25 Creative Glamping Birthday Party Ideas To Create Unforgettable Memories

Glamping is a big hit today. It stands for “Glamorous Camping” and it offers people camping experiences that are fun, memorable and of course luxurious, perfect for birthday parties! The urban population becomes less attuned to the outdoors, so there is a growing desire for a connection to nature, which will bring back the childhood memories while camping with friends. Having an outdoor space, whether it’s your own backyard or apartment balcony, is actually an advantage because you can throw birthday parties there. Furthermore, you can throw a fun party based on the best Glamping birthday party ideas!

Glamping birthday party ideas will work for everyone, young or old. From your little baby’s first birthday party to the golden age of your parents’ 50th birthday party, there’s no better way to let loose and celebrate the special day than having a fun Glamping birthday party. If you’re looking for the some Glamping birthday party ideas, check out the list of 20 creative Glamping birthday party ideas that we have created for you.

1. Zig Zag Decor and White Tent

Zig Zag Decor and White Tent

The zig zag pattern creates an elegant and warm welcome to your Glamping birthday party. Decorate the white tent with LED light to give an intimate feel, and place zig zag cushion pillows and rug to create a perfect place to flock around. When the night comes, you can light up some candles to warm up the atmosphere. Without a doubt, you’ll have one of the most intimate Glamping birthday parties ever!

2. Night Party On Countryside

Night Party On Countryside

Ask your best friends to have an unforgettable Glamping birthday experience in the countryside. This is one of the memorable Glamping birthday ideas for those who love night parties and outdoor activities. In addition, each tent also offers a comfortable bed and pillows with balloons and also oil lamp decoration.

3. Glamping Dome Birthday Party

Close up shot of Geodesic Glamping Dome stage full of music instruments outdoors during sunny day

Thinking of having a concert at your Glamping birthday party? You can choose the best Glamping birthday party idea, which emphasizes the unique dome tent. Decorate your dome tent as if it were a real stage with musical instruments and some chairs for guests. Without a doubt, you’ll create a luxurious big concert. To accommodate more guests, open the half side of this dome tent, so people can watch this concert from outside.

4. WonderTent Night Glamping Party

WonderTent Night Glamping Party - wondertentparties
Source: pinterest (@wondertentparties)

If you want to get more inspirations to throw the best Glamping birthday party, then you can choose this one. The key to creating a WonderTent glamping birthday party is the warm interior design. Pick orange and white as the main color tones, and see how they will blend perfectly with the LED night lights. In addition, make sure you add comfortable beds with furry pillows and soft blankets to provide a comfortable place to chill out with your besties before bedtime.

5. Vibrant Coachella Birthday Party

Vibrant Coachella Birthday Party - Inspired By This
Source: pinterest (@Inspired By This)

Glamp it up! Who says you can only use the regular tent? Have this tent instead and have the fun excitement at your Glamping birthday party. Inspired by the Glamping experience at Coachella, the tent features colorful ropes with bells and cute hanging decorations. Inside the tent, you can also place little resin party chairs and tables, which come in various colors. In short, this is an ultimate glamping birthday party idea to celebrate with all of your favorite people.

6. Outdoor Glamping Party Decoration for Birthday Games

Outdoor Glamping Party Decoration for Birthday Games

If you are planning to have birthday games at your Glamping birthday party, then you should have great exterior decoration, and this idea will focus on the outside area of the tent. Decorate the yard with colorful pennant flags from the tent to the nearest tree. Moreover, you can place flower decorations to create a touch of a lively birthday party, too. To keep the game props, just simply hide it behind the table, which is covered by pink table cloth.

7. Bohemian Style Birthday Party

Bohemian Style Birthday Party

Welcome to the Bohemian Glamping birthday party! This is one of the unexpected birthday party ideas that includes everything you need for a fantastic weekend of bohemian style celebration. The boho chic teepee will be the main attraction of your birthday party. In addition, add a bohemian style picnic table with cushion seat and tableware for an amazing birthday lunch with family and friends. 

8. Unicorn Palette Glamping Party

Unicorn Palette Glamping Party - AZ Sleepy Teepee
Source: pinterest (@AZ Sleepy Teepee)

Unicorn palette is ready to color your Glamping birthday party! Fuchsia, golden yellow, navy, and turquoise are the main colors to radiate a unicorn palette perfectly. Therefore, all you need is to combine those 4 colors into any Glamping decorations. Pick 4 different colors for the tent’s balloon decoration, and place colorful pillow seats near the picnic table to make a vibrant and joyful birthday party atmosphere.

