25 Gifts for Math Teachers That They Will Value

Some of us might be tangled in a love-hate relationship with it. We love the teacher so much because she or he is funny, very comforting, motivating, until it made us want to give a gift for the math teachers. But at the same time, we hate the materials so much that it becomes a burden in life. But it’s not applied to you if you are also in love with the subject too. For you, it will be a true love relationship.

Given that, we can see that you want to appreciate your math teacher. Whether you love the subject or not. That is a very noble intention of yours. Being a teacher is not that easy, especially math. A heartwarming gift can be their spirit booster of teaching. Let’s check these 25 gift ideas for math teachers below!

Funny and Memorable Gifts for Math Teacher

There are so many funny and memorable gifts for math teachers that you can get on the net. But AWESOMESTUFF already has chosen the things for you. Here are our recommendations.

1. A Novelty Math Tote Bag

gifts for math teachers

A funny argument between these math symbols is hilarious enough. Your math teacher will totally get it. This math tote bag is from Tim and Ted. Made from cotton, top quality full color print technology, and packed with great care. You can surprise your math teacher with this bag.

2. Funny Math T-shirt for Math Teacher

gifts for math teachers

If you give your math teacher this t-shirt, expect an instant happy laugh from him. This is funny and maybe people outside the math circle can hardly understand the joke. Sounds very exclusive? Agreed. Appreciate your favorite math teacher with this funny math t-shirt now!

3. Another Funny T-shirt with Math Jokes

gifts for math teachers

Every math geek will love this! If the previous funny math t-shirt is for male, then this one is the best gift option for female math teachers. This cute blue tee is produced by Bella Canvas and it is 100% cotton. It’s very soft and comfortable to wear. This tee is ready to be shipped as a gift from Houston.

4. A Mug Made for Math Teacher

gifts for math teachers

Your math teacher must be so proud of being so smart at math and can transfer the knowledge to you. Math must be your teacher’s most favorite thing. Given that, you can appreciate your  math teacher with this mug that is very mathematica-ish. Is this even a word? At least you get what we mean. So, what do you think?

5. A Fibonacci Hoodie

gifts for math teachers

This funny hoodie is made from bella canvas materials, it is unisex, carefully made by order. If you want to give your math teacher a hoodie, well, this is it. The Fibonacci print is very accurate for every math expert. You can customize the wordings as you desired. Such a memorable gift for your math teacher. 

6. A Cute Math Face Mask

gifts for math teachers

Nowadays, face masks are becoming a fashion trend. So many local brands made their own pattern for a mask. But, this mask right here is very exclusive. It is washable, double layered cotton, and more importantly, it has math prints on it! Very special if you are giving this as a gift for your math teacher.

7. A Time Since Launch Clock

gifts for math teachers

Does your favorite teacher embark on a new journey in life, so you want to congratulate your teacher with a memorable gift? This time since launch clock is meant for you! This clock allows your teacher to count up the days from a single moment. This can actually count for 2,738 years ahead!

8. Atixel Math Equations Wall Clock

gifts for math teachers

Make your math teacher happy even when they are at home with this math equations polytechnic digital wall clock. Your teacher will forever remember that his clock is given by you. Crafted from acrylic, minimalist design, this wall clock can also make a great decoration to your teacher’s house. 

9. Mathematic Doormat Rug

gifts for math teachers

Another funny yet useful gift for match teachers. This doormat rug is specially made by MKHERT for all math teachers and experts. Your teacher will be happy to receive this rare pattern rug. No need to spend extra as you can get this for 16 dollars. 

10. A Table Runner with School Buses and Math Formulas

gifts for math teachers

Another funny math stuff from MKHERT. If the math teacher has a child, we recommend you get him or her this cute table runner with bus toys and math geometry formulas printed on it. This will make your teacher’s lunch experience with his or her children more fun. 

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Exclusive and Useful Gifts for Math Teacher 

Giving an exclusive and useful gift for your math teacher could be a difficult thing because we know that you’re still a student, and don’t have much money to spend on it. We know that. So, we list some gifts that have an exclusive touch but still affordable in your pocket.

11. Fibonacci Spiral Wall Decor

gifts for math teachers

Who would have thought that Fibonacci can be a luxurious home decor? This product from IgniteINC is such a work of art that can impress your math teacher. Made out of Baltic plywood, acrylic paint, this can be an awesome gift for your math teacher.

12. A Rare Fibonacci Earrings

gifts for math teachers

Enhancing your math teacher’s style with math accessories? Why not! We guess you are fascinated now how the obnoxious Fibonacci can turn into many things that are aesthetically pleasing. These Fibonacci shaped earrings can be a beautiful gift for your math teacher. She will be surprised as well! 

