25 Best and Useful Gifts for 9 Year Old Boy

People might think that 9 year old boys are innocent little kids who still figuring out many things in life. Well, you better think twice because being a 9 year-old boy means he is entering the process of a transition to puberty. At 9 year old, a boy is starting to learn about being independent and confident as an individual. Since 9 is an important number for a little boy, then it can be a little tricky for us to pick the best and useful gift for him.

If you happen to have a 9 year old boy in your family, whether it’s your son, nephew, or cousin, then it would be wise to start treating him like a responsible individual. This also applies to choosing the perfect birthday gift for his special day. Since you’re here, we assume that you’re looking for a gift for your special 9 year old, right? Well, you can consider yourself lucky, because we have a list of the best and useful gifts for a special 9 year old boy in your life. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the list!

Educational Gifts for 9 Year Old Boy

Your special 9 year old boy must have hobbies or interests, and it would be best to give him something that can support his hobbies. For this particular reason, then you can give him a great educational gift to improve his creativity and also skills. In case you’re wondering what would be the best item, check out the following items of the most recommended educational gifts.

1. Spy Science Kit 

Spy Science Kit 

This is one of the best gifts for 9 year old boys who dreams of becoming a great detective in the future. Being a young boy with lots of curiosity to solve mysteries, then he would love to get this awesome gift as a start to achieve his dreams. Moreover, this kit was designed with a cool mission, which your special boy will surely love.

2. Light Pocket Microscope 

Light Pocket Microscope 

Do you want to introduce your 9 year old boy to science in a fun way? Then we highly recommend you to pick this pocket microscope as one of the best educational gifts for him. This item will definitely your little scientist’s curiosity! It features 20x magnification and also an LED light, making it perfect to help your little boy explores many things around him.

3. Big World Map Puzzle 

Big World Map Puzzle

At the age of 9, your boy might begin to be aware of how big the world is. Moreover, he will start to recognize many countries in this world and start to build his interest in it. As kids retain information more quickly, this world map puzzle can be one of the best gifts for 9 year old boy who would love to explore his knowledge and interest in geography.

4. Kids Dinosaur Toy 

Kids Dinosaur Toy

Some people think that playing with dinosaur toys is not very educational. However, it doesn’t apply to this wonderful dinosaur toy, because this toy will help him develop his creativity. If your 9 year old boy loves dinosaur, then this is item is definitely a smart choice of educational gift.

5. Brain Game to Improve Math Skill 

Brain Game to Improve Maths Skill

Who says math is difficult? If your special little boy thinks that math is hard, then you might want to change his mind by introducing maths as fun subject. You can do it by giving him this card game, which will definitely help him to increase his logic in a fun way. Moreover, this fabulous fast mind game will gradually improve your 9 year old boy’s math skill, since it can be played anytime and anywhere. What a fantastic gift!

6. Home Learning Educational Workbook 

Home Learning Educational Workbook

During a long holiday, sometimes you want to give your kids an educational and meaningful activity at home. Therefore, this educational workbook can be one of the best gifts for 9 year old boys, which will become the best game to kill their boredom while staying at home. It supports your children’s literacy and numerical skills at home in a fun way.

7. Creative Construction Block Toy 

Creative Construction Block Toy

Your 9 year old boy will definitely find this gift as something that has tons of fun. This block toy was creatively designed with strong emphasis on STEM learning, which will build a strong foundation in science and technology. Therefore, this toy will surely be one of the most creative gifts for 9 year old boys that will definitely blow their mind.

8. Educational Robot Toy for 9 Year Old Boy

Educational Robot Toy

We are living in the era of digital full of hi-tech devices, and robots are one of the toys that your special 9 year old will love. For that reason, why not give him this educational robot toy as a gift? Aside from being a super advance toy to play with, this robot is also perfect to improve his problem solving skills and critical thinking, which will definitely be useful in the future.

9. Water Doodle Book 

Water Doodle Book

I guess we all agree that art is also an important skill that your 9 year old boy needs to learn. Therefore, this water doodle book should be one of the best gifts for your 9 year old boy, which will help him in improving his creativity and also his coordination skill. Made of eco-friendly material, this book is perfectly safe for your little boy.

10. Super Magnetic Putty 

Super Magnetic Putty

Your 9 year old boy might be curious about how a magnet works. If so, then you can try to give him this toy as a gift. Made of micron-sized iron-based particles, this amazing toy will stretch itself to reach the magnet as if it lives. Without a doubt, this is one of the best gifts for 9 year old boys with a love for science.

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Funny Gifts for 9 Year Old Boy

Let your 9 year old boy have some fun in the process of his transition to puberty. He might be facing hard times adjusting to his social life. To be able to do that, you can get him unusual and extraordinary gifts to bring back his smile and laughter. Check out some of the most recommended items below!

11. Watch Ya Mouth Game

Watch Ya Mouth Game

Nothing can be as funny as this game! It is not easy to speak while wearing a cheek retractor, so this toy will definitely give your 9 year old a memorable and hilarious experience. This is a perfect gift that can be played together with his friends and families. 

12. Grass Head Detective Jaques

Grass Head Detective Jaques

Who can possibly resist the cuteness of this innocent and funny character? If a special 9 year old boy in your life is dying to have his own pet, you can try to give him this Detective Jaques’s little head instead. This cute item will let him learn to take care of things, before he takes care of a living animal. Water this little head regularly, and he can watch the grass grows everyday!

