25 Unique Guitars for Memorable Gifts

There are many ways to show your love to someone special. It includes giving them gifts with items they like. Almost everyone wants or at least has an interest in playing guitar. Besides serving as a musical instrument, a guitar can also be an attractive decoration in a room. There are many unique guitars suitable for a gift to your beloved person.

In this article, you can find guitars made for people who like quirky items. You can also discover unique guitars with traditional touch. Some guitars are specially designed with cutting-edge technology. Other guitars are suitable to produce a rising-stars. Last but not least, guitars with attractive colors can brighten up a person’s day. Choose one of the most unique guitars and provide your loved ones with a memorable present!

Unique Guitar for Eccentric Friends

Everyone always has that one particular quirky person. They seem to be worthy of a special gift too. This list of 4 unique guitars can become a reference to find the best present for the quirkiest friends!

1. Slim and Portable Guitars for Traveling Fella

Slim and Portable Unique Guitars for Traveling Fella

Do you know someone who has a hobby of taking a long trip but said the world sounds too lonely? It’s time to get your friends this unique guitar model with a detachable neck and a detachable body to entertain them. They can keep it in their bag, tuck it in their storage, or any small space!

2. Unique Guitar for the Flashy Friends 

Unique Guitar for the Flashy Friends 

One band member will always want to stand out on the stage. If you know the person, then it looks like they were born to perform with this sinister sharp shape guitar with deep black color.

3. A Guitar in Exciting Cigar Box

A Unique Guitar in Exciting Cigar Box

Do you have a family member who likes to own a collection of unique guitars? If this person also owns a Perdomo tobacco smoker, they would love this one. This guitar is a fantastic gift idea to provide the sensation of being immersed in American folk art. This unique guitar has a beautiful wood box with 4 strings and a full 25″ scale, a classically shaped oak neck, and an antique fretboard.

4. A Classy Unique Guitar with Engaging Curve 

unique guitars

Do you know a person who is an art enthusiast and loves sensual aesthetic curves? Maybe this unique guitar will fulfill all their wildest fantasies. Meet the Infinitum guitar specially designed by Maxwell Custom in thermal modification. This unusual-looking string instrument can become their regular guitar. The shape also provides visual entertainment with its seductive classic body.

Unique Guitars for An Entry-level

Guitar has always been identical with musicians and big stars. These 7 unique guitars list will provide you with suitable gift recommendations for a rising star!

5. Acoustic-Electric Guitar for the Left-Handed

unique guitars

Many left-handed people have a talent for playing music. You can support them with an acoustic-electric package, with a touch of premium tone woods. Now they can play this excellent guitar in style.

6. Guitar with Taylor Swift Signature

Unique Guitar with Taylor Swift Signature

Taylor Swift has become a massive idol for all young girls worldwide. So this is a great suggestion to give your girlfriend or little sister this acoustic-electric guitar. They will get enchanted by Taylor Swift’s soul with Swift’s excellent signature guitar.

7. Guitar Starter Kit for Beginners 

unique guitars

Your family, friends, lover, or acquaintances may want to be a great guitar player. But there’s not always time to teach them. This unique guitar comes with a comprehensive guidebook. This acoustic guitar has provided a complete guide, chord list, and a CD for practicing.

8. A Set of Unique Guitar for Your Kids

unique guitars

Do your kids show an interest in becoming a guitarist in the future? Now they can form an incredible band with this one set of electric guitars for each. It emits sounds like real electric guitars. Your little ones can become little rock n roll stars at home.

9. A Classic Guitar with Charming Acoustic Sounds

unique guitars

This classical guitar can make the player feel the sensation of diverse, beautiful acoustic sounds in one elegant instrument. Meet the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster that can produce soft acoustics to relax and chill sounds while also providing crips melodies to lighten the day.

10. Old-school Guitar for Life Learners

unique guitars

Meet the elegant Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar! Beginners will appreciate this conventional entry-level acoustic guitar. The stylish brown wood colors will enhance coolness making this guitar a perfect gift for people who love minimalist designs. The simple style will provide a focused experience.

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Unique Guitars for An Old Soul

A guitar is not just a musical instrument but also an art object. Take a look at these 5 unique guitars for decoration.

11. The Guitar with Mahogany Carvings

The Guitar with Mahogany Carvings

This traditional guitar with mahogany carvings is a worthy gift for people who like to collect antiques. This unique guitar is not just a classic instrument with natural wood color. It can also become a beautiful room decor. Buy this guitar and give it to your beloved old soul one.

12. Guitar Bouzouki from the Greek Gods

unique guitars

This Greek guitar is the perfect gift for people who love traditional musical instruments. Meet the unique guitar from Greece named Bouzouki. This fantastic unconventional guitar has been modified to have unique four corners.

