

Make your little baby fall in love with the Lord Ganesh in a fun way with this little toy. It features a cute and adorable elephant which represents Ganesha made from plush material. You can effortlessly attach it to your baby’s crib mobile or hang it from their activity gym play mats thanks to the velcro strap.

13. Lucky Red Coral Necklace

Lucky Red Coral Necklace

Bring good fortune and positive energy to your baby with this lucky red coral necklace. It comes in bohemian style, featuring a silver pendant that is a suitable gift for an Indian baby. Meanwhile, the coral gemstones symbolize a long life in India, making a perfect charm for Indian baby shower gifts to protect your little baby.

14. Krishna Dress Baby Costume

Krishna Dress Baby Costume

Show your love and care to your Indian baby with this Krishna baby costume. Especially if you are going to give it to your grandchild, the Krishna costume always has a deep meaning as the god of protection, tenderness, and love. Its red color with white and gold accents makes this gift look luxurious and charming. It will be one of the best traditional Indian baby gifts from grandparents to express their love.

15. Baby Krishna Plush Doll

Baby Krishna Plush Doll

Get your little ones a little company that will protect them and bring joy around. This lovely Krishna plush doll will be an excellent idea. The plush material is very soft and safe for the babies to play with. Moreover, this doll can be personalized with your babies’ names, making it one of a kind traditional Indian baby gifts in their life. 

16. Indian Drawstring Purse Bag

Indian Drawstring Purse Bag

Suppose your Indian baby will get a lot of money during ceremonies, then this traditional purse bag will be very useful to store them. This bag is made of high-quality synthetic brocade and organza cloth with a traditional pattern which is neatly printed. In addition, this bag also has a drawstring that will keep the money inside well. 

17. Hindu Baby Krishna Statue

Hindu Baby Krishna Statue

Krishna symbolizes a joyful playfulness as a newborn. He is the personification and distillation of a child’s innocence and the love that parents have for their children. By giving this Baby Krishna statue, you may bring the pure happiness of him to your Indian baby. Made from resin in antique gold finish, it will be one of the best traditional Indian baby gifts. 

18. Copper Newborn Leg Kada

Copper Newborn Leg Kada

Give your newborn protection by wearing this leg kada. Kada is a religious symbol of bondage as a slave to God. One your Indian baby wearing this leg kada, he will be protected by God. Unlike the Kada for adults which is made from iron, it is composed from pure copper which is lightweight and more comfortable for babies.

19. Baby Indian Turban

Baby Indian Turban

Make your baby look fashionable and trendy with this colorful turban, especially during the first birthday. In Indian traditions, wearing a turban is a symbol of social status. It is good and comfortable for newborns because it is stretchable. This turban will be one of the most attractive traditional Indian baby gifts which can be paired  with any outfit, making your Indian baby look stunning during festivals.

20. Mini Indian Damroo

Mini Indian Damroo

In case you wish your babies to become musicians, then you should introduce them with traditional Indian instruments. Inspired by the original one, this damroo comes in the mini version. This earth-friendly instrument made from wood is also known as a power drum and is used to invoke spiritual energy. This gold-burnished native instrument can also be employed as a piece of personal adornment in your baby room.

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21. Mini Idol Mala

Mini Idol Mala

Since your baby is still weak and needs protection from God, let this mini idol mala be one of the protectors. It comes with 4 patterns which are handmade from beads and satin ribbon. Place this item near your babies to bless them. Moreover, you can use it as a prayer tool while babysitting your babies.

22. Indian Birthstone Necklace

Indian Birthstone Necklace

Get your baby a beautiful necklace with its birthstone. Originally handcrafted from India, this emerald birthstone is thought to be a symbol of love and rebirth. Moreover, it features a pearl, which is one of the nine valuable stones. It gives your little ones a sense of security while wearing this necklace.

23. Indian Accent Bowl and Spoon

Indian Accent Bowl and Spoon

Surprise your Indian parents with this bowl and spoon set for their babies. Each item is decorated with Indian handicrafts. Precision engraved intricate elaborate design patterns. Moreover, silver bowls and spoons are used to feed babies on the idea that silver eliminates bacteria in the food and thus protects babies from sickness. 

24. Tree of Life Heart Locket Pendant

24. Tree of Life Heart Locket Pendant

The Tree of Life is a symbol of growth. Therefore, this locket pendant will wish your Indian babya a wonderful growth and life in future. Made from 14k gold with an elegant gold and white tree design, this locket pendant will last for a long time. You can fill the pendant with your baby’s photo as a precious childhood memory to remember.

25. Ganesha Mouse Diya

Ganesha Mouse Diya

Get your little ones with cute Ganesha mouse diya to light up their baby room. Beside its cute and adorable design that will be ideal for baby room decoration, the mouse is used by Ganesha to control ego, and whoever can control his ego will get peace in life. Afterall, this cute brass mouse diya will bring positivity despite its attractive and adorable appearance.

Latest Post:

What is a traditional Indian baby gift?

It is a present which is given to celebrate the birth of the baby in a traditional Indian ceremony. It usually comes with traditional Indian accents. It can be jewelry such as the copper newborn leg kada or the baby protection bangles. For more inspiration of traditional Indian baby gifts, you can read in the article above.

What do Indian babies wear?

In India, babies are decked with bracelets, anklets, neck chains, earrings, and waist chains, among other things. Those items are believed to bring good fortune and prevent bad luck. Especially during ceremonies and festivals, usually they will be adorned with some ornaments to protect them. Moreover, some of the family and relatives will give the babies jewelry as presents. If you want to buy  jewelry for traditional Indian baby gifts, please check our lists above. 

What do you give for an Indian baby shower?

You can get them some gifts that will be useful to protect the mum until she delivers the baby. Therefore, a good luck charm such as the lucky red coral necklace. Or, you can help to fill the wardrobe with some clothes such as the baby kurta or the baby Krishna costume. Suppose you want more inspiration, we hope our article above will inspire you.

Why do Indian babies wear ankle bracelets?

It is usually used for protection from evil or illness. Moreover, ankle bracelets serve a spiritual and religious purpose in addition to being decorative. If you are going to give your babies some protection, then you can get them silver jewelry such as the Bohemian style silver anklet. For more jewelry ideas, you can check on the article above.

Why do Indian babies not wear diapers?

Diapers are not worn by babies in traditional Sikh society as part of their cultures. They are taught modesty from infancy and are required to wear specific Sikh underwear. Moreover, the majority of parents believe that their babies are toilet trained between the ages of 6 and 9 months. 

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