25 Stranger Things Gifts for “The Strangers”

Since its first release in 2016, Stranger Things quickly became one of Netflix’s most awaited series. The series is about a group of kids fighting against supernatural forces. It gains so much popularity that people dress up as its characters on Halloween.

The growing fans then prefer to be referred to as “The Strangers”. Some people jokingly preferred to be called “Upside Downers” or even “Demogorgons”. However, we’re not going to discuss that matter right now.

Here, we will provide you with a selection of the best Stranger Things gifts that will make its fans happy. If you are searching for Stranger Things-related gifts, below are some ideas that will not disappoint you or your friends.

1. Be an Eleven Hoodie

Be an Eleven Hoodie

Stranger Things has become very popular that people actually live by the motto “In a world full of tens, be an eleven”. This motto appears in so many merchandise and memes that actually contain a motivational value. This line encourages young people not to be intimidated by others that look perfect.

Instead of trying to fit in and beat the tens, you can always be an eleven that has a special power! This hoodie is a perfect Stranger Things gift for teenagers who are still building their characters and learning to appreciate their values. 

2. Stranger Things Charm Necklace

Stranger Things Charm Necklace

This necklace has so many Stranger Things references, such as the number eleven, Demogorgon, a plate of the alphabet, and Christmas lights. This necklace will surely make every Stranger Things fan happy and want to show it off to everyone.

3. Stranger Things T-shirt

Stranger Things T-shirt

When the first season aired, this t-shirt suddenly became the new mandatory outfit for almost everyone. You can see it everywhere. It feels like a sin if a Stranger Things fan doesn’t wear it.

Years later, this t-shirt still looks good and stylish and will make a great Stranger Things gift for the Strangers who are not shy about showing off their obsession with this extraordinary show. 

4. Stranger Things Socks

Stranger Things Socks

Another terrific way to show our love towards the show is by wearing this unique pair of Stranger Things socks. As we all know, tube socks are very trendy right now. People intentionally wear them because of the retro Stranger Things aesthetics. These socks come with the classic Stranger Things logo that will nicely complement the 80’s look. 

5. Personalized Stranger Things Cosmetic Pouch

Personalized Stranger Things Cosmetic Pouch

This makeup pouch is heavily inspired by Stranger Things! You can see that the design is very similar to the original logo. This item will make a perfect Stranger Things gift for a makeup lover who needs to get all their strange things packed in a compact pouch. It is available in various sizes, so you can get the one that suits your best friend’s needs. 

6. Friends Don’t Lie Bracelet

Friends Don’t Lie Bracelet

“Friends don’t lie” is one of the most famous lines from Stranger Things. This is a promise the characters make to always tell the truth. And so, this bracelet will be an excellent Stranger Things gift idea.

Get a bunch of them, and it will be the perfect friendship bracelet for your friend group. It can also be a great reminder to stay true and tell the truth only. 

7. Stranger Things Enamel Pins

Stranger Things Enamel Pins

A set of these enamel pins will make any Stranger Things fan feel beyond happy. This set contains enamel pins with Stranger Things characters from the third season. So yeah, it has the grown-up version of the group and will make great Stranger Things gifts. Your friends will be able to attach these pins to their hats, bags, shirts, and many more. 

8. Eleven Funko Pop

Eleven Funko Pop

Eleven Funko Pop will be an excellent collectible item for a Stranger Things fan. This figurine has the Eleven character from the third season with her iconic half ponytail look and outfit. A great Stranger Things gift that will make fans really happy. They will happily display it on their desktop or shelves. 

9. Stranger Things Earrings

Stranger Things Earrings

We all remember that one scene when Will sent a message from the Upside Down through Christmas lights. The message is short and clear: run.

That was one of the most terrifying scenes of the first season. These dangle earrings refer to that message, and only a true fan will understand. They also look fantastic and will complement Stranger Things aesthetics.

10. Stranger Things Charm Bracelet

 Stranger Things Charm Bracelet

What about the weapon charms? Oh, it’s only Stranger Things references. Nothing to worry about. We don’t promote violence here. Unless you have to deal with supernatural creatures from the Upside Down world. This bracelet is a good Stranger Things gift idea if you want to get something meaningful for the show’s fans.

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11. Steve Bluetooth Speaker

Steve Bluetooth Speaker

Steve has his own fan base! The third season wouldn’t be as good without him. Moreover, thanks to Steve, the Ahoy ice cream parlor uniform became very iconic. This Bluetooth speaker also comes in Steve’s character in his Ahoy uniform. It is an absolutely great Stranger Things gift for those who have their eyes on Steve. 

12. Stranger Things Phone Cases

Stranger Things Phone Cases

A phone case is also a good idea for a gift. After all, everybody needs it. These phone cases are available in the classic Stranger Things logo and the Upside Down illustration. You just need to get a suitable phone case for the right phone type. 

13. Demogorgon Plush Toy

Demogorgon Plush Toy

Demogorgon is terrifying. You should run right away if you happen to meet them at some point in your life. However, a plush toy Demogorgon is not as scary as its portrayal in the movie. Who knew that a Demogorgon could be kinda cute? 