13. Feel the Sensation of Honolulu Breeze

Feel the Sensation of Honolulu Breeze with this Guitar

This item is suitable for people you know who love a fresh beach vibe and want to relax. This unique Weissenborn classical guitar is the perfect gift for your loved ones. A distinctive Hawaiian guitar curve wave gives them the sensation of playing on the sunny beach. It also provides them with the breeze vibes of the Hawaiian coast.

14. Ukraine’s Dark Forest Vibe

unique guitars

Suppose you are looking for an attractive gift for a person who loves the magical forest atmosphere in the middle of Europe. In that case, the Kobza Vihuela instrument is the answer. This unique traditional Ukrainian guitar can take them to the deepest corners in the dark forest with a husky folk feel.

15. Traditional Guitar that Double as Decoration 

unique guitars

Are you searching for a present suitable for an eccentric collector of antiques and traditional items? Even if they are not musicians, this unique triangular-shaped guitar can surely catch their attention. With traditional ornaments integrated into the body, this guitar is not just to play folksy music. It can also be a beautiful display in the room.

Unique Guitar with Futuristic Design

Nowadays, a guitar has also been integrated with advanced technology. Check out this list of 5 unique guitars that combined futuristic design.

16. Sparkling LED to Memorize Chord

unique guitars

With the help of technology, this unique guitar helps people memorize chords. This impressive guitar features a glowing LED light that points out where their finger should be. Now they don’t have to worry about where the correct finger positions of the chord are.

17. Cannot Disturb Anyone

A Unique Guitar that Cannot Disturb Anyone

Does your friend often play the guitar but sometimes annoys their neighbors? This silent guitar is the answer to get them out of trouble. With Yamaha’s advanced technology design, this guitar will produce no sound. It could only be heard by the person who plays the guitar.

18. A Whole Mini Sound Maker

A Whole Mini Sound Maker in One Unique Guitar

Do you know a musician who enjoys experimenting with their guitar’s sound? This unique guitar with a custom sound modification feature can help them go further with their creativeness. This guitar is accompanied by a Livid sound control board to help them adjust the guitar’s sound.

19. Synthesize Electric Unique Guitar

Synthesize Electric

Today is a futuristic era with hypnotizing Synthesize music. This guitar comes with a touch of modern music technology. It can be a gift for people who like futuristic stories and love to play music.

20. Glassy Crystal Guitar with A Luminous Gleam 

Glassy Crystal with A Luminous Gleam

Guitars are generally known to have a solid body with plain colors. So this guitar breaks the standard norm in general. Meet the unique transparent guitar with LED lights that glow like veins. It looks beautiful and sparkly when you take it to a bright room and stunningly mesmerizing in the dark.

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Unique Guitars for Attractive Guitarist

Guitars are not only bound by the color of the wood anymore. Now you can choose one of these 5 unique guitars with attractive colors as gifts.

21. Lilac Soft Guitar Tone for the Purple Lover

Lilac Soft Unique Guitar Tone for the Purple Lover

For your musician friends or relatives obsessed with the color purple, it is no longer impossible to give them a charming purple guitar. With Lilac’s soft purple hue, the purple enthusiast out there will deserve this one-of-a-kind unique guitar.

22. Blend in Splendor Carnival with Telecaster

Blend in Splendor Carnival with Telecaster

Are you looking for a suitable instrument as a gift for a friend who loves flashy festivals? One specific electric guitar seems to have been purposely created as part of the carnival. This unique guitar with red, green, and blue identical with festival colors can be their colorful partner during the parade. Get this fantastic Telecaster guitar to light up any events!

23. Find Peace with Supple Aqua Tint 

Find Peace with Supple Aqua Tint 

If you know people who love a soft natural color palette with blue tones, then this guitar is the perfect gift for them. With soothing sea colors, chill, and comforting blue styles, they can get the relaxing energy of this unique guitar. Give them this item to accompany their me-time!

24. Bright and Pure Glossy Guitar

Bright and Pure Glossy

If your musician friends are fans of pure white and luxurious colors, then this shiny guitar is the perfect gift for them. Now they can have a high-class guitar with fancy colors. The white color of this guitar can give them a brightly fresh atmosphere to bring a soothing acoustic song. Have them play one of the most popular indie songs of the month with this guitar!

25. A Cute Little Pink Guitar

A Cute Pink

Does your daughter want to be a musician who can play cheerful and adorable songs? She will love this pink gift. It is cute and capable of producing lovely musical sounds. It is an undoubtedly attractive pink guitar for your little princess. The soft pink color will take her to the fantasy world of Barbie, where she plays the guitar in their castle. Make their dreams come true by getting this one pink guitar!

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Final Thought

Guitars are the ultimate musical instruments suitable for any person. The acoustic melodies can unify and bring a peaceful world. Now, this comprehensive list of unique guitars will provide you with a spot-on gift recommendation. It is time to go shopping for the best musical instruments!

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