9. Glamping and Movie Night Party

Glamping and Movie Night Party - Instagram @fenixlive.it
Source: instagram (@fenixlive.it)

Glamping birthday party ideas that take place at night are always a good fit for movie night parties. Therefore, you should make your own room theater in the tent. Add comfortable beds for the VIP seats while watching the movie. In addition, you can also decorate your tent with tassels and rugs from recycled colorful fabrics to give cheerful vibes. Moreover, for extra fun and surprise you can also hang a pinata in front of your tent to entertain your guests. 

10. ROBLOX Sleepover Party

ROBLOX Sleepover Party - Instagram @enchantedeventsnola
Source: instagram (@enchantedeventsnola)

For kids who are addicted to Roblox, they are definitely going to love the Roblox Glamping birthday party ideas. The concept is inspired by the Roblox characters attending a Glamping birthday party, and let pink and purple latex balloons fill up the ceiling of the tent. Meanwhile, you can also place mini picnic trays with Roblox characters on the top. Last but not least, don’t forget to provide comfy Roblox cushions for your visitors to sit on, too.

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11. Board Sign To Personalized Glamping Party

Board Sign To Personalized Glamping Party

Board sign is an essential decor to make a statement at your Glamping birthday party. Therefore, a great board sign will definitely complete this Glamping birthday party idea. You should decorate it with artificial greenery and flowers to add nature vibes. Don’t forget to put flower decor near the board sign, which will making them more noticeable from a far. Then, you can write your name on the board using contrasting colors.

12. Rustic Magical Teepee Glamping Party

Rustic Magical Teepee Glamping Party - Instagram @sleepoverpartydirectoryuk
Source: instagram (@sleepoverpartydirectoryuk)

If you plan on having the ultimate birthday getaway, we’ve got you covered. Rustic themes make one of the greatest Glamping birthday party ideas. We recommend you to use the earth tone color for the tent and also decorations. In addition, birthday decorations such as rustic frames and tables, which adorn the peaceful glade tent, will definitely make you feel closer to the earth, too!

13. Baby Giraffe In The Zoo Outdoor Party

Baby Giraffe In The Zoo Outdoor Party - Instagram @thehappyglamperny
Source: instagram (@thehappyglamperny)

Get your own zoo for your Glamping birthday party! Although you can’t add the real zoo animals, you still can have animal balloon instead. Place the baby giraffe foil balloon next to the artificial rustic decorative plants. Inside the tent, you can also put the rattan mat and brown sofa, giving a zookeeper room atmosphere. Don’t forget the green balloon for extra greenery in your zoo. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the best Glamping birthday party ideas for animal lovers.

14. Alice In Wonderland Themed Costume Party

Alice In Wonderland Themed Costume Party - Instagram @sleepoverpartydirectoryuk
Source: instagram (@sleepoverpartydirectoryuk)

Make your little girl’s birthday party extra special with Alice in Wonderland Glamping party ideas. All she needs for this party is the perfect Alice In Wonderland costume. For the decoration, add some flowers and plants around the tend to give a Wonderland feel. Whether it takes to the woods or the field, this party idea is sure to please all of your little girl’s friends, who will become quite curious when they visit.

15. Garden Sleepover and Birthday Lunch Party

Garden Sleepover and Birthday Lunch Party - Instagram @catchmyparty
Source: instagram (@catchmyparty)

Are you dreaming of having a garden sleepover and birthday lunch outdoors on a bright sunny day? If so, you can choose Glamping birthday party ideas, which emphasize feminine colors like pink and lavender. Decorate your pink tent with balloons and flowers because they will create a bright and cheerful look. To accommodate more guests, place a long picnic table in front of the tent for you to have a meal together with the guests. In addition, bring seat cushions as well to add more comfort to your guests. 

16. Lumberjack Sleepover Birthday Party

Lumberjack Sleepover Birthday Party - Instagram @cabannas_party
Source: instagram (@cabannas_party)

Let your birthday party be something to talked about by your friends! If you like the beauty of the lumberjack house, this Glamping party theme will be perfect for you. You can put the lumber decor and welcome sign to give a warm farmhouse feel to the party. For a glamorous touch, decorate the tent with a luxury bed, which is super soft and comfortable. To make the birthday party lively, add the pennant flags at the curtain of the tent.

