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25 Charming Gifts for 17 Year Old Teenage Girl You Can Buy

Turning 17 is an incredible experience, especially for girls. Seventeen years old is a special age as they are in the transition from adolescence to adult. They love freedom to make their own decisions in that age. However, a little support and advice from adults is also needed to guide their new path as an adult. If you have a 17 year old teenage girl in your life, don’t forget to congratulate her for reaching this age. Show your love and care with charming gifts for 17 year old teenage girl to celebrate it. Hence, those gifts should be remarkable and meaningful as it can be useful in their daily life as a 17 year old teenage girl.

Furthermore, buying gifts for 17 year old teenage girl is a great way to open a conversation with her. She may have her own world and tend to be closed as she grows up. However, if you can get the right gifts for 17 year old teenage girl, she will definitely honor and respect the giver, making the relationship closer. Therefore, we have selected great gift ideas for your 17 year old girl across the internet that will surely be a reason for her grin. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Floating Locket Charm

Floating Locket Charm

Keep your sweet girl safe with this locket charm. This is one of the greatest gifts for 17 year old teenage girl to remind her of her family. It is composed of plated stainless steel, and you can customize the charm with engraved family names. Therefore, every time your girl wants to try bad things, she will remember her parents and stop it.

2. White Flower Necklace

White Flower Necklace

Celebrate your girl’s transition to an adult with this white flower necklace. This white flower pendant symbolizes reverence and humility, which is a wonderful wish for your girl who is turning to 17.  Besides, you can add the birthstone and her initial letter to make it more special. Your lovely teenage girl will surely be happy receiving this gorgeous present.

3. Teenager Drawing Gadget

Teenager Drawing Gadget

Hone your teenage girl creativity who loves anime with this drawing gadget. Especially if you are looking for gifts for 17 year old teenage girl in the gadget version. This present makes drawing easier and sophisticated. It features the LCD writing tablet, the pen, and the button battery. Your girl can draw her favorite manga without worrying about running out of paper.

4. Free Standing Photo Plaque Block

Free Standing Photo Plaque Block

Friendship is an important thing for a 17 year old girl. As her best friend, you can declare your friendship with this amazing photo plaque block as a gift for 17 year old teenage girl. Beautifully constructed from wood with aesthetic design, you can add photos and friendship quotes on it. This beautiful plaque will be great to sit in any room as it comes with a free standing mount. 

5. Ultimate Birthday Gift Set

Ultimate Birthday Gift Set

Treat your teenage girl on her seventeenth birthday with this ultimate birthday gift set. This is one of the best options if you are confused about choosing the best gift for not to mention a 17 year old teenage girl. This gift set comes with amazing bath treats that will make her feel fresh and happy on her birthday. Not to mention, the pink colors in this gift set radiates the bright and cheerful atmosphere.

6. Unwind Body Care Gift Set

Unwind Body Care Gift Set

As your 17 year old girl starts to take care of her body, then this body care gift set will be a perfect choice. Beautifully packed in a floral themed canvas pouch, your girl can enjoy the nice scent of natural lip balm and body butter inside. Furthermore, this gift set is handmade and only using organic ingredients which is safe for her skin.

7. Calming Shower Steamers

Calming Shower Steamers

Keep stress and worry away with these gifts for 17 year old teenage girl. Featuring little stunning cubes, your teenage girl can have a relaxing experience during shower. The aromatic lemongrass and lavender scents will fill the bathroom once the water hits the shower streamers. Bath time is transformed into a pleasant ritual with these gifts.

8. Cute Leather Mini Backpack

Cute Leather Mini Backpack

Make your teenage girl look trendy and fashionable at the age of 17 with this leather backpack instead of the boring one for school. Although it seems mini outside, it has a large capacity inside. It has a main compartment for her tablet, wallet, keys, and cosmetics, as well as two side multipurpose pockets to keep her belongings in order.

9. Seventeenth Birthday Makeup Compact Mirror

Seventeenth Birthday Makeup Compact Mirror

Your sweet girl may be aware of wearing makeup at the age of 17. Therefore, you can buy this compact mirror as a gift for 17 year old teenage girl who loves makeup. Specifically designed for her seventeenth birthday, it has a luxurious design with a great birthday wish to light up her special day.

10. Sweet Seventeen Makeup Bag

Sweet Seventeen Makeup Bag

In case your 17 year old girl already has many makeup items, this gift will be useful to keep her stuff organized. Unlike the regular makeup bag, this gift is remarkable since it is designed for her sweet seventeen birthday. Besides, the inspirational quotes at the back side will be a wonderful reminder to start her journey as an adult.

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11. Multi Colored Flameless Candles

Multi Colored Flameless Candles

Turn your 17 year old girl’s room into elegant and calming vibes with this flameless candle. This is one of the unique gifts for 17 year old teenage girl to replace her old childish night lamp. It comes with vanilla scent real wax to make her relax. What makes it more interesting, the color of this candle can be adjusted with the remote.

