25 Gifts for Nerds To Cheer Them Up

Nerds or bookworms are often associated with high grades and an introvert who is always going anywhere with their books. A Gift for nerds is needed to cheer them up, especially after they have gone on a long reading session that surely will take a toll on their bodies.

Gifts for nerds are usually associated with science, knowledge, and books. Even though they are often labeled as introverts, they still have hearts and will feel happy if they receive a gift.

What Is A Nerdy Person?

A nerdy person or a bookworm is someone who is always going with a book wherever they go. They stick like glue has been greased in their heart with the book. How to give the kinds of gifts for nerds is quite tricky because they tend to be shy.

What Do Nerds Like?

Nerds do like books and calmness more than anything. So, don’t forget to give them special gifts for nerds that will make them happy and help their activity with their book.

BEST Gifts for Nerds – Our 3 Best Picks

T-shirt for NerdCoffee Mug for NerdAccessory for Nerd
Nerds Funny Shirt“Yes I’m A Nerd” MugKeychain
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Unique Gifts for Nerds That Satisfy Every Geeky

1. Math Stick Figures Shirt

gifts for nerds

Gifts for nerds are usually associated with math and science. The shirt contains various functions in math. The hands act as a y value. For example, a quadratic function will make the hand shaped like a parabolic shape, while a positive absolute function will make the hand look stretched to the top only.

2. “Hey Nerd I Love You” Keychain

2. Hey Nerd I Love You Keychain

Is your spouse or significant other a nerd or a bookworm? You can express your love with these kinds of gifts for nerds. “Hey Nerd I Love You” is A simple statement that will change their whole mood for a day and sure will make your love for them much stronger than before.

3. Book and Coffee Lover Sweatshirt

gifts for nerds

Nerds and coffee lovers in one? These kinds of gifts for nerds will suit them perfectly. A shirt to warm their day while they are relaxing by drinking coffee and reading a novel. There is no wonder that they will be happy even if it is hard to express it.

4. Nerds Funny Shirt

gifts for nerds

Nerds who love a physics book will surely like this shirt. May the force be equal to mass times acceleration is an equation of force from Newton’s second law in classical physics. Also, may the force be with you is an expression to support or love someone. Gifts for nerds like these are great for your physicist friend.

5. Schrodinger’s Cat In A Box

gifts for nerds

Schrodinger’s cat is a famous paradox and experimental thought in physics besides Maxwell’s demon. Schrodinger’s cat is a fundamental explanation to someone who wants to know how quantum physics works. The cat can be dead and alive at the same time, reflecting the superposition in quantum physics. A theoretical physicist would gladly accept these kinds of gifts for nerds, especially after they solve a five-page equation.

6. Chemistry Coloring Book for Kids

gifts for nerds

Do you still have a nerd personality even when you have kids? Good for you, you can teach them to love science books like this one. The chemistry coloring book is one step to make your child or your friend’s child become a bookworm or science lover.

7. Notebook: Liberal Conspiracy

gifts for nerds

For a science lover, this notebook is a must-have to own. Science is a natural phenomenon while math is its language. Gifts for nerds like this notebook are great for your friend who is majoring in physics or chemistry.

8. Funny Coffee

gifts for nerds

A mug to accompany nerds in their reading sessions are such perfect gifts for nerds that must be sent to them at all costs. The statement I love big books and I can not lie is best to represent their love for their books.

9. The Bookworm by Carl Spitzweg Framed Wall Art Print

gifts for nerds

Nerds who love art should have this picture in their house. The picture contains a person who has a ton of books in his library. That sounds like heaven for nerds and bookworms who love to read many books.

10. “Try Science” T-shirt

gifts for nerds

These gifts for nerds will make a nerd not only look like a chemistry lover but also look brave because of its stand-back statement in the t-shirt. The Erlenmeyer, safety goggles, and measurement glass surely represent a chemistry lab. A person who loves to stay in the chemistry lab should have this cool t-shirt.