17. Pastel Tone Tent with Traditional Bohemian Interior 

Pastel Tone Tent with Traditional Bohemian Interior - Instagram @catchmyparty
Source: instagram (@catchmyparty)

Combine the luxurious bohemian interior with a casual pastel tone tent for your Glamping birthday party. Using the combination of pastel tone balloons for exterior and traditional interior, this is one of the creative fusion Glamping birthday party ideas in this list.  For a warm and fancy atmosphere inside the tent, place a Moroccan rug and pillows with a square table at the center.

18. Romantic Picnic Glamping Party

Romantic Picnic Glamping Party

Who says you can’t have a romantic picnic at your Glamping birthday party? Well, we guarantee that this is one of the most romantic Glamping birthday party ideas for you. The idea is to create a romantic candlelight picnic in front of the tent by placing 2 white tall taper candles inside the glass. Add some dishes, such as bread and fruits in bite size portions, so you can enjoy the meals easily. Moreover, don’t forget the glass for some beverages to liven up your party.

19. Lotus Belle Tent for Spacious Room Inside

Lotus Belle Tent for Spacious Room Inside - Instagram @wondrousglamping
Source: instagram (@wondrousglamping)

If you think that the basic triangle tent is boring, try to use a lotus tent for your Glamping birthday party. It makes one of the perfect Glamping birthday party ideas, which has a spacious room inside. It allows you to put a long happy birthday balloon inside the tent with other decorative ornaments, too. Moreover, you can place a larger bed for extra comfort during bedtime.

20. White Large Luxury Glamping Party Tent

White Large Luxury Glamping Party Tent

Create an unforgettable Glamping birthday party with your friends inside this luxurious tent! This is one of the largest camping tents available, with enough room for lots of people to stand. Each side of this tent has a transparent view covered with a luxurious curtain. You can have a party all night long while watching the moon and stars inside this huge tent. 

21. Indoor Teepee Sleepover Glamping

Indoor Teepee Sleepover Glamping
Source: Pinterest (@Kiara Jefferson)

For those looking for unique glamping birthday party ideas that incorporate a sleepover, you should consider indoor teepees! This type of indoor glamping is perfect if your girl’s birthday falls in the winter or rainy season, in which holding an outdoor party is not possible.

You can set up several teepees inside your girl’s bedroom or the main living room. Decorate it with LEDs and set up some comfy mattresses for her and her friends to roll around. Because you do it indoors, it is convenient and easy to set up!

22. Colorful Indoor Canopy

Colorful Indoor Canopy
Source: Pinterest (@prettylittledaydreams.com)

A birthday should be celebrated with bright and colorful decorations! Here is an idea: combine indoor glamping with fluffy plushies that come in rainbow colors. The combination of a frilly canopy and a ton of adorable dolls would create a wonderland vibe, perfect for your little princess.

Add extra flags and lighting to make the colorful plushies pop out. Set up some little tables and furnished them with flower petals for an extra touch. Your little girl would be mesmerized by such birthday decorations, and it will be a part that she will remember for years to come.

23. Arabian Glamping

Arabian Glamping
Source: Pinterest (@arabiantents.com)

Bring the magical oriental flavor to a birthday party using the Arabian-themed decoration! This type of glamping is characterized by one giant canopy tent and carpets! The floor should be covered by beautiful red and blue rugs with patterns unique to the middle east.

For the lightning, choose yellow to conjure a sandy desert scenery. If you prefer a Moroccan vibe, you may also add extra pillows! Tons of fluffy cushions and carpets would turn your girl’s birthday party into something out of 1001 Tales of Arabian Nights!

24. Modern Glamping with Camper Trailer

Modern Glamping with Camper Trailer
Source: Pinterest (@karaspartyideas.com)

Go the extra mile to create an unforgettable birthday party by glamping in a camper trailer! The best part about this type of glamping is that you can choose the site. Rent a camper, take it to the riverside or by the lake, and hold the party surrounded by nature.

Decorate the trailer with balloons and posters to light up the atmosphere. Of course, this type of modern outdoor glamping would be the best in summer or fall when it is sunny.

24. Glamping Tent with Giant Ballons Arch

Glamping Tent with Giant Ballons Arch
Source: Pinterest (@threelittleteepees.co)

A birthday is not complete without balloons. Even if you are celebrating an adult’s birthday, balloons are inseparable! Hence, going glamping would also need balloons. Of course, a simple balloon decoration will not do justice if it is an adult party.

You must take it to the next level by arranging the balloons into a giant arch to mark the tent’s entrance. Use giant-sized balloons to make the camp even more glamorous! The interior of the tent should also incorporate more balloons. There can’t be too many balloons if you want a fun party!

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