26 Unique and Detailed Gifts for Microbiologists

Fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites. These are the kind of microorganisms that microbiologists tend to observe. Everyday, they do some research about the behavior and characteristics of those infectious organisms. From the reports they generate, we are able to identify cures and other ways to prevent certain infectious diseases. Just take COVID-19 as an example to that. Their deep research played an important part in finding the cure and vaccines to prevent the worst outbreak. So it’s safe to say that without their skillset, our modern medication won’t be as advanced as it is now. 

Aside from their hard work and dedication, you must not forget the risk that they take each day. Just one small slip in precaution can get them contaminated with deadly diseases. It’s the reason why microbiologists need to be equally appreciated like other professions such as doctors. But don’t worry, we have compiled a unique list containing cool gifts for microbiologists that you may be interested in. Take a look below!

What Is The Definition of Microbiologists?

You won’t want to find gifts for microbiologists if you didn’t really understand the meaning of it. Let’s take this one from a dictionary, shall we? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, microbiologists are people who studied microbiology (very small living things such as bacteria). It pretty much comes in line with what we have mentioned previously. 

What Exactly Microbiologists Do?

Microbiologists deal with microorganisms each day. Most of them are quite dangerous and infectious. They analyze its growth, behaviors, and characteristics. From the data they gathered, they will try to find ways to avoid and cure diseases that stem from said microorganism. Considering how vital their job is for us, it’s appropriate to find some gifts for microbiologists as a token of gratitude.

Unique Gifts for Microbiologists

Special people need to be rewarded with special and memorable gifts. For microbiologists, you might want to consider giving unique and rare items that they liked. Please find our compiled list of gifts for microbiologists below. Make sure to buy some of it!

1. Bacteria Cookie Cutter

Bacteria Cookie Cutter

Throughout the years, cookies have established themselves as one of the best snacks in the world. To avoid making their guests bored with the same old circle design, hosts need to make some kind of adjustment to upgrade their cookie’s overall appearance. This bacteria cookie cutter will suit perfectly for microbiologists who love to bake cookies in their home! 

2. Organ Plush

Organ Plush

Plushies are always cute to look at. Their soft and cushy material also meant that they will always be comfy enough to be hugged. There are various different plushies out there, but we have found the perfect one for microbiologists: a heart-shaped plushie with hidden cells. It’s so cute you can’t resist missing this one out. 

3. Giant Skull with Organs

Giant Skull with Organs

Everyone with a biology-related profession needs to be brave enough to deal with organs and that kind of scary stuff. That’s why we thought that they might appreciate this giant skull as a decoration gift. It’s really cool because some of the organs are removable from the skull, making it a perfect decoration for Halloween too!

4. COVID-19 Plushie

COVID-19 Plushie

The world will always be reminded of the terrible pandemic that struck the world. There’s a lot of work going around to discover vaccines and cure for the disease. Maybe it’s a good idea if you decide to buy this cute plushie as a kind of memento for the period where microbiologists are working hard to investigate the new virus. Also, its fluffiness is hard to resist not to squished it.

5. Cytosis Board Game

Cytosis Board Game

Biology can be a little boring for some people. That’s why the geniuses behind this awesome board game decided to make biology an entertaining lesson. Hand this present to them so that they can enjoy it with their families on a game night.  Playing and educating will never be this fun before.

6. “Badass” Microbiologist

“Badass” Microbiologist

We know that microbiologists are cool human beings tasked with noble purposes. However, they might not know how much we appreciate them. Therefore, it’ll be wise to buy this cool mug as one of the best gifts for microbiologists. Using this mug everyday will definitely encourage them even more. 

7. Water Purification Bottle

Water Purification Bottle

Microbiologists work in a hazardous environment. Everyday, they face the risk of being contaminated with different kinds of dangerous diseases. It’s important for them to carry clean and isolated things with them. With this purification bottle, you won’t have to worry too much about the risk! With just a press of a button, a UV light inside will kill 99.9% germs and viruses contained in the water. It is not only practical but also easy to carry.

8. Biohazard Zip Bag

Biohazard Zip Bag

We have mentioned how a microbiologist needs to deal with a dangerous environment. As a friend, it’s natural to worry about their safety. To help you calm down, we suggest you buy this biohazardous zip bag pack of 2000. By using it, you won’t have to worry about them bringing dangerous diseases home. 

9. “Cell” Tote Bag

Cell Tote Bag

With the reduced use of plastic bags, tote bags have become a cool trend. For microbiologists, nothing will ever top this tote bag with microscopic creature pics on it. Then, they can shop with some style or bring extra stuff with this one in ease.

10. Microbiology Lab Kit

Microbiology Lab Kit

This gift would be really perfect for a microbiologist who have kids. They might want to teach them the wonders of microbiology from an early age, and this lab kit could be the solution. Inside, their children will find 15 different experiments that will keep them engaged all day. So, no more scary expectation about the microbiology since it is cute and fun to be played.

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11. “Staph Meeting” Mug

gifts for microbiologists

Unlike normal employees, doctors and microbiologists rarely have to go through long and painful meetings. Instead, they need to engage with different kinds of diseases. Hence, this funny mug seemed to be the perfect mug to your friend.  

