30 Best Gifts for Bookworms that They Would Love

We all have friends or family who love to read and possess lots of books at home. It’s definitely no harm to call them our favorite bookworms. With lots of books, they will surely appreciate things to complete their book collections, or things that will be a nice addition or decoration to their bookshelf.

If you have a special bookworm in your life and currently looking for the perfect gift for that special person, then you better stick around. Here, you might find the most suitable gifts for bookworms that he or she will love. Whether it’s a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or graduation, we have rounded up 30 gifts for bookworms that will give you ideas and inspiration in choosing the best gift for a special bookworm in your life, as below.

1. LED Reading Desk Dimmable Lamp

LED Reading Desk Dimmable Lamp

Nighttime is a good time for bookworms to read their favorite books. A good reading light is one thing that they need to read before bed. Your favorite bookworm will fall in love with this LED Reading Desk Dimmable Lamp. Not only because of the functionality of the lamp, but also because of the sleek and simple design. 

2. Reading Log Book Journal for Bookworms

Reading Log Book Journal

Allow your favorite bookworm to have a proper reading log by choosing this great Reading Log Book Journal as a special book lover gift. This 108 pages journal includes a table of contents with columns for book title, date recorded and also page. Definitely one of the best gifts for bookworms.

3. Fell Asleep Here Magnetic Bookmark

Fell Asleep Here Magnetic Bookmark

Every bookworm must have experienced a situation where they fall asleep in the middle of reading a good novel. So, why not give your favorite bookworm this adorable leather bookmark as a gift? Looking at what is written on the front side, this Fell Asleep Here Magnetic Bookmark is definitely one of the cutest gifts for bookworms.

4. Reading Family Shelf Sculpture

Reading Family Shelf Sculpture

A bookworm’s bookshelf is finally complete with these cuties being part of the shelf’s decoration. This Reading Family Shelf Sculpture is something that needs to be part of your favorite’s bookworm’s too, for sure. Made of copper wire with a clear coat, you can choose the sculpture in a set of 2 to 5 family members. 

5. Novel Tea Book Tins for Bookworms

Novel Tea Book Tins

A cup of tea is a nice reading companion for a bookworm. So we can almost be certain that a bookworm will be thrilled to have a Novel Tea Book Tin, which was inspired by a classic novel design with a punny tea-lover’s twist. Surprise your special bookworm, who loves to enjoy reading a good novel accompanied by a good tea in a lovely afternoon, with this unique gift.

6. Magnetic Bookmarks with Inspirational Quotes

Magnetic Bookmarks with Inspirational Quotes

Bookmarks are great gifts for bookworms, because more books means more bookmarks are needed. Therefore, these lovely magnetic bookmarks will be the perfect gifts for your favorite bookworm. These bookmarks are designed with inspirational quotes. Each pack comes with 36 bookmarks and 6 encouraging quotes in calming colors.

7. BOOK Bookends for Bookworms

BOOK Bookends

A nice set of bookends with a unique design can add a different touch to your favorite bookworm’s bookshelf. This set of black “BOOK” sculptured metal bookends will add a touch of industrial design to any of your favorite bookworm’s room. Whether it’s a room with modern or contemporary style, this item fits all.

8. EBTOOLS Wooden Jewelry Box

EBTOOLS Wooden Jewelry Box

Bookworms usually love vintage stuff. That’s why this Wooden Jewelry Box will be the perfect box to keep your favorite bookworm’s jewelry safe and sound. This box can also be a piece-of-art that looks perfect as a room decoration, whether it’s a living room or bedroom. 

9. Solid Wood Book Stand

gifts for bookworms

If you think that this is a cutting board, well.. you’re not entirely wrong. This is a Solid Wood Book Stand that comes in a unique form of a kitchen cutting board. If you have a special bookworm who also loves to cook, this is one of the best gifts out there. This stand is perfect to hold a cookbook while cooking in the kitchen. Moreover, it can also hold a tablet that shows recipes on an e-cookbook while you cook.

