25 Mind-Blowing Gifts for Science Teacher

Science teacher might be one of the most unique kinds of teachers. Doing a lot of scientific works, for instance, calculating the physical force of a crash, dissecting an insect for study, or even doing new experiments on the labs with test tubes, those are the activities that science teachers need to master. Therefore, it’s not strange that most science teachers are a bit of a nerd, and we mean it in a good way!

Science teachers need to be passionate to be able to pass the knowledge easily to students. Thus, it is understandable that making students understand complex stuff in science is not an easy task to do. Hence, finding some gifts for the science teacher as a token of your appreciation for their efforts in educating you is a noble idea. In that case, please take a look at our lists of cool and unique gifts for science teachers. 

What Are Things Every Science Teacher Needs?

Aside from their vast knowledge, a science teacher doesn’t really differ that much from any other educators. They used laptops, acquired home decorations, and occasionally bought toys and items that they could display at classes. What really sets them apart is their taste in science-themed items. You might want to find unique things that match the criteria as gifts for science teachers.

Unique Gifts for Science Teacher

Science teachers have developed a unique kind of taste in collecting items. For that reason, buying conventional items as gifts for science teachers might be a wrong move for you. Therefore, it’s time to think out of the box and find some unique items that you can hand out as gifts for science teachers. Here are some of our recommendations. 

1. Periodic Table Mouse Pad

Unique Periodic Table Mouse Pad

Unless you’re a science teacher or science nerd, you’ll know how hard it is to remember the periodic table. Despite all that memory aid your teacher has given, chances are high that you have forgotten most of the elements after you graduate. However, we guarantee that your teacher will love this as a gift. With premium material, they won’t worry about dragging through their mouse whilst preparing lesson materials. 

2. Custom Periodic Table Name

Custom Periodic Table Name

People all around the world liked to personalize their own keychains with things they like. For a science teacher, we couldn’t find anything more unique than this customizable periodic table keychain. Order one with your teacher’s name on it now!

3. Plasma Light Ball

Plasma Light Ball

The advancement of science made all kinds of technologies possible. Hence, it’s cool to remind your teacher that science really matters to our society by giving out cool and awesome decorations like this plasma light ball. With a super cool light and its touch-sensitive technology, this item really looks high-tech and will suit your science teacher just fine. 

4. Solar System pendant

Solar System pendant

Marvel fans can all agree that Doctor Strange looked really cool wearing his time stone pendant. In that case, it’s time to show that science can be as cool as the sorcerer supreme. No one can argue how cool it will look when this solar system pendant is wrapped around your teacher’s neck.  

5. DIY Root Beer Kit

DIY Root Beer Kit

Science nerds everywhere love to experiment and make different kinds of innovations. Perhaps, it’s time for you to give this to your science teacher. With this DIY Root Beer Kit, they can kill their time at home while making their own beverage. Sounds really fun! 

6. Star Trek Cufflinks

Star Trek Cufflinks

There are a lot of cool sci-fi movies that your science teacher might enjoy. For example, Star Trek movie that stands tall among all. With its long and iconic history, it’s hard to find people who hate Spock and the gang. So, we’d like to suggest this Star Trek themed cufflinks as the best pick. Give it to your science teacher so that they may wear it proudly as an honored member of the Enterprise. 

7. Octopus Orb

Octopus Orb

No other words can be used to describe this item other than pure awesome. This octopus-shaped orb contains algae-rich ocean inside and it looks so sick when displayed. Wait until night time and shake the orb so that you may see it glow beautifully. 

8. Volcano Island Crystal Growing Kit

Volcano Island Crystal Growing Kit

Science teachers love to see chemical reactions. They may also like cool and unique items to be displayed. Therefore, this volcano island growing kit is the perfect marriage between both categories. With this growing kit, they’ll be able to showcase it on their teacher’s desk for all to gaze in awe. 

9. Solar System Necklace

Solar System Necklace

Like any other person, science teachers also have a life outside their jobs. Hence, it’s important to develop a sense of fashion. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can put a little bit of science there! This solar system necklace will show people how much your teacher loved science and astronomy. 

10. DIY Flying Saucer

DIY Flying Saucer

Teachers love to put unique stuff on their desks for their students to enjoy. And so, this gift might be the perfect addition to their desk decoration. After assembling this DIY Kit, they can enjoy looking at this fully rotatable flying saucer. Let’s just hope that their children would not be too distracted by it during classes. 

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Useful Gifts for Science Teacher’s Daily Activities

Despite all those cool adventures and exploration, science teachers also have normal lives and chores. They also require equipment to help them finish the task. But as a cool student, you might want to consider finding science-related items that will help them get through the day. Hence, please take a look at our list of gifts for science teachers below.