12. DIY Journaling Set

12. DIY Journaling Set

Help your girl to express her emotions and feelings with this DIY journaling set. Since becoming an adult at 17 years old has many challenges, this is a good and creative medium to release her stress. It comes with everything she needs to make her own unique journal. In addition, the cute decorations are also provided to adorn this book.

13. Seventeenth Birthday Jewelry

teenth Birthday Jewelry

Make your sweet girl shine on her seventeenth birthday with this remarkable jewelry set. Inspired by the cherry blossom and dandelion, this is definitely a part of luxurious gifts for 17 year old teenage girl. In this present, your teenage girl will get a stunning bracelet and necklace with the “17” pendant that represents her wonderful age.

14. Medium Size Jewelry Bag Box

Medium Size Jewelry Bag Box

Since your girl starts to collect jewelry, this amazing gift should be on your list. This gift has leather covered with exclusive design, as well as 2 drawers and a mirror inside. Moreover, this gift can turn into an elegant bag once it is closed. This is a perfect gift for your 17 years old girl who loves to carry her jewelry on the go.

15. Portable Painting Watercolor Brush Pens

Portable Painting Watercolor Brush Pens

With this modern gift, painting will come simple and easy. This is definitely a smart gift for 17 year old teenage girl who loves painting so much. Featuring brush pens with 50 vibrant colors, your girl can paint freely as if using a marker pen. These brush pens have been thoughtfully designed for ease of use and are appropriate for people of all skill levels.

16. Sweet Seventeen Skincare Gift

Sweet Seventeen Skincare Gift

Show your love and care to your beloved teenage girl who is turning 17 with this gift. This box comes with a skincare routine set that will protect and nourish her skin. In addition, the beautiful birthday wish is added on the top of the box. Not to mention, you can add customized jewelry inside to make this gift set more stunning. 

17. Personalized Sweets Hamper

Personalized Sweets Hamper

Make your girl’s seventeenth birthday sweeter than ever with this amazing sweet hamper. It consists of 15 delicious chocobars that will be loved by your sweet girl. Moreover, you can customize the birthday wish inside the box to make it more special. This will be one of the most tasty gifts for 17 year old teenage girl in your life.

18. Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign

Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign

Keep your girl’s sweet seventeen birthday memories in the newspaper that will last forever with this gift. Inspired by the vintage newspaper, you can personalize it with your girl’s birthday. After that, you can print it in the photo paper and frame it as if her birthday is announced in the newspaper. With this unique gift, your girl can feel that her birthday is celebrated all over the planet.

19. Seventeenth Birthday Party Shirt

Seventeenth Birthday Party Shirt

In case you are looking for gifts for 17 year old teenage girl which is not too feminine, then try to buy this party shirt. It comes with cool and fancy designs on both sides. Besides, you can add your girl’s name on the back as if it were a sports shirt. Since this is made of soft cotton, this shirt is also comfortable to wear on her birthday party,

20. How To Adult Book

How To Adult Book

Maybe you are not good at giving advice to your 17 year old girl. If so, let this book guide her to become an adult. This book has 24 pages with colors and illustrations that will not bore your girl. After reading this book, your sweet girl will get a better understanding about health, cooking, friendships, and more!

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21. Musical Leather Box

Musical Leather Box

Make your sweet girl smile everyday she dresses up or does makeup with this gift. This leather box is ready to store her stuff and belongings, including her jewelry and makeup. However, every time she opens the box, there will be a little fairy playing the swan lake song that will warm her heart. This will be one of the sweetest gifts for 17 year old teenage girl who loves surprises.

22. Pearl Zircon Earrings

Pearl Zircon Earrings

People say that pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained from experience. By giving your girl who is turning 17 these earrings, you can wish her a life full of wisdom as an adult. Since it consists of 925 sterling silver, this gift will not cause allergies. Not to mention, the elegant and modern design on these earrings will radiate her charming personality.

23. Inspirational Teenage Girl Bracelet

Inspirational Teenage Girl Bracelet

Get your lovely girl a meaningful gift that she will cherish forever. This bracelet will be one of the most precious gifts for 17 year old teenage girl in her life. You can find the beautiful reminder engraved inside the bracelet about self love. It is composed from stainless steel which is oxidation resistant, so that this bracelet is suitable for daily wear due to its durability.

24. Fluffy Thermal Socks

Fluffy Thermal Socks

Warm your teenage girl who is turning 17 with love and care from these fluffy thermal socks. Made from polyester and coral velvet, these comfortable and soft socks are amazingly turned into lovely cupcakes. This gift is a perfect and funny idea to trick your girl as if they were the replacement of her birthday cake.

25. No Pricks Allowed Tote Bag

No Pricks Allowed Tote Bag

Protect your girl from naughty boys out there with this cool tote bag. This is one of the most creative gifts for 17 year old teenage girl that will keep the bad guys away. The funny text that reads “No Pricks Allowed” is quite hilarious but becomes a great reminder as well. Moreover, the cotton canvas material used makes this tote bag lightweight but durable at the same time.

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What do you get teenagers that have everything?

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