25 Unique Yoga Gifts for Every Yogi 

We all know that practicing Yoga brings positivity into our life. Not only that it can boost our immune system that keeps our mind and body healthy, but it also good for our mental health. For that reason, more and more people are starting to practice Yoga on a regular basis these days. If you have a dear friend or family who is a Yogi, a nick name for someone who practice Yoga, then you might want to give that person a special and memorable Yoga gift.

If you want to know what gifts are best for a special Yogi in your life, stay tune because we have a huge list of items that you and every Yogi in the world would love to own. And no, we’re not only recommending the basic yoga equipment only. Instead, we will share other Yoga gift ideas that can be used every day. After all, the best gift for a Yogi is the one that can be useful for them, right?

Unique Yoga Gifts

This first category contains various unique gift recommendations that might assist you in choosing the perfect item for a Yogi. If you plan on buying something for a Yogi who happens to be yourself? Don’t worry, because we got you covered, too!

1. Yoga Sequence Journal

Yoga Sequence Journal

A yoga sequence journal is a thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to improve their Yoga skill. Filled with 50 yoga class theme concepts and a Yoga key with 60 essential postures, this journal will perfectly gather inspiration for your sequences. Buy it now so that you can plan your own Yoga class immediately.

2. Falsa Yoga Blanket

Falsa Yoga Blanket

To help with difficult Yoga poses, a Yogi often uses this Yoga blanket as a soft support. Moreover, this blanket makes Yogis stay warm when they are meditating or simply curling up on the sofa at night. This blanket comes in several adorable colors, so that you can choose whatever would fit best for the person you want to gift.

3. Yoga Pipeman Lamp

Yoga Pipeman Lamp

We all know that light is one of the most important things that will affect the ambiance in our room. So why not give a vintage Yoga pipeman lamp to your Yogi friends? Equipped with a bluetooth speaker feature, this lamp surely is a great companion to do Yoga!

4. Sun Salutation Print

Sun Salutation Print

Have you ever wondered how Yogis start their morning? Without a doubt, Yogis start their morning with sun salutation. Being a morning ritual for Yogis, having this printable of sun salutation asanas would be a nice Yoga gift, which will be a good wall art. Present this minimalist art to a Yogi in your life, and they will definitely show you kind gratitude, just like the intention of this ritual.

5. Ayurveda-Inspired Chocolate

Ayurveda-Inspired Chocolate

If your Yogi friend is a food lover but you’re not sure about what kind of food that she would love, then this chocolate will definitely end your doubt. Comes in a set of 5 bars with different flavors, this healthy chocolate set will be a perfect gift to give to a Yogi on special occasion.

6. Yoga-Themed Tea Coasters

Yoga-Themed Tea Coasters

If you are currently searching for a unique Yoga-related homeware gift for your mom, then these tea coasters might help you. These coasters feature different Yoga poses on each piece, which your mom would adore. So let your mom enjoy her me-time while sipping a cup of tea accompanied by this coaster set.

7. Yoga Funny Sloth T-shirt

Yoga Funny Sloth T-shirt

Every Yogi would want to own this funny yet cute t-shirt. With sloth and sarcastic words design, your Yogi friend will definitely laughing when she received this t-shirt from you. All in all, this is a simple and comfy outfit to wear, so you won’t regret buying this item.

8. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

A singing bowl set should be on your list if you want to get a Yogi a meaningful and thoughtful gift. In case you didn’t know, this bowl is used in a meditation session as it produces healing sounds. Moreover, it will make an incredible decoration as it features a very artsy design.

9. Yoga Dice

Yoga Dice

A challenger Yogi must love to receive a Yoga dice. Each wooden cube represents a different pose, which make this dice an interesting gift for a special Yogi in your life who want to add some fun to their Yoga session. You can use this cube if you are doing Yoga with your friends, and try to succeed every pose from each dice that you roll.

10. Green Herbal Tea Kit

Green Herbal Tea Kit

Tea is a comfort drink for a Yogi because it will soothe their body, and immediately make them feel more relaxed. Get this tea kit that includes nine herbs and three varieties of green tea for your loved one. By doing so, it means that you already make a pure act to help them in reducing their stress level.

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11. Yoga Coloring Book

Yoga Coloring Book

Want to learn more about Yoga but you’re currently in a lazy mode? We got you! Just pick your favorite pencil color and open this Yoga anatomy coloring book. After that, you will have a deeper understanding about the things that you have not learned before. Why so? Because coloring this book will help you remember the form and function of each Yoga pose.

12. Alexia Meditation Seat

Alexia Meditation Seat

Yoga is all about breathing and posture, and this meditation seat is ergonomically designed to correct posture, so it will an essential aid for someone who started Yoga to fix her posture. Handcrafted using high quality materials, this seat is a worthwhile gift for your friend or child who is struggling to sit up straight.

13. Illustrated Yoga Sequencing Cards

 Illustrated Yoga Sequencing Cards

Consider giving a special Yogi in your life this sequencing cards as a gift. Aside from being a Yoga pose dictionary, you can also line up some of these cards to make your own Yoga sequence to practice. Plus, the design is exquisite so it’s pleasurable for your eyes to linger on.

14. Meditation Box

Meditation Box

Write down your favorite quote or anything that can reduce your anxiety by using this meditation box while taking a deep breath. Filled with fine grains of sand, you can write on this box over and over until you feel slightly better. Don’t worry, no one will find out what you wrote here so your secret is safe.

