27 Cool Roblox Toys for Enthusiastic Gamers

You are very lucky this time! The characters and avatars from the online Roblox game are now available in the form of toys. These cool Roblox toys offer a variety of amazing shapes, accessories, and poses. You can choose Roblox toys individually or as a complete set. You can order robots, ninjas, pirates, vampires, soccer players, and the royal princess of the Roblox Universe in the form of cute and fun toys.

Do you enjoy playing Roblox with your friends? Do you want to bring your avatar and cute Roblox characters in real life? Here we have compiled a collection of Cool Roblox Toys for Enthusiastic Gamers which will surely interest you.

Cool Roblox Toys in Action Collection

The characters in Roblox have amazing designs and actions. The characters’ styles and poses are very immersive and fun. You can have various shapes of figures by buying the following toys.

1. Royal Guard Figure Roblox Toys

The Grand Crossing: Royal Guard Figure Pack

Let’s start this list with one of the most legendary characters in the Roblox universe. This cool Roblox toy can provide amazing robotic adventure and action. You can put on helmets, weapons, and shields to complete the mysterious dark knight action.

2. Davy Bazooka Roblox Toys

Roblox Davy Bazooka Figure Pack

Bazooka weapons that are ready to destroy every opponent’s defense. This cool Roblox toy poses a hero who is on a mission. Amazing weapon accessories are included in the purchase package. Each of these cool items comes with a code that can be redeemed to unlock exclusive virtual items in online Roblox games.

3. Adam + Ninja Assassin Roblox Toys

Adam + Ninja Assassin

Cold blood killer with amazing ninja abilities. These cool Roblox toys present two figures of martial arts experts from Japan. The vanishing and sword-playing skills of these two characters are unquestionable. Samurai and ninja sword weapons are included to provide an unmatched pose.

4. Car Crushers 2 Roblox Toys

Car Crushers 2 Grandeur Dignity Deluxe Vehicle

Take this cool Roblox character out of the box and prepare yourself for intense gunfights! These cool Roblox toys offer prisoners and police characters chasing each other’s used vehicles. Attach the weapon accessories and give it a real gunfight pose. Cars with chrome accents support extraordinary action.

5. Anubis + Sun Slayer Two Figure Bundle

Anubis + Sun Slayer Two Figure Bundle

These two legendary characters are perfect for those of you lovers of Ancient Egyptian mythology. This very powerful god is presented perfectly by these cool Roblox toys. Accents and bright gold armor reinforce the identity of an invincible god.

6. Roblox SIMOON68 GOLDEN GOD Series


The golden Robloxian is one of the best masterpieces from the creators of Roblox. The angel design with shiny gold armor is perfectly represented by this cool Roblox toy. The golden deer antlers symbolize extraordinary kindness. You definitely won’t regret adding this toy to your Roblox collection.

7. Ud’zal Figure Pack Roblox Toys

Ud’zal Figure Pack

A villain with ultimate strength! Ud’zal is a vicious war troop that threatens the Roblox kingdom. Magical power can be released from the glowing blue diamond wand. This cool Roblox toy features unbelievably spooky armor with a mystical glow.

8. Captain Rampage Figure Pack

Captain Rampage Figure Pack

Experience an immersive pirate adventure with these iconic Roblox characters. This cool Roblox toy presents Captain Rampage who is good at finding treasure. The box full of jewels and gold he finally found after wading through the vast ocean.

9. Gearmo and Blast Mech Figure Pack

Gearmo and Blast Mech Figure Pack

True Roblox fans will love this quirky figure. An avatar possessing these technological skills can ride an incredible robot tank. This cool Roblox toy has amazing movement articulation. There’s no reason to refuse to add this cool item to your Roblox collection.

10. Vampire Hunter 3 Game Pack

Vampire Hunter 3 Game Pack

Now you can bring the Vampire Hunter game from the Roblox Universe to the real world. These cool Roblox toys feature two iconic characters and accessories. Vampire Hunters carried clubs to subdue the Vampires who were troubling the citizens. Wooden coffins add to the mystical impression of these cool toys.

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11. Salameen the Spider Queen Roblox Toys

Neverland Lagoon Salameen the Spider Queen

Join the Spider Queen to rule the world. The spider army will help you to realize those ambitious dreams. These cool Roblox toys perfectly offer spider lord figures that have amazing fighting abilities. The skull head accessory is a testament to the Spider Queen’s cruelty.

12. Tower Battles: ZED Vehicle

Tower Battles: ZED Vehicle

An elite squad that can control a large and dashing steel tank. Large-scale gunfire can destroy the opponent’s stronghold easily. This cool Roblox toy provides an immersive war atmosphere. Get this cool item right away before it runs out!

13. Lunya + Andromeda Roblox Toys

Lunya + Andromeda Explorer Two Figure Bundle

A beautiful and adorable truth defender hero. The purple sword had a power that had never been thought of before. These cool Roblox toys bring out feminine heroic action in unconventional ways.

Cool Roblox Toys in Celebrity Collection

Roleplay is one of the main features offered by Roblox. You can be a musician, athlete, king, princess, and whatever you want. Here are the best Roblox toys in the celebrity collection.

14. The Abominator Vehicle

The Abominator Vehicle

Dress like Elvis Presley the King of Rock and Roll. This cool Roblox toy features the most popular iconic musician. The white outfit with the guitar makes this toy stand out. You will also get luxury and unique celebrity cars.

