25 Gifts for Roblox Lovers – Best for Kids

Many kids love Roblox and play the game almost every day! Whether they play it alone or together with friends, it seems like they just can’t get enough of the game. We have no doubt that you can easily include your younger siblings, your cute nephew and niece, and your children to a list of Roblox lovers out there. They’ve been asking you to get them Roblox-related items for their birthday presents, right? So we think that having a cute Roblox gift for Roblox lovers can actually get you through the day.

This recommendation list will definitely give you better ideas, in case you contemplates on what to buy for Roblox lovers. You can pick one, two or as many items as you like from these 25 gift ideas for Roblox lovers that we have collected for you. Let’s find out which one is the best one for you!

#1 Logo Knit Beanie

Logo Knit Beanie

The Logo Knit Beanie will be a great gift for your boys who are true Roblox lovers. The warm hat is perfect to be worn in winter, spring, or fall. It uses 100% acrylic wool that blocks the chilly wind perfectly. Although it comes in one size, this cool Roblox beanie will definitely fit toddlers to pre-teen babies. 

#2 Robux Style Novelty Coins

 Robux Style Novelty Coins

Do you remember that one time when your kid told you Robux with excitements in his eyes? You may restrain them from spending too much money on Robux in the game, but you can give these Robux Style Novelty Coins for fun. It’s the perfect gift for a Roblox lover because it looks exactly the same to the ones in the game. You can play together and make it your home “currency.” Plus, you can get the free drawstring coin bag for your purchase.

#3 Loyal Pizza Warrior Figure Pack

 Loyal Pizza Warrior Figure Pack

If Work at A Pizza Place is your grandchildren’s favorite game, then they will love this iconic character figure. The Loyal Pizza Warrior comes with a trusty cutter and a pizza box. The extra cheese lovers will fall in love with this figure even more. In addition, it also includes a code for the virtual item, so your grandchildren will get two gifts from you.

4. Gamer Croc Charms for Roblox Lovers

Your children cannot hide their love for Roblox video game. You can give the kids accessories with Roblox designs on them to match their excitement. The croc charms are an excellent choice to decorate their footwear. Choose the familiar face and logo, and then paste it to their crocs before going out.

#5 Roblox Lovers Macrame Bracelet

 Roblox Macrame Bracelet

This colorful Roblox bracelet will make an excellent addition to your daughter or sister’s accessories collection. The various color options of macrame and beads make it easy to personalize. You can give this cute bracelet as an early birthday gift for your daughter. Don’t forget to choose her favorite color to match her favorite summer dress.

#6 Roblox Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Roblox Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Did you receive a special request to hold a Roblox-themed birthday party for your kids this year? If so, then you can get the Roblox party supplies that you need right here. It provides many Roblox-themed items to get the party done, from paper cups to the table cover. Please bear in mind that the party supplies are available for separate purchases.

#7 Color Changing Kids Tumbler

Color Changing Kids Tumbler

Give this color-changing Roblox tumbler to your children and let them have their own magic show. The cute Roblox girl design is suitable for every tumbler cup color. The magic in the cup is shown when the water is filling inside. Moreover, the BPA-free tumbler is also safe for your kids, and it can be personalized with custom name on the backside.

#8 “Where’s the Noob?” Book

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Give your children a gift that’ll show them that they can still play with Roblox, even when they’re not holding their device with this Roblox book. Begin the fun search-and-find journey with your children’s favorite Roblox character. You can help them here and there when they meet some difficulties in finding the objects. This book can distract them from electronic devices and help them get a new hobby.

#9 Roblox LED Lights

Roblox LED Lights

Surprise your boys with a slight wall make-over with this Roblox LED Light. It uses durable birch plywood and LED lights that can last a lifetime in your kids’ room. The light décor is a unique artwork with a floating appearance. Moreover, it can’t get more fabulous with color changing with dimmer control, which allows you to change the color and flash style simultaneously.

#10 Gamer Shirts Roblox Design

Gamer Shirts Roblox Design

This Roblox gamer shirt is an excellent gift for Roblox lovers. Besides showing the quarantine life of Roblox gamers and the daily life of some others, the shirt also has a funny design with vibrant color. It provides various sizes and colors. In addition, it can also fit everybody in your family’s internal Roblox lovers’ club, especially your kids.

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Roblox Cookie

Is your nephew or niece having their birthday party soon with a Roblox theme? This one dozen Roblox characters and logo cookies will be a pleasant surprise for them. The kids might display your gift in the particular space next to their birthday cake. The cookies come with an individual wrap to avoid them merging into each other. For kids, these cookies will definitely become the best gifts for Roblox lovers!

#12 Video Game Wall Decor

Video Game Wall Decor

If you find it difficult sometimes to keep your kids away from their favorite video games when bedtime comes, then you can surprise them and do your magic on their bedroom wall with Roblox wall decor stickers. The wall decor uses vinyl sticker material that is very easy to apply. It will leave no trace on the wall when you remove it. You can offer them to paste it into another hard surface like their bedroom door.

#13 Nerf Roblox Arsenal for Young Roblox Lovers

 Nerf Roblox Arsenal

Don’t you think it will be super fun for your kids to have the weapon they use inside the game in real life? This Nerf gun takes its inspiration from the Roblox game Arsenal. Instead of a laser, it comes with a removable ten-dart clip and ten Official Nerf Elite darts. You can find a special code inside that your kids can redeem to get an exclusive virtual item. Truly one of the best gifts for Roblox lovers!