13. Personalized Venn Diagram Cutting Board

gifts for math teachers

Do you plan to give a gift with your two friends? Maybe you can consider this personalized cutting board by Steve Gerber. You can carved your name, your friend’s name, and your math teacher’s name on this cutting board. Very personal, special, and useful gift for math teachers.

14. Square Wave Kinetic Sculpture

gifts for math teachers

Yes, you are right. This is another fascinating decoration of the Fibonacci sequence. This desktop toy decoration is a beautiful art. Not an ordinary metal sculpture. Handmade in Italy, this can be a very authentic gift for your special math teacher. Perfect to be placed on the desk everywhere in your teacher’s rooms. 

15. Springtime Paint by Number Kit

Springtime Paint by Number Kit

Calculating number? A very basic thing for your math teacher. But this one here, is a group of numbers to be painted. Created by Rachel Austen, this is a paint-by-number kit. A new experience in painting guided by numbers. Your math teacher would love this, as this can be one of many ways to relax at home on weekends. 

16. Washable Lunch Bag

 Washable Lunch Bag

Does the match teacher next to your cubicle love to bring lunch? Maybe you can give her this brand new lunch bag with a cute yet professional pattern style. This is made from washable liner for the outside bag. For the inside, they are fully insulated with a removable compartment. 

17. Do the Math Pillowcase

gifts for math teachers

Taking a nap in the cubicle can be more comfortable with a pillow. If you and your math teacher workmate do the quick nap often, we think you can consider this do-the-math pillowcase as a gift. It’s unique, cute, and knitted from a very soft and comfortable fabric.

18. Abstract Math Numbers Wall Art

Abstract Math Numbers Wall Art

Calm down. It’s not one of those fibonacci stuff. This is a more abstract contemporary painting of math codes, printed on a hanging tapestry. Giving your cool math teacher cool and aesthetic stuff is very decent. This wall art from REFRED perfect to add more style in your teacher’s living room or bedroom. 

19. Casio Classic Calculator Watch

Casio Classic Calculator Watch

A legendary watch from Casio. The built-in calculator meant to make math teachers and experts’ lives way easier. Ask your friends to gather some money to buy your favorite math teacher this Casio vintage watch, and see how delighted he is when receiving the gift. 

20. Engraved Gift Pen with LED Light and Stylus

Engraved Gift Pen with LED Light and Stylus

A 3-in-1 engraved gift pen. Very special, different, and perfect as a gift for your teacher. Comes in an exclusive box, makes it look more pricey. This pen is truly an advanced pen. Your teacher can use it for grading, use the LED light as a pointer when teaching, and also use it as a stylus. 

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21. A Math Pattern Mouse Pad

A Math Pattern Mouse Pad

What could be more math-ish than this math pattern mouse pad on top of your math teacher’s office table? With a pitch black background, it is not a tacky pattern at all. It’s good, pleasing to the eye. Let your math teacher have this mouse pad now. 

22. A Weekly Planner Board

gifts for math teachers

A weekly planner board? Very essential for every teacher on earth. Especially when it comes to planning teaching materials for next semester. This planner glass hanging magnet can be your math teacher’s savior when that time has come. It’s using a magnet so it’s very easy to mount. 

23. A 14-Months Planner Book

A 14-Months Planner Book

If you feel the planning board is too hard to be wrapped overnight. Maybe this mountain 14 months planner book from Brownline can be another option. Maybe your math teacher already has their own plan book. But, trust us, your gift will be used after the current one is full. You are saving time for them to look for another book. This only costs 18 dollars. 

24. Mathematics II Graphic Art Canvas

 Mathematics II Graphic Art Canvas

Turns out, there are many decorations related to math. This Mathematics II by Jason Johnson is a beautiful, minimalist wall art. Printed with a giclee, an advanced printmaking process for creating a high quality fine art. This can be hanged anywhere using saw-tooth hangers. This handcrafted wall decor will be admired for years to come by your match teacher. 

25. Text Time Wall Clock

Text Time Wall Clock

Save the best for the last, they said. This item is very rare to find. It’s unique, unforgettable, and timeless. You can get this text time wall clock from Wayfair. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s very worth the price. Your math teacher will be very amazed and thankful for this gift. This is the best gift to appreciate your math teacher’s hard work. 

That’s it! You have read all the 25 gifts for math teachers. Do you get inspired by the items that we have carefully curated? We hope that whatever you choose as a gift for your math teacher, it will bring joy and happiness to their life, and bring back their spirits of teaching math for more years to come. 

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