25 Great Gifts for Your Yoga Teachers

Yoga is one of the most well-known exercises you could do by yourself and in a team. If you are doing it in a group, Yoga usually has one specific instructor or teacher that leads the movements. For their guidance, our Yoga teachers deserve to be pampered with gifts. It is a symbol of appreciation for their teachings.

When choosing a gift for Yoga teachers, you have to consider their personalities. Some people may prefer a specific design or colors. Thus, we have created this recommendation list to help you choose the loveliest gifts for your yoga teachers. We have divided the items into unique categories for easier shopping!

Personalized Gifts for Yoga Teachers

Your yoga teacher will appreciate a personalized gift. After all, it is more memorable and shows that you sincerely care. Put some thoughts into your item selection! You can engrave memorable quotes, choose custom colors, or add unique attributes. Here are some items we have summarized, which you can personalize by your orders!

#1 Accessory Bag for Yoga Teacher

No yoga teacher would reject this awesome accessory bag. It is made of brushed cotton canvas and is mainly used for makeup accessories. Furthermore, you can personalize the printed words. If your Yoga teacher is a woman, this bag is the perfect gift because it is elegant and practical.

#2 Friends-themed Yoga Teacher Shirt 

Your yoga teachers may know this shirt! After all, it features the familiar font design from a classic Friends series. It also includes the lovely tagline I’ll Be There for You. Hence, we know we strongly recommend this item because of its familiarity. 

This gift will be perfect for your yoga teacher, who loves the series. Does she like Chandler, Ross, or Joey? The shirt uses high-quality material, so it is very comfortable to wear. 

#3 Lotus Lantern for for Yoga Teacher

This elegant and refined wooden lantern will be one of the best gifts you could give to your beloved yoga teacher. The design of the beautiful blooming lotus will amaze your instructor with its elegance. Furthermore, you can personalize this gift too by asking the seller to engrave custom quotes on the lantern!

#4 Cat Yoga Mat

Made of microfiber, suede, and rubber, this cute and precious yoga mat with an ombre color will be the right gift for your yoga teacher. The yoga mat with cute cat pictures is another level for those yoga teachers who are also cat lovers. It is made with excellent quality materials and offers some customization too!

#5 Yoga Mat Holder Hooks

Those who have a yoga mat will need these hooks, and your yoga teacher will certainly appreciate this gift. This sturdy metal hook can fit heavier mats. After all, it is designed to hold a mat up to 6 inches in diameter.

It also has three different tiers for the heights, and the color can be changed according to order and personalization. Surprise your yoga teacher with this hook!

#6 Meditate Bath Melt

Bath melt has been such a hit recently! Hence, the vegan melt bath here will be the best thing your yoga teacher will get as a cute-shaped gift. Thanks to the relaxing juniper berry, Chamomile, and Frankincense, these beautiful bath melts will improve awareness. 

The melts will also reduce anxiety and enhance emotional well-being. It is affordable, can be personalized, and of course, a heartful gift you can give!

#7 Custom Mug for Yoga Teacher

There is nothing more beautiful than a unique personalized mug for a gift to your yoga teacher. This elegant piece of drinkware is perfect for your yoga teacher because of its design. You can add a memorable quote or their name on the mug to create a lovely unique gift for them. An excellent idea to express how much you appreciate their teaching.

#8 Lotus Flower Doormat

A custom nice doormat will also be a lovely gift for your yoga teacher. This doormat can be personalized according to your order. They have so many color options for you. In addition, it comes in four different sizes. This one really reminds us of a yoga mat, so your teacher will love it!

#9 Lotus Bookmarker for Yoga Teacher

This Lotus bookmarker can be an undeniably charming and memorable gift for your yoga teacher. They use copper, but you can order it in custom colors. As a bookmarker, this one is different from others because of the personalization option. You can ask the craftsman to shape the bookmark to spell out your teacher’s name!

Unique Gifts for Yoga Teachers

It is important to choose unique items for your Yoga teacher! After all, instructors need to stand out and be different from the others. Furthermore, we don’t want to give our beloved people regular items, do we? And so, we have collected yoga-related items in unique designs that will impress your favorite yoga teacher!

#10 Tree Pose Candle Holder

We strongly recommend this candle holder with a unique design of the Vrksasana pose as a gift for your yoga teacher. It is also an excellent gift for those obsessed with aromatic candles. Furthermore, the design reminds us of the most well-known yoga pose, the tree pose (Vriksasana). 

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#11 Tree Pose Wooden Cutting Board

Not only us, but your yoga teacher also needs a nicely crafted wooden cutting board for those veggies and fruits in the kitchen. You should get one for your yoga teacher because the board features the Tree pose design! Because of its unique shape, this wooden cutting board is also perfect as a serving board. 

#12 Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffuser Love Essential Oil Diffuse

Unlike most essential oil diffuser gifts we usually buy, this one is vintage and mystical by design. The floral motifs in the frame will amaze your yoga teacher. The diffuser features an auto shut-off system, is super quiet, and has 4 timer settings. Your yoga teacher will absolutely love this mystical-looking oil diffuser! 