12. Pint Glass

gifts for microbiologists

Sadly, there are a lot of forgotten women who contribute fantastic things to science. At least they are forever remembered through this beautiful pint glass. Perhaps it can serve as a reminder that your friend can be the next great person in science!

13. Little Patient Plushie

gifts for microbiologists

Dissecting organs may be a little terrifying for us. However, this plushie reminded us that you won’t have to look everything on the negative side all the time. Just take a look at how cute and detailed this plushie is. Also, it can be used as a pencil case if the kids want.

14. Virus Plush Toy

Virus Plush Toy

Death won’t stop zombie viruses from replicating. It certainly won’t change our mind that this particular item is quite cute, and it will certainly be perfect as gifts for microbiologists. Also, it fits as a gift for children to learn about the viruses and other similar items.

15. Bacteria Experiment Kit

Bacteria Experiment Kit

Know someone who is aspiring to be a microbiologist? You probably should give this Steve Spangler’s Experiment kit. This project is really simple and it will certainly raise some interest to a young aspiring scientist. 

16. “Hottest Microbiologist” Keychain

gifts for microbiologists

People are quick to judge that all scientists are nerds with no life outside their work. It’s probably right to avoid making that kind of stereotype. It’s also the right thing to consider giving this customized keychain as one of the gifts for microbiologists as a token of respect and acknowledgement. So, people will know that not all microbiologists are nerds, because they have another side of their life that they tend to not expose it.

17. Scientist Street Sign

gifts for microbiologists

Scientists are often caught up in a lab. That’s why we rarely see one who gets big office for themselves. Despite the condition, it would be wise to give simple things as decorations for their nook. This cool art will serve the purpose just right. 

18. “The Best” Notebook

gifts for microbiologists

Microbiologists are required to memorize different kinds of microorganisms. To accomplish that, they will need a notebook to help record all of their notes. Help them by giving out this precious notebook for them, especially if they are a Star Wars fan. No regret for sure.

Body Wear Gifts for Microbiologist

A microbiologist should be proud of their profession. What better way to brag about it other than wearing a microbiologist related shirt. Here, you can find different kinds of unique shirts that you can consider. Bear in mind that all of these are cool items that you can purchase as gifts for microbiologists. Have a look!

19. Original Cellfie Shirt

gifts for microbiologists

Microbiologists need to be proud of themselves. Not only do they have an awesome role in the medical world, they are also the reason behind the “cellfie” hype! Give this awesome shirt to them so that they could brag about it! Select their favorite color and see how happy they are receiving this gift.

20. Microbiologist Hoodie

gifts for microbiologists

Remember this: scientists are not a nerd to be bullied around. In fact, you can help them dress cool by giving out this cool hoodie. We guarantee that the premium material will keep them comfy enough that they wouldn’t want to let go of this hoodie. 

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21. “Microbiologist Ninja” Shirt

gifts for microbiologists

To be perfectly candid, we do not understand what it meant by being a microbiologist ninja. We do know this though: this beautifully designed shirt will be a perfect fit as one of the gifts for microbiologists. Hurry and buy one now while stock lasts. 

22. “Cereus” Shirt

“Cereus” Shirt

Shirts containing hilarious puns will always be awesome and funny to wear. And if you are thinking of buying one for your microbiologist friend, this particular shirt might be the perfect item. When they wear this shirt, people will know how scientists can be relaxed and not be “cereus” all the time. 

Decoration Gifts for Microbiologist

Being a microbiologist tends to eat up their time. Because they spent a lot more hours in the lab than in their own house, it probably won’t come as a surprise if their house lack of cool decoration. That’s where you might come to help. There are a lot of cool arts related to their profession. If you don’t believe us, you can check out our list of cool art gifts for microbiologists below. 

23. Microscope Painting

gifts for microbiologists

Take a look at this painting and feel how it resembles your microbiologist friend. It’s the perfect decoration for them! Besides, what better way to show a guest that someone works as a cool scientist? So, surprise them with this one!

24. Customized Microbiologist Art

gifts for microbiologists

Ever wonder how your friend might look as a cool cartoon character? Wonder no more with this item. Take a picture of your friend and receive the cartoon version of it just within days. How cool is that?

25. Watercolor Bacteria Print

gifts for microbiologists

Beautiful arts will definitely increase the mood in someone’s house. Perhaps, a beautiful painting of e-coli will do the job for a microbiologist’s house. If that’s the case, then wait no longer and purchase this awesome painting

26. Cell Graphic Art Print

gifts for microbiologists

Just take a minute of your time and gaze at this awesome art. If we are able to appreciate this masterpiece of a work, we bet that a microbiologist would certainly treasure this item! So, what are you waiting for? This masterpiece will be the center of attention at your favorite microbiologist’s home

Final Thought

The best way to figure out the best gift for a special microbiologist in your life is by finding out the type stuff that the person would like to have. For female microbiologist, you can try to find out what kind of wearables that she would love to wear. It can be a jewelry, a scarf, or a t-shirt. But for a person who loves to have an art piece, then you can find something that they can use as a nice decoration. Even better, you can even order a personalized item to make it into a more meaningful and memorable gift.

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