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11. “Love Equation” T-shirt

gifts for nerds

All you need is love statement which is symbolized by mathematical functions such as 1/x, circle, absolute, and trigonometrical are such perfect gifts for nerds. If you have a mathematician that hasn’t found his love yet, don’t hesitate to give this t-shirt to him.

12. Great Women Of Science Pint Glass

gifts for nerds

Science’s invention and discovery are not only for men but also for women. Marie Curie is one of the best examples. The glass has a picture that contributes greatly to science, therefore that satisfies the requirement of gifts for nerds, especially if the receiver is a woman. It will encourage her to pursue science.

13. Earth & Moon Hoop Earrings

gifts for nerds

A nerdy woman looks good with this earring. Give her this, and your love will be stronger. The perfect time to give her this is when you are on an anniversary with her or valentine’s day.

14. Historic Cartoons Box Set

gifts for nerds

A nerd person does not only like books but also pictures as well. If they are bored with a history book, these cartoon box sets which are great gifts for nerds will awaken their motivation again to read history books.

15. Magnetic Bookmark

gifts for nerds

Bookworms tend to stick with a book at all times. If they are a sleepy reader, they would need a bookmark, so they don’t forget the page when they accidentally fall asleep. What a great gift for nerds that is not only useful for them but also sarcastically tells them not to fall asleep.

16. Earth Science Tumbler

Earth Science Tumbler

Astronomers who are also nerdy should have this tumbler when they are reading in the observatory, so when they are thirsty, they can read from this tumbler that has an astronomy theme to it.

17. Funny Bookworm T-shirt

A Day Without Reading Is Like.. Funny Bookworm Tshirt

A day without reading is painful for a nerd. The t-shirt suits them because they are usually shy and don’t talk often. These kinds of gifts for nerds will express their ideas and principles.

 18. Blue Q Women’s Novelty Crew Socks

Blue Q Women's Novelty Crew Socks

This pair of socks is perfect for women. If your spouse or girlfriend is a bookworm, you should give them this as a gift. Without a doubt, they will smile or laugh a bit because the pair of socks represents them so much.

19. USB Rechargeable Book Light

USB Rechargeable Book Light For Reading In Bed

Reading in the dark absolutely will hurt your eyes. The book light will help you read at night. A nocturnal or bookworm that is active in the night will appreciate these kinds of gifts for nerds. It will help them read more at night.

20. “Yes I’m A Nerd” Funny Mug

Yes I’m A Nerd Funny Gift Mug For Nerds

Again, a nerd is usually shy and can’t express themselves easily. The mug will help them represent what they truly feel. Such cool gifts for nerds will make them enjoy their drinks after a reading session.

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21. “Born On Pi Day” Mug

Born On Pi Day Cup

Do you have a friend whose birthday is on 14th March? Because pi is usually meant 3.14, so March 14 is known as pi day. Who else would care about this day? Only a nerdy person would care. The mug will become the perfect gifts for nerds on their birthday.

22. Serotonin Necklace

Serotonin Necklace

Serotonin is one of the neuro-chemicals in the brain that act with other neuro-chemicals. If you have less serotonin, then you are prone to depression and sadness. A psychiatry nerd will love to wear a necklace.

23. NERD Trucker Hat

NERD Trucker Hat

A stylish outfit still works for a nerd. The cap will represent your smartness and intelligence which you get from reading tons of books. Such great gifts for nerds, especially when they want to read in the sunny place.

24. Nerdy Spoon

Drink Tea Read Books Be Happy

Plain spoon that is only used to eat is not interesting at all. The “drink tea read book be happy” statement makes it the kind of gifts for nerds that are also tea lovers. The spoon will also make a good reliever after a bad day.

25. Bookworm Canvas Painting

Bookworm Canvas Painting

The painting is a masterpiece of art that has a nerdy theme on it. If you have a friend or family that is a bookworm that needs a painting to decorate their room, these kinds of gifts for nerds will do the job.

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