#14 Special 15th Anniversary Champions of Roblox Figure Set

No one, particularly your children, will refuse these special collector’s set of Roblox figures. The collection includes the shining armor for the new epic battle. Your kids will be super excited to meet the Korblox Deathspeaker, Korblox Mage, Korblox General, The Overseer, Redcliff Elite Commander, Alar Knight of the Splintered Skies inside the package. Undoubtedly, the six figures will look amazing as a display next to your kids’ spelling bee award. Moreover, you will get a free virtual item on Roblox for this purchase.

#15 Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition

Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition

Can you imagine playing the classic game of Monopoly with your children’s favorite online game characters? The Monopoly Roblox Edition will make it real. Now you can give the board game as a great gift for Roblox lovers, so your children can play it together with you or their Roblox lover friends. They can choose the icon player based on their favorite character in Roblox.

#16 Gaming Mouse Pad

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This Roblox Gaming Mouse Pad will be the best accessory to accompany your Roblox little gamer while playing the game. The mouse pad has a smooth surface that makes the mouse move quickly. If that’s not enough, it also has a non-slip rubber base to avoid unwanted movement during the game. Your kids can comfortably play their favorite game without any disturbance.

#17 Toddler Backpack for Young Roblox Lovers

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You’ll get not one, but three Roblox items at once by purchasing the Roblox Toddler Backpack. This set is one of the best gift for your Roblox lover kid, since it is perfect for your kid to go to school with. Simply pack the Roblox design lunch bag along with a pencil case into the backpack, and they are ready to go.

#18 “Diary of a Noob for Roblox” Boxed Set

“Diary of a Noob for Roblox” Boxed Set

Develop your kids’ love for reading with their favorite game story. The Diary of a Noob for Roblox will be a great gift idea for those who love Roblox so much. These books come as a set with the first five sequences of the story. It’s a perfect start to collecting the books.

#19 Adopt Me Pet Store Figure Set

 Adopt Me Pet Store Figure Set

If your baby always finds the Adopt Me game exciting, this Adopt Me Pet Store Figure Set gift will get your baby to jump in excitement. The unique playset comes with forty items. In addition, the complete playset also includes three iconic characters and also various accessories. Bring the favorite pet store to reality without their console.

#20 Roblox Lovers Drawing Book

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You can give this Roblox Drawing Book as the best gift for the aspiring artist in the family who loves Roblox and drawing equally. The drawing book provides easy directions for kids to follow. Besides the drawing, it offers coloring activity after the picture is done. To add the excitement, you can also give them pencil color for them along with the fantastic book.

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#21 Roblox Collector’s Tool Box

Roblox Collector’s Tool Box

This item is a brilliant idea for the figure storage box. The Roblox collector’s toolbox will look gorgeous on the display shelf. It will be the unique yet safe vessel to move the figures from one place to another. As one of the best gifts for Roblox lovers, you can send this toolbox as a gift to the little Roblox collector in your uncle’s house, and let them have their favorite ones inside the box.

#22 Avatar Shop Figure Set

Avatar Shop Figure Set

After giving them this unique figure set, we believe you will be any kid’s favorite person. This Avatar Shop Figure Set replicates the place in the video game where they can buy fabulous clothes and items. Now, they can customize their figure before displaying it on their study desk. An amazing gift for a Roblox lover in your life.

#23 Roblox Lover Phone Case

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If your kids just can’t leave their Roblox game for a long time, then you can amaze them in secret by changing their phone case to this Roblox phone case. It’s an excellent item from your active children with overflow energy. Moreover, it can protect their phone from hard objects and scratches. 

#24 Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Micro Plush Mystery Pack

Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Micro Plush Mystery Pack

Isn’t it fun to give a surprise inside a surprise? The mystery pack will bring out your special Roblox lovers’ excitement when opening the gift. You can find the cute design plushes by cracking the purple eggs. The three plush also provides three redeemable codes for exclusive virtual items. 

#25 Roblox Lovers Flannel Blanket

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This soft flannel blanket with Roblox design is suitable for all ages of Roblox fans. You can use the blanket when in bed, sofa, or couch. It’s washing machine friendly with anti-clumping filling and anti-tearing material. Last but not least, the blanket is long enough to cover your body in a relaxed position.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of Roblox around the world has created a huge fan base, which then followed by the launch of Roblox’s merchandise, collectibles and accessories. If you are looking for gifts for a Roblox fan, you don’t have to worry because there are lots of gift options to choose from. To help you with that, we have created a list of the most recommended gifts for Roblox lovers that will surely put a smile on their face. We believe the list will make sure you are inspired, and probably you will find a nice Roblox gift for yourself, too!

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What do you get someone who loves Roblox?

There are many things that you can give to Roblox lovers. If you have little Roblox lovers at home, you can provide accessories that match their preferences, such as a non-medical mask. If they are old enough to collect things, they will definitely love to have Roblox’s character figure as a present.

What to gift for a kid who likes Roblox?

You can give your Roblox lovers toys or other items that have Roblox designs on them. However, to engage them in creative activities, you can present Roblox books like “Where’s the Noob?”.  You can also give items to be used when they go to school, such as a Roblox backpack or tumbler.

What are the best Roblox gifts for girls?

Your girls will like the colorful macrame bracelet to go out with their friends. The pretty color bracelet might get their friends curious where to get it. The sweet Roblox lovers will also like the cute plush from the mystery pack. They can join the girls’ soft plushy collection in their rooms.

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