11. Chemistry Tumbler 

gifts for science teacher

We may be fed up after a whole session of trying new chemical reactions and dealing with test tubes. Our teacher, on the other hand, might not feel the same way. Therefore, we’d feel like they could use this unique tumbler as their new water bottle. 

12. “I Drink Wine” Tumbler

gifts for science teacher

This tumbler has it all: cool design, beautiful artwork, and made with premium stainless steel. Though teachers shouldn’t encourage students to drink wine and alcohol, this might be the perfect gift for them to use in daily activities outside the school. 

13. Science Tumbler

gifts for science teacher

Science geeks love fun facts and new information. For this reason, we strongly suggest you consider giving this tumbler to a science teacher. It will really fit with their smart and curious personality. 

14. Science Kit for Kids

gifts for science teacher

Having a science teacher as a parent might have its share of benefits. Besides getting a credible source for information and knowledge, they are probably going to be experiencing fun experiments and projects. Because of that, this gift might be the perfect suit for teachers who have children. This way, they can spend more time with their children while educating them with cool knowledge.

15. “Jokes” T-shirt

gifts for science teacher

A smart person rarely equals being funny as well. Thus, that same rule is often applied to science teachers as well. You might want to give this funny shirt as banter to your science teacher since the playful words can melt away the awkwardness. It just might be one of the best gifts for science teachers!

16. Cellfie Shirt

gifts for science teacher

Another cool alternative shirt gift for your science teacher. This particular shirt is the right fit for a biology teacher since it features a cell cartoon picture. You can notice how cool the design is and just imagine this shirt in your teacher’s body!

Home Decor Gifts for Science Teacher

If their teacher’s desk might give some idea regarding how cool their life is, then wait until you see their house. We’d like to bet that their house is full of fun stuff. It certainly won’t hurt if you want to contribute in giving some cool items and decorations as gifts for science teachers. 

17. Science-scented Candle

gifts for science teacher

Scented candles are a popular trend right now, as they may give you a soothing aroma that will help you relax at home. However, it might be cool to give a science-themed scented candle to your teacher. There are six different aromas to choose from, so please have a look!

18. 3-piece Science Art

gifts for science teacher

Artworks and painting will definitely be a huge upgrade in a person’s interior design. For a science teacher, these framed arts might be a perfect choice since they make a great combo for decoration. It consists of three art pieces that combine into a beautiful and meaningful work. 

19. Asteroid Motion Toy Decoration

Asteroid Motion Toy Decoration

People liked to collect items that represent themselves. That’s why they would love to receive gifts like this asteroid motion toy decoration. Besides looking very elegant, the structures can be easily moved to impress their children and guests. 

20. Mad Scientist At Work

Mad Scientist at Work

Who said that only kids are allowed to hang awesome door signs? Well, science teachers also have that privilege. Give this cool item as a gift to your science teacher so that they can display it on their door. 

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21. Science Wall Decorations

Science Wall Decorations

Wall art isn’t meant to be a mere decoration to be displayed. It’s there to help you get in the mood and encourage you to get by each day. For a science teacher, what better wall art can you give other than this cool science-themed wall art

22. Light Bulb Wall Art

gifts for science teacher

Another cool wall art that you might consider. Teachers like to encourage their students to think out of the box. And for that reason, this wall art might suit their decoration at home or inside their classroom. 

23. Periodic Table Bedcover Set

gifts for science teacher

Can’t get enough with cool periodic table decorations? Then this one might be the perfect cherry on top for your teacher’s decoration. Perhaps, it might be too ridiculous for an adult’s bed, but we’re confident that this will fit perfectly on their children’s bedroom set. 

24. Solar System Nursery Rug

gifts for science teacher

Astronomy is a cool subject to learn. It definitely looks cool as a home decoration too. If you are considering helping your science teacher in upgrading their child’s room then this cute nursery rug can be the right item for it. 

25. Brain LED Lamp

gifts for science teacher

Nowadays, people like to use LED lamps to light their houses. Since you are a cool student, you must not disappoint your teacher and accomplish that by handing this cool brain LED lamp as a gift. This is the perfect home décor that will light up their house with style. 

Final Thought

One thing for sure about science teachers, they love science! The best thing to do in choosing the best gift for your lovely science teacher is definitely something unique that represents the beauty of science. It’s never wrong to give your teacher a gift that has the element of puzzles or something to solve. Those kins of gift will be something fun for your teacher to solve, plus it will also become something memorable, too. Your teacher will never forget a student who give him a unique gift, right?

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Science teachers and experts loved their profession to death. Because of that, it’s only natural that you try to find science-related items that are unique and cool. It would be even cooler if you are able to find gifts for science teachers that can be used in their daily activities. Simple items like tumblers and shirts might do the job for you. 

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