10. Ihopes Always Fully Booked Tote Bag

Ihopes Always Fully Booked Tote Bag

Your favorite bookworm’s visit to the bookstore is going to be exciting with this funny tote bag. This item will be a cute bag to bring the newly-bought books home. Made of 100% natural material, this tote bag is softer than canvas, and more durable, too!  

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11. Funny Bookworms Pillow Case Cushion

Funny Book Lover Pillow Case Cushio

A true bookworm needs this funny pillow case to be a nice book-ish decoration to a living room, bedroom, or simply any room at home. The “Go Away I’m Reading” message definitely makes a statement in the room. What a perfect gift to show the true identity of a true book lover. 

12. Bookworms Bracelet

Book Lover Bracelet

Your sweetest bookworm deserves this lovely Book Lover Bracelet as a special gift. Made of stainless steel and zinc alloy, this bracelet is super adorable and also durable. Featuring four charms that include the “I Love Books” and “So Many Books, So Little Time” charms, this bracelet is clearly one of the most precious gifts for bookworms.

13. LED Lamp Book

LED Lamp Book

Looking for a special gift for bookworms that can be used for many years to come? We highly recommend this LED Lamp Book. This item is the perfect lamp that a bookworm must have in his or her bedroom. With the shape of a book, this lamp can be shaped as a round or half circle, and will effectively protect your special bookworm’s eyes with 3 light colors, which are warm light, white light, and warm white. 

14. Di Capanni Book Infinity Scarf


Who would have thought that this Di Capanni Book Infinity Scarf can look so fashionable and sleek like this? If you have a special bookworm who also loves fashion, then this is the perfect gift for her. Made of silky feel fabric, this scarf is perfect for casual or formal outfit. Moreover, it can also be worn around the neck in one long circle or wrapped twice as desired.

15. Blue Q Women’s Novelty Crew Socks

Blue Q Women’s Novelty Crew Socks

You know that reading a good novel can take hours, right? Therefore, it’s a good idea to give these Blue Q Women’s Novelty Crew Socks as a gift for your dear bookworm friend. Your friend would love to spend the night reading her favorite novel while making sure her feet stays warm. Made of soft fabric. These socks are one of the cutest gifts for bookworms. 

16. Book Stand for Reading in Bed

Book Stand for Reading in Bed

Make sure your favorite bookworm gets this portable book stand from you as a thoughtful gift. Made of bamboo wood, this book stand is perfect for reading in bed as it features an ergonomic book support that can free the hands while reading. Being a lightweight book stand, your favorite can surely use this to read in bed, on a couch, or even on a poolside chair. 

17. Books Travel Mug for Bookworms

Books Travel Mug

This classic Books Travel Mug will be an item that your special bookworm brings everywhere, not just to keep him dehydrated, but also to show his true love for books and reading. Made of premium stainless steel, this travel mug is also vacuum sealed that can hold hot or cold beverages up to 12 hours.

18. Non-Skid Bookend

gifts for bookworms

Any bookworm will fall in love with this elegant bookend that will surely look perfect on a bookshelf or a working desk. This Non-Skid Bookend won’t mar the surface of any shelf or desk at all. With slightly rounded corners, this bookend will not scratch books and will be a perfect piece of decoration. 

19. Abibliophobia Bookworms T-Shirt

Abibliophobia T-Shirt

Since books are part of a bookworm’s most important things in life, it definitely makes sense to give this Abibliophobia T-Shirt as a gift for your special bookworm. As one of the most recommended gifts for bookworms, you can choose the best color of shirt that suits your favorite bookworm’s personality the most. 

20. IOULOVE Natural Wood Bookmarks

IOULOVE Natural Wood Bookmarks

A bookworm who loves nature will be super happy to have these adorable Natural Wood Bookmarks as a gift, whether it’s for birthday, graduation, or Christmas. Made of natural wood with smooth finish, each of these bookmarks will make an elegant work of art that features a light smell of natural wood. 

