25 Cool and Awesome Science Gifts

Do you have that one quirky friend who enjoys science? For non-nerds like us, it is unthinkable that some people get off on math. They say that contemplating the mystery of the universe through scientific formulas can be cathartic. Listening to them may blow our heads! Yet, even though we may never understand what they are talking about, we can tease their brains back through stimulating gifts!

Some items are designed to excite the brain. Your friends who enjoy science will appreciate such gifts. Trying to figure out how the product works is thrilling. Sometimes this relaxing activity may even help your genius friends achieve scientific breakthroughs. And so, we have collected the best 25 science-themed gifts that will fascinate your studious partners.

Cool Science Gifts for Adults

Are you looking for a suitable birthday or Christmas gift for your science-loving friends? We’ve made a list of fabulous items worthy of your consideration. Guaranteed, your friends will love these small things that will constantly remind them of science.

1. Atomic Metal Bookends

Atom Science Metal Bookends

This atomic-themed metal book divider will help organize your friend’s scientific books collection. Maintaining the neatness of a desk is very important. Stacks of books need to be arranged to prevent them from interfering with their work or study. Get this elegant bookend as a gift for your science-loving friend who owns millions of books!

2. Chemistry Flask Tumbler

Chemistry Flask Tumbler

Gifting a chemical glass-shaped tumbler to a friend who works as a chemistry scientist is an excellent idea. It is also perfect for a student who loves studying chemistry. In addition, the quirky-shaped tumbler comes with a reusable straw. It is eco-friendly! This unique tumbler will remind your friend to rehydrate regularly so that they can keep thinking clearly.

3. Metal Periodic Element Cubes 

Metal Periodic Element Cubes

Anyone who studies chemistry will undoubtedly be familiar with the periodic table. Your friend who loves this subject will be thrilled to collect solid elements from the periodic table. You can help them start their collection with these periodic element cubes. There are magnesium, silver, carbon, and more! Each cube is engraved with the element’s symbol and characteristics.

4. “Lab Rules” Science-themed Coaster

Lab Rules Science Coaster

Laboratory rules coasters set will make an excellent gift for your colleague who loves science. These coasters feature signs depicting what you can or can’t do in a lab. People who often use lab will find this gift funny! The coasters are made of durable neoprene and come with very well-designed illustrations.

5. Stirling Engine Motor Kit

Engine Motor Model

Are you looking for a super unique gift for your engineer friend? Consider giving him a Stirling model kit! He can assemble it himself and have fun with the engine. We consider this item one of the best science-themed gifts that everyone should get. The completed product will look great on the shelf too.

6. Newton’s Cradle Pendulum

Swinging Magnetic Ball

A geek’s desk will not be complete without Newton’s cradle! The pendulum balls are entertaining to play with and look very cool as decorations. Despite looking like a toy, the pendulums demonstrate energy and momentum conservation laws. It is very scientific and will make an excellent gift, especially for physics lovers.

7. Mini Decorative Radiometer

Blown Glass Radiometer

Did you know that you can transform light into kinetic energy? You can see the process through a radiometer. The device is shaped like a lightbulb. Inside it is a mini weather vane-like contraption. When you shine a light on it, the vane will spin. It is such a neat little device that will make a unique gift for your scientist friends!

8. Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Before the invention of the mechanical clock, people used hourglass to measure time. Precise time measurement is closely related to physics, so this hourglass is a fitting gift for your scientist friend. Moreover, this hourglass is different because it uses magnetic sand! Watch the sand fall into a beautiful magnetic pattern for precisely one minute.

Cool Science Gifts for Kids

Teach your kids science! It is always better to start as early as possible because it is ideal for their development. Let them learn science in a fun way through the following unique contraptions. Get one of these items as a gift for your kids to foster their love for science.

9. Periodic Table Elements Set

Periodic Table of Elements Set

Does your kid struggle to remember essential chemistry elements? A unique periodic table will help! This table is interactive. Instead of a piece of paper, you will get the actual sample in small vials. Each vial is labeled with its atomic number. Then, your kid can interact with it and learn about the elements in a fun way!

10. Geology Print

Science Gifts

Geology is a branch of science that you can introduce to your kids as early as possible. Little children love drawing and painting, so geology-themed print art will successfully capture their interest. You can help your kids understand what happens beneath the earth’s surface through the fun print. You can get one and hang it in your kid’s room. Your kid can learn science every time they look at the wall!

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11. Kids Science Set

Science Gifts

Are you looking for ways to instill a love of science in your children under 5-year-old? Get this unique kids’ science kit that has everything you need to get started. The set includes scientific games that will also help children learn in a fun way. You can provide guidance and explain the scientific facts as your kids play with the smart toys.

12. 12-in-1 Toy Solar Robot Kit 

Science Gifts

Kids, especially 10 to 12 years old, tend to be attracted to robots! You can use their fascination with robots to instill a love for science. Instead of buying them a toy, you can get this educative solar-powered robot kit. This DIY robot will help him understand how clean electricity is generated by the sun. It is a creative gift that will stimulate your kids to develop their logical thinking!

13. Water Rocket Kit

Science Gifts

The Water Rocket is a STEM toy that introduces your child aged 7 to 12 to the world of rocketry. This Rocket science kit is more than just a gift. After all, it enables children to develop their creativity while also teaching them the fundamentals of rocket science in an exciting way. The kit includes instructions that are very easy for children to understand.