#13 Buckwheat Yoga Pillow

Buckwheat Yoga Pillow

The next is this pillow which has 6 color options. It is made of buckwheat, a comfy gift for your yoga teacher. It is common for yogis to use this pillow for yoga exercises to enhance their posture and balance. This is indeed a suitable gift for your yoga teacher. Furthermore, it uses buckwheat that does not have bugs in it.

#14 Ceramic Yoga Pose Figurine

OmWell Ceramic Yoga Pose Figurine

One of the adorable gifts for a yogi, including your yoga teacher, is this lovely set of posing statues. It will remind them of the yoga poses. The unique ceramic figurines will also enhance your teacher’s room decoration to the next level.

#15 Scented Candles Gift Pack

Scented Candles Gift Pack

The yoga exercise must be done in a soothing, peaceful, and calming atmosphere. You can create such moods through these scented candles, which would also make a nice gift for your yoga teacher. The set comes in 4 different lovely scents, Spring, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean Figs. Furthermore, the candles come in a colorful and pretty design, making them the perfect decoration for the yoga classroom.

#16 Yoga Equipment Set

BalanceFrom GoYoga Set

If you need a new perfect yoga set as a gift, here’s one of our recommendations, the GoYoga brand! You can give it to your yoga teachers. It has a 7-piece set that includes a yoga mat with a carrying strap, yoga blocks, a hand towel, and other yoga-related items. The items also feature slip and moisture resistance, perfect for your teacher who needs a new set!

#17 Bamboo Lotus Serving Board

If you would like to win over the heart of your yoga teacher, you should choose this super unique bamboo serving board. It comes in a lotus-shaped design that will look pretty in the dining room. The lotus-shaped serving board is appropriate because the flower symbolizes yoga and meditation.

#18 Athletic Yoga Ball

This big bouncy yoga ball would be a lovely gift for your yoga teacher! With this gray anti-burst ball, you can show your appreciation and seriousness about learning yoga. The ball itself will help to improve balance, flexibility, and overall coordination. It is lightweight and comes with a slip-resistant PVC surface. Perfect item for a yogi!

#19 Yoga Flamingo Ornaments

These quirky flamingo figurines doing yoga poses are something that eccentric yoga teachers would like as a gift. Made of high-quality polyresin, these posing flamingos are made with details in mind. Don’t you think it’s rare to see this kind of ornament shaped like this? Your yoga teacher will be surprised!

#20 Absorbent Yoga Towel

This one is a nicely designed towel that absorbs the moisture around and could be a perfect gift for your yoga teacher. It is essential to bring a yoga towel, so you don’t slip. This one is anti-slip and amazingly made using anti-bacterial fabric. The lovely colors of this towel will surely make your yoga teacher happy.  

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#21 Ceramic LED Incense Burner

Ceramic symbolizes ethereal beauty, and this incense burner is absolutely a charming gift, just like your mindful yoga teacher. Furthermore, this incense burner has an LED and is designed to be elegant and charming. This is a must-have for your beloved yoga teacher. They can put it to decorate their yoga room for a relaxing atmosphere!

#22 Herbal Green Tea Kit

You can always beat a tiring day with a calming and relaxing herbal tea! Hence, you should get one for your teacher to cheer them up. This holistic tea set invites you to sip from an array of nine herbs and three varieties of green tea from Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. The ingredients also include rose petals, lavender, chamomile, blue mallow, hibiscus, and more!

#23 Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

The wellness aromatic bracelet is a nice gift for your yoga teacher. This beautiful crystal bracelet is an essential oil diffuser, a simple, beautiful gift for the beloved instructor. You just add a few drops of essential oil to your bracelet, and there you go, a lovely smelling bracelet is yours! Great idea for your next yoga teacher’s birthday, isn’t it?   

#24 Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

The next is this chic duffle bag, a simply fantastic gift for your yoga teacher. These bags are incredibly well made and durable with high-quality canvas, so they are perfect for daily use. The leather they use is man-made, so it is cruelty-free and vegan. In any case, this thing will be a lovely gift for your yoga teacher.

#25 Three-in-one Yoga Gift Set

Last but not least, here we have the affordable and perfect 3-in-1 gift for those beloved yoga teachers. The gift set consists of a wooden table clock with yoga figurines, craft tea, and 3 cork coasters. This one can be personalized depending on your request, so this gift will be one of the greatest personal gifts you could give to your yoga teacher!

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What are the best personalized yoga gifts for yoga teachers?

Many yoga-related gifts can be personalized. For example, yoga towels and mug items are typical for yoga teachers. The best-personalized one for the present is the 3-in-1 gift. It contains 3 things that can be personalized (especially the clock with the yoga figurine poses).

What are the best and unique yoga gifts for yoga teachers?

The best and unique gift for a yoga teacher should include something with a quirky design. For example, the funny animal figurine doing yoga poses, the flamingo, would be a delightful gift for your teacher. Other unique items include the scent-diffusing bracelet. It looks simple yet very stylish. The lovely scent from the bracelet will help the teacher relax while doing some yoga exercises.

How do you appreciate a yoga teacher?

The best way to appreciate your yoga teacher is to show how serious you are taking yoga classes. If you put your effort into it, the teacher will be happy to see you taking their lesson seriously. Furthermore, kind words and presents are also excellent to express your appreciation. Find out the best items that you can buy for your yoga teacher here!

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