15. Roblox Custom Avatar

Roblox Custom Avatar

You can bring trendy and cool avatars into the real world. This cool Roblox toy presents slang characters with outfits that reflect young people. Made from baked polymer clay and painted acrylic, this cool toy will give you maximum fun.

16. Crezak: The Legend + Sharkbite Surfer Two Figure Bundle

Crezak: The Legend + Sharkbite Surfer Two Figure Bundle

Win all competitions in a sporty way. You can become the best footballer in the world like Lionel Messi or become a surfer with the best maneuvers. Both of these toys are ideal for someone who loves sports.

17. Enchanted Evening Game Pack

Enchanted Evening Game Pack

Create a dream wedding between Lady Selene and Prince Aaron. These cool Roblox toys bring an amazing royal atmosphere. You will get the ideal and romantic royal couple with just one purchase.

Cool Roblox Toy Sets

Roblox toy sets have been designed a lot. You’ll get tons of figures in one awesome set. Here are cool Roblox toy sets you can buy:

18. 15th Anniversary Champions of Roblox Figures

15th Anniversary Champions of Roblox Figures

Take part and join the 6 famous knight characters in the Roblox Universe. Perfect these six valiant knights with the weapon accessories included in the purchase package. These six characters are virtuous Knights of Redcliff who are ready to wage an epic battle against the Korbloxians.

19. Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset

Jailbreak; Museum Heist Playset

The heist at the immersive Museum. Action with never higher stakes. Ancient Egyptian historical objects were stolen by criminals. Don’t let them get away with it. These cool Roblox toys feature very intense shooting and chase scenes.

20. Pink Piggy Roblox Figures

Pink Piggy Roblox Figures

An adorable pink piggy family set. These cool Roblox toys are fabricated with 3D printing technology with high-quality PLA plastic material. A detachable headpiece lets you play with fun.

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21. Roblox’s The Wild West Figures

Roblox's The Wild West Figures

The war action between the Cowboys and the Indians is always fun to watch. Create your exhilarating scene in the real world! This exciting battle is inspired by the popular action-adventure game The Wild West in the Roblox Universe. You will get iconic figures complete with tough horses typical of the Cowboy movies.

22. Zombie Attack Playset Decoration Toys

Zombie Attack Playset Decoration Toys

Watch out! Scary zombies are attacking the city! Prepare weapons and traps to kill the zombies. These cool Roblox toys bring the tension of war against zombies. You can assemble your gear to survive the zombie attacks.

23. Roblox Celebrity Collection – Series 4 Figure

Roblox Celebrity Collection - Series 4 Figure

A perfect set of Roblox toys for female fans. This extraordinary set includes twelve Celebrity Collection Series 4 figures. You will get Roblox figures of various professions such as musician, reporter, athlete, cheerleader, and many others. You will also get 12 codes which can be exchanged for exclusive virtual items on Roblox online.

24. Adopt Me: Pet Store Deluxe Action Figure Set

Adopt Me; Pet Store Deluxe Action Figure Set

Are you an animal lover and a Roblox fan at the same time? If yes, then These cool Roblox toys are for you. You’ll get three animal-loving characters and an iconic accessory. Various accessories and pets allow you to create fun play scenes.

25. Attic, Silzous, Return Joker, Distorted Boss Full body Figures

Attic, Silzous, Return Joker, Distorted Boss Full body Figures

Four unique and scary characters from the world of Roblox now come to you. These cool Roblox toys were made with a 3D printer using premium PLA Plastic. Joker Back and Silzo Tails are figures that can be moved because they have good hand joints with articulation.

26. 15th Anniversary Gold Collector’s Set Figures

The original avatar from Roblox CEO David Baszucki is available by purchasing this cool toy set. Builder man is the iconic character of the initiator from the US. You will also get Mr. Robot, Dominus Aureus Dude, and Classic Noob in this set. All these cute characters are clad in gold and ready to go on an epic adventure.

27. Roblox Action Collection Action Figure Accessories Toy Set

Roblox Action Collection Action Figure Accessories Toy Set

The struggle of the beautiful fairies has just begun. These four fairies are ready to outlast the zombie attacks of Apocalypse Rising 2. A magical power will emerge to eradicate evil. The perfect item for a female Roblox lover.

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most popular games in the world, Roblox has gained huge popularity. Today, more and more toys are being launched to market and just like the online game, most of the toys have even gained their own popularity among Roblox true fans.

When talking about Roblox toys, there are a lot cool cool toy to have. Some toys are rare and hard to find, while some can turn into valuable collectible items. So, which one do you prefer? If you are a true fan of Roblox, we believe that our list will excite you because the list is full of the coolest Roblox toys to choose from. So, we hope you find the one you’re looking for on our list.

Latest Post:

What are Roblox toys?

A Roblox toy can be defined as a playset of mini-figures from the Roblox Universe. Various types of characters, elements, and games in Roblox are presented in the form of adorable mini toys. These cool Roblox toys usually come with a unique code that you can exchange to unlock items in Roblox online games.

What to get for a kid who loves Roblox?    

It’s effortless! Toys are very synonymous with children. Give them toys with cute looks. You can choose Gearmo and Blast Mech Figure Pack for boys or Roblox Action Collection Action Figure Accessories Toy Set for girls. Both cute items can make them happy to play it.

What are the best Roblox toys?  

15th Anniversary Gold Collector’s Set Figures and 15th Anniversary Champions of Roblox Figures are claimed as the best Roblox toys. This special edition features iconic rare characters from the Roblox Universe. Don’t miss these two cool items! Buy now before they run out!

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