Yoga Gifts for Her

Some of you may be aware that Yogis are mostly women. Hence, we created a special list of things that every woman Yogi would love.

15. Candle Grow Kit

Candle Grow Kit

Scent is crucial for many women, let alone when they are doing Yoga. But this is more than just a candle, because you can reuse the cute ceramic vessel for a planter. You can buy this candle for a woman Yogi who also loves to plant. And she, for sure, will be thrilled.

16. Mindful Breathing Necklace

Mindful Breathing Necklace

Men often give a woman jewelry as a symbol of affection, because women love this romantic kind of thing. As a result, we recommend you to get this necklace for your girlfriend or wife. Because the form of this necklace is designed to reduce anxiety. Without a doubt, she will not only see you only as a romantic person, but also a pure and caring man.

17. Pampering Yoga Gift Set

Pampering Gift Set

What every woman wants after doing Yoga is a long bath session. Giving this gift set to her is one way to fulfill her desire. Containing a soy candle, shower streamer, body oil, soap bar, and a lip balm, this kit will complete her stay-at-home spa.

Yoga Gifts for Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher is a person who plays a big role in learning Yoga. So try to surprise them with any of the gifts below, which will be a nice way of saying thank you to them.

18. Yoga Printed Pencil

Yoga Printed Pencil

Even though a Yoga teacher doesn’t teach you how to read and write, giving this pencil set to your yoga teacher is still a brilliant idea. This is a set of 5 matte black pencils, which are stored in a clear plastic pouch. The finest quality wood of its material and its top notch jokes design must make their day!

19. Yoga Mug

Yoga Mug

Choosing a Yoga mug as a gift for your Yoga teacher can never go wrong, because a mug is one of the things that we use every day. This is made of sturdy ceramic and has a lot of Yoga poses on it. Present this mug to them to show your gratitude towards them.

20. Whimsical Gray Buddha Figurine

Whimsical Gray Buddha Figurine

Help to create a more lively working table of your Yoga teacher by giving this figurine. With a dimension of 5”x3”x2”, it will not eat up much space. But definitely, your teacher will crack a smile every time he or she glances at this cute cat figurine doing Yoga.

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Yoga Gifts for Beginner

Last but not least, we also have some gift ideas for a beginner. We will let you know all the essential items that every Yogi must have. So, let’s take a look into it one by one.

21. Personalized Yoga Mat

Personalized Yoga Mat

You might want to consider giving a Yoga mat to someone who just decided to join Yoga. But let’s upgrade this idea a little bit. You can give them a personalized Yoga mat as a nice form of support and love. The material of this mat is foam and it has a non-slip surface. Doing a hot and sweaty Yoga session on this mat is just perfect.

22. Aozora Yoga Mat Bag

Aozora Yoga Mat Bag

As important as a Yoga mat, a beginner Yogi needs a Yoga bag that can fit everything they need for their Yoga practice, especially if they are doing it outdoors. There are 4 adorable designs of this bag, so pick carefully which design will fit your special Yogi the most.

23. Yoga Mat Cleanser

Yoga Mat Cleanser

Yoga mat is like a home for a Yogi, thus keeping it clean is a must. This Yoga mat cleaner might be the best choice for you to buy as they offer 6 different fragrances. Aside from removing bacteria and deodorizing your Yoga mat, this cleanser will add a relaxing scent, too!

24. Yoga Block Sky Blue

Yoga Block Sky Blue

A beginner obviously needs a Yoga block to help them with stretching. In addition to its sturdiness and good quality, this block looks cute in a sky blue color. And oh, getting one block is certainly not enough, so make sure to buy a couple or more blocks for a convenient Yoga session.

25. Yune Yoga Strap

Yune Yoga Strap

Yoga straps are a helpful tool to practice certain Yoga poses. It is very sturdy and durable, and it’s about 150cm long. Give this strap to your newbie Yoga buddy as a genuine support, so that they will drill themselves even more diligently.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is all about balance. It is about the power to control and balance your body, mind, and soul, in the process of being a better human being. In Yoga, it is crucial to really know one’s true inner self, and one of the best practices to do it is by meditating. Those who perform Yoga as part of their life are called Yogis, and if you plan on giving your Yogi friend a special gift, then you need to pick the best gifts that can help them express their love for Yoga even more.

You can pick gifts that help them focus during meditation like a scented candle, a meditation box, or perhaps a Yoga meditation chair. Or, you can also get them something unique like a Yoga journal or some training tools like a yoga belt or mat. Your pick!

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What to gift a person who loves Yoga?

From the many options available, you can gift a Yogi this lamp. It will light up the mood for doing Yoga, plus they can play some music using this vintage pipeman. Even when they are doing Yoga alone, they won’t feel lonely because they are accompanied by this adorable pipeman lamp.

What do you get Yogis for Christmas?

Christmas is a time to chill. So, we suggest you get a Yoga blanket if you are looking for a Christmas gift for your friends or family. This blanket would be used by them very often, especially at night, because of the cool temperature–and its comfy materials, of course.

What are the best personalized Yoga gifts?

The personalized Yoga mat will be the best personalized gift, ever. As a Yoga mat is very personal for a Yogi, getting a personalized mat that suits the Yogi’s taste and personality should be important. This will affect their passion in doing Yoga, therefore we have to make it as interesting as possible.

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