This Demogorgon plushie uses soft fleece material for its body, so it will not hurt anyone. A great Stranger Things gift option for those who secretly want to have a Demogorgon as a pet.

14. Stranger Things Smartwatch Band

Stranger Things Smartwatch Band

We learn from Stranger Things that when it comes to fighting dark creatures from other dimensions, things can get physical. It is imperative to keep our bodies fit so we have the energy to deal with the bad guys.

This Stranger Things smartwatch band might help you be more motivated to do your exercises. It’s the official Stranger Things merchandise produced with high-grade silicone that is durable. It is compatible with Apple Watch and Android smartwatches. 

15. Eleven Night Light

Eleven Night Light

This night light provides a 3D illusion of the Eleven’s figurine. It comes in 7 color modes that can be adjusted easily with the accompanying remote controller. The light offers a hologram effect that is glowing and looks stunning in the dark. A unique Stranger Things gift to get, either for your friends or even yourself. 

16. Lego Stranger Things Building Kit

Lego Stranger Things Building Kit

A Stranger Things lover will be thrilled to be able to build their own Upside Down world with this Lego building kit. Once they finish putting them together, it will be a nice decorative piece. This lego kit will be a nice Stranger Things gift that will keep fans busy. 

17. Stranger Things Throw Blanket

Stranger Things Throw Blanket

There is no better way to spend a chilly evening by rewatching the first two seasons of Stranger Things. This throw blanket will keep you warm and comfortable when you decide to Netflix and chill. It has the Christmas light and alphabet motifs, unique to the show. In any case, this blanket will be a nice Stranger Things gift that is actually functional. 

18. Stranger Things Tumbler

Stranger Things Tumbler

This tumbler features double-wall insulation to keep your favorite drinks at a stable temperature. The double-wall feature also prevents condensation, so there are no more wet rings on the table. 

The best part of this tumbler is, of course, the Stranger Things design featuring the gang in unique style and bold color. It is an excellent Stranger Things gift for those who want to stop using single-use coffee cups and decide to bring their own tumbler.

19. Christmas Light Color Changing Mug

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We’ve heard a lot about heat-activated color-changing mugs. But this one is special because it comes in the Stranger Things Christmas light design! The heat will light up the Christmas light. 

This mug is an excellent Stranger Things gift for your friends. It will make their coffee session so much more exciting in the morning because they can feel like they get a message from Upside Down!

20. Stranger Things Lipgloss Set

Stranger Things Lipgloss Set

This lipgloss set includes six lip glosses in different flavors and Stranger Things-related designs. It is the perfect Stranger Things gift to get for a makeup enthusiast. Any beauty guru who loves the series will scream when they get this. Enough lip gloss variant for the whole week! 

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21. Stranger Things Gift Box

Stranger Things Gift Box

If you have no clue what to get for a Stranger Things lover, a gift box is always a good idea. This gift box contains several Stranger Things merchandise, including a figurine, stickers, and socks. 

On top of that, the package comes in the shape of retro television with the Stranger Things logo. It is an iconic keepsake that will make the ultimate Stranger Things gift!

22. Stranger Things Pajama Set

Stranger Things Pajama Set

Chilling out watching Netflix should be done comfortably. This pajama set will provide that comfort while also keeping you looking stylish. This can be a nice Stranger Things gift for your best friend. You can get the same pair to match and rewatch your favorite episodes at your next pajama party. 

23. Personalized Stranger Things Coaster

Personalized Stranger Things Coaster

Every Stranger Things fan deserves their very own Stranger Things coaster. This coaster is personalizable! If you want to buy the coaster as a gift to your bestie, you can get their name printed on the surface using the classic Stranger Things logo style. A nice coaster they can add to their collection. 

24. Stranger Things Upside Down Retro Wall Clock

Stranger Things Upside Down Retro Wall Clock

If you take a closer look, the numbers on this wall clock are actually upside down, making it a great reference to the series’ main plot. The Stranger Things logo is also upside down, while on the right side is a silhouette of the gang riding the bikes. This unique item will make a great Stranger Things gift for a true fan. 

25. Stranger Things 3 Pieces Gift Set

Stranger Things 3 Pieces Gift Set

This set contains a mug, coaster, and a keyring. Each features the Upside Down print in the Stranger Things logo style. Furthermore, the set comes in the bold colors of red and black, representing the show’s original color theme. These sets are great Stranger Things gifts for those who collect Stranger Things-related items. 

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most popular TV shows in the US, Stranger Things successfully gained popularity from so many people around the globe. For a true fan, having some cool Stranger Things merchandise or gifts would make them very happy. If you happen to have a friend or family who is crazy about the show, then the best way to make them feel happy on their special day is to give them Stranger Things gifts.

From mugs, accessories, toys, to home decor items, we have the best recommendations of Stranger Things gifts for you to choose from. We have no doubt, the perfect gift will definitely make your “Stranger” friend will be sure happy and will thank you for the gift.

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