14. Math Formulas Tie

Science Gifts

Here is a tie that will suit your kids who enjoy mathematics! It features motifs that show a series of equations, math symbols, and various formulas. You can get this tie as a graduation gift too. It’ll make an excellent good luck charm when your kids are about to continue their higher education.

15. National Parks Book

Science Gifts

It is essential to introduce your kids to nature. This fantastic pop-up book can serve as an alternative if you are too busy to go. It is excellent for younger children as it contains various bright pop-up images that depict national parks. Open the book and do an adventurous exploration from the comfort of your home!

16. Electric Circuit Experiment Kit

Electric Circuit Experiment Kit

These super fun electric circuits kits will make an ideal educative science-themed gift for kids aged 6 to 10. The educative toy set will teach them the fundamentals of electronics. Your kids can do various experiments and learn about circuit design. It is a science project disguised as a toy! 

17. World Globe Lights Lamp

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Memorizing the names of countries may not be easy for some children. Fortunately, the learning process will be faster if you use an exciting prop such as this Illuminated Earth Globe. It will help your kids to strengthen their memorization. Of course, introducing kids to geography will broaden their minds. In addition, the globe can also illuminate your children’s room at night.

Funny Science Gifts

Who said that science cannot be funny? We have collected some items that will surely amuse anyone who loves science!

18. Custom Portrait for Computer Nerds

Science Gifts

Do you know someone who considers themselves to be a computer nerd? Do you want to make fun of him? You can commission a goofy cartoon character picture based on your friend’s likeness. The artist will draw your friend into a cartoon programmer that looks like something from The Simpsons. For computer nerds who enjoy the series, this is a terrific present. 

19. Mini Steel Balance Toy

Science Gifts

Is it possible to integrate science with humorous craft? Yes, it is possible! Just check out this funny-shaped scientific balancing ball. It features a funny-shaped pendulum that also demonstrates the rule of conservation of energy. Its adorable appearance lends artistic value to scientific instruments. We strongly recommend this item if you’re looking for a fun science gift!

20. Moon Rocket Sculpture

Science Gifts

The journey to the moon is a tremendous achievement, not just for science and rocketry but also for mankind. Even though it was an important event, you can commemorate it in a fun way! This adorable rocket and moon man sculpture set is an ideal gift for space enthusiasts. The items will look lovely on your friend’s study desk.

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21.  Beer Foaming Stones

Science Gifts

Nothing beats a frosty foamy mug of beer! Unfortunately, it is not easy to get such beer at home because canned ones are all you get. Yet, you can recreate the draft beer experience at home with these soapstone nucleators. 

When you pour a carbonated beverage, nucleation (a fun science word!) occurs, and those tiny gas bubbles start dancing their happy dance. Give the stones to your science-loving friend and ask them how it works

22. Solar Wall Art

Science Gifts

Here is an incredible wall art of the solar system! This beautiful item will look excellent as a wall hanging inside a study room. If you want to get one for your friend, we recommend asking for a personalization option. Add your friend’s astrology constellation to the universe map. It is a meaningful science-themed gift that will surely make your friend smile.

23. Giant Heart Plushie

Science Gifts

Learning about human anatomy, including the organs, is part of science. So, this giant heart plushie will make a funny science-themed gift for those who enjoy biology! Furthermore, anyone who sees this plushie will remember their health. It is funny and adorable, perfect for your good-hearted friends (pun intended!).

24. USB Spaceman Light

USB Spaceman Light

You will need a significant amount of scientific knowledge to become an astronaut! Suppose your friend wants to become one, or perhaps just a fan. In that case, this super adorable USB Spaceman Light will make an excellent heartwarming gift. 

The chibi astronaut looks so cute and funny. It can emit lights bright enough to navigate a dark room. It can be recharged through USB, so it is portable and practical.

25. Math T-Shirt

Math T-Shirt

Wearing a t-shirt with a math formulas motif will show how nerdy you are! Give this shirt as a birthday or Christmas gift to coworkers, siblings, or anyone who loves science. It is a math t-shirt that features a sarcastic yet funny question: What exactly didn’t you understand?

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What to get someone that likes science?

We have collected various science-themed items that will make an excellent gift for your friends and family. Get them the USB Spaceman Light or hourglass as science gifts. You can never have too many funny math t-shirts for fashionable nerds.    

What to get a kid that likes science?

Science-obsessed children spend hours building, tinkering, and immersing themselves in each project. If you’re seeking science-related gifts as we were, look no further. Kids’ science kits or rocket science kits are fantastic gifts for kids. Those science gifts would allow your kids to learn new science with excitement. 

What are the best cool science gifts for adults? 

It is probably hard for adults to start learning science conventionally, i.e., by taking formal science classes. But, don’t worry! They can still learn science unconventionally through fun stuff such as soapstone nucleators or those funny pendulums. The metal periodic element cubes will also make a lovely novelty present.

What are the best science gifts for teens?

Teens go through many physical and social changes, which can make it difficult for them to know how to act. Making them busy with science could be beneficial. You can encourage them to study more with the periodic table or solar-powered robot kit as their birthday gift. 

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