25 Cool Guitars for Amateur And Professional Guitarist

Great skill is the most important thing a guitarist needs to have. But a cool guitar also plays an important role on every show. A cool guitar will certainly help the performance to be more festive and grab more attention. 

Not to mention that a cool guitar can also elevate the guitarist’s mood, especially for those who care about outside appearance. Cool guitars also can be a collectible item for guitarists or collectors. Below is a list of cool guitars selected by the AWESOME STUFF especially for you who are in search of cool guitars worth collecting. 

What Guitar Is Best For A Beginner?

The best guitar for beginners could be a classic acoustic. Beginners usually learn from the most basic guitar technique so an acoustic guitar would be the best first guitar they can get. Later on, they can try different types of guitar to advance their skills.

BEST Guitars for Someone Who Loved Music

1. Custom Bat Body Electric Guitar

New Custom Electric Guitar Unusual Shape Bat Body With Rosewood Fretboard

Want to feel like a superhero while rocking on stage? This bat body guitar will make you feel like you have that rich superpower. You can now channel The Dark Knight spirit at every concert. You can also imagine electrocuting the villain with this electric guitar with your amazing guitar riffs. 

2. Acrylic Guitar with LED Light

Electric Guitar LED Light Acrylic Body Colorful Transparent Maple Neck 6 String

No matter if you’re rocking on stage or playing a guitar solo in your room, this LED guitar will make every jam session a party. The body is made out of clear acrylic and the neck is made out of maple and rosewood, it will guarantee a long-term durability even if you always play it hard, rock star style. The LED light of course is the coolest feature of this electric guitar and will add an extra festivity on stage. 

3. Abstract Lightning Bolt Bass Guitar

Custom White Abstract Lightning Bolt 4 Strings Electric Bass Guitar 39" 4 string