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21. Cartoon Books Enamel Pin

Cartoon Books Enamel Pin

Look at these cute little enamel pins! These Cartoon Books Enamel Pins will look so cute in your favorite bookworm’s bag, shirt, sweatshirt, or anything she likes. Comes in a set of 9 pins about books, these pins will be a super cute gift for your sweet bookworm. Made of high-quality zinc alloy, these pins are undoubtedly strong and sturdy.

22. Pride and Prejudice Book Bag

gifts for bookworms

This Pride and Prejudice Book Bag will be a sophisticated piece of bag for your favorite bookworm, which will definitely become one of her most precious gifts. Made of faux leather, PU, and vegan leather, this unique bag features adorable cover and a d-rings, which allows it to be worn as a crossbody bag, not just as a clutch.

23. The Library – Bookish Soy Candle

gifts for bookworms

The best kind of smells for bookworms include the smell of old books and the smell of the library that makes them feel ‘hungry’ for new books. To create the unique ambience of the library to your favorite bookworm’s room, why not give her this Bookish Soy Candle as a gift? Featuring the smell of Chamomile Calm with woods, muck amber and vanilla, this candle smells just like the library. 

24. Wood Book Page Holder

gifts for bookworms

Allow your favorite bookworm to stay focused when reading favorite books by making sure the thumb is where it should be, which is in this Thumb Page Holder or Wood Book Page Holder. These wooden holders are designed to make it easier for your bookworm to open the book’s page with one hand, while the other hand is holding a cup of tea or coffee. 

25. Personalized Book Locket Necklace

gifts for bookworms

If you’re looking for a special gift for your special bookworm, we highly recommend this Personalized Book Locket Necklace, since this is probably one of the most precious gifts for bookworms. The book-shaped pendant isn’t just amazingly beautiful, it can also include two of your precious photos and your special message printed on a rustic piece of paper. 

26. Books Library Multicolor Dangle

gifts for bookworms

Make sure your special bookworm stays stylish by giving her these beautiful Books Library Multicolor Dangle as a special gift. This pair of earrings has a sleek, modern design that will look perfect in any attire, both casual and formal, for any occasion. Made of alloy of steel, brazz, and zinc, this pair of earrings are handmade items, which make it super precious.

27. Personalized Bookmark

gifts for bookworms

We just can’t get enough of bookmarks, and this time we are recommending these adorable personalized bookmarks that can include the engraving of your favorite bookworm’s initials. Available in various soft and sweet colors, these bookmarks are made of vegan leather that guarantees durability.

28. Just One More Chapter Mug

gifts for bookworms

Since coffee and tea are two of bookworm’s best friends, a unique mug is considered as one of the best gifts for bookworms. So, if you’re looking for the best gift for your special bookworm, you can pick this sweet and personalized mug that will keep him accompanied when he reads. To add a personal touch, you can also add your personal message on the mug. 

29. ALYLY Vintage Wooden Napkin Holder

gifts for bookworms

What else can we say, this Vintage Wooden Napkin Holder is a perfect camouflage of books that your favorite bookworm must have on a bookshelf or a study desk. This tissue box is also the perfect decoration in any room, either living room or bedroom, and also in the office.

30. Devil’s Hand Bookmark

gifts for bookworms

If your favorite bookworm loves to read mystery novels, there’s no better choice of gift than this Devil’s Hand Bookmark. As one of the most unique gifts for bookworms, this handbook imitates the shape of a hand with long nails, offering a sense of mystery and uniqueness. Made of resin materials, this bookmark features a realistic appearance.

Final Thoughts

The best way to pick the perfect gift for a special bookworm in your life is to look for items that can make their reading routines more comfortable, or something that can show how much they love reading to others. Giving special gifts is a sweet gesture that will make someone’s day, therefore choosing the best gifts will require your thoughtfulness to find the perfect one to put a smile on that person’s face. We hope you find the best gift that you are looking for from our list!

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