13. Jumping Pirates Board Game

 Jumping Pirates Board Game

Are you looking for the best gift for your 9 year old boys who love to play board games? Well, you can to try getting him this funny jumping pirates game, which will definitely make your boy happy. Moreover, he can also play it with his friends. All he needs to do is draw the sword and avoid the pirate from jumping.

14. Electric Shock Pen Toy 

 Electric Shock Pen Toy

Get ready to laugh because this extraordinary toy is absolutely genius! Who would expect a pen to produce shocking electricity? If you are about to give a gift and prank your 9 year old boy at the same time, then this is undoubtedly the be choice. Made of high quality material, you don’t have to worry about its safety, because t’s totally safe.

15. Yoga Joes as Cool Gifts for 9 Year Old Boy

 Yoga Joes

If your 9 year old boy is obsessed with soldiers, then this is the perfect gift for him. Since soldiers with good posture are boring, this toy offers soldiers with funny yoga poses. As it is perfect for his collection, your 9 year old boy will surely fall in love with this gift.

16. Spider Box

Spider Box

As a 9 year old boy, your little boy definitely loves to fool anyone near him. Let’s prank him back with this funny gift for 9 year old boys. This spider box will be a hilarious idea of gift. Moreover, this gift was perfectly handcrafted, and built as if a real spider jumped out from the box. Your boy will surely be happy to receive this gift.

17. Poop Bingo

 Poop Bingo

This is one of the most hilarious gifts for 9 year old boys that you have never think that it’s actually exist! This game will help to broaden his knowledge about animals by matching the animals with their poops. Interesting isn’t it? This game might looks odd at first, but if you think again, this game is actually educational and provoke uncontrollable giggles at the same time.

18. Family Card Game 

Family Card Game

This gift is definitely one of the best ways to increase the bond between you and your 9 year old son. Sometimes, he might have his own world that parents find it difficult to understand. So if you want to know more about your 9 year old boy, you can try to get him this gift and play along with it.

Gadget Gifts For 9 Year Old Boy

They may not be old enough to fully understand gadgets. However, with proper supervision from parents, gadget gifts can be very useful to support your 9 year old boy activities. Moreover, gadget gifts can also help him to learn and keep up with technology.

19. Kids Smart Watch 

Kids Smart Watch 

Since 9 year old boys are usually quick learners, they need to start understand and obey rules. So, giving your special 9 year old boy this smartwatch will be the right decision. It features everything that your boy needs in one gadget; games, MP3 music, fitness tracker, and many more! Without a doubt, he will be thrilled to receive this awesome gift.

20. Drone for Kids

Drone for Kids

If your 9 year old boy seems to have a big interest in cameras, you should try to introduce him to this gadget. This drone was well designed for kids to operate, which will make him able to easily explore things through the camera. This camera is definitely one of the best gifts for 9 year old boys who love to take beautiful shots.

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21. Spy Gadget Kit 

Spy Gadget Kit

Take a spy game to the next level with this amazing gadget. This is a perfect gift for a 9 year old boy who’s always tempted to solve mysteries. It features cool and amazing spy equipment that definitely boosts his creativity and problem solving skills. Let his imagination go wild while playing this toy!

22. LED Book Light 

LED Book Light

If your 9 year old boy is a book lover, you definitely can’t miss this item as a gift. If he loves to read at night without a proper light, you might worry about his eyes condition. Therefore, this LED book light will give a comfortable reading experience at night, perfect for your book addict’s boy.

23. Mechanical Music Box 

Mechanical Music Box

For those 9 year old boys who are interested in music, this music box will be a precious gift for them. The holes in the special paper trips will amazingly produce once fed into the music box. Your boy also can hole the paper stripes by himself to produce his own music.

24. Personal Planetarium 

Personal Planetarium

Sometimes you will be surprised by your 9 year old boy’s question about space and galaxy. Don’t worry, this gift will provide you with the answers! It features an augmented reality viewer with an audio guide, which feels like a personal planetarium. This is definitely one of the best gifts for 9 year old boys who are also space enthusiasts.

25. Maths Shark Electronic Game 

Maths Shark Electronic Game

Some people might say that giving a gadget as a gift for a 9 year old boy might cause addiction, which is bad. However, you don’t have to worry to give this educational gadget. Fun math game is a perfect gift to kill the time while waiting. Moreover, this gadget will keep his mind engaged and stimulated with math tasks.

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What should I buy for my 9 year old son?

Well, choosing gifts for a 9 year old son is a bit tricky as he starts to have his own favourite things. Therefore, you can buy him gifts based on what he likes. If you are unsure about the gifts for 9 year old boys, you can refer to our list above.

What do 9 year olds like to do for fun?

The life of 9 year old kids might be pretty interesting, as they have many ways to have fun. They begin to have friends and do the same activities together, such as playing board games at home, or doing sports that require a lot of energy. Beside that, some 9 year old kids also enjoy playing games with gadgets. 

What should I get my 9 year old for Christmas?

After celebrating his 9th birthday, your little boy will be ready to face new challenges in life. If so, why don’t you try to give him educational toys and books, which are good for his growth? As they haven’t tried many things in their life yet, introducing them with fun and educational toys will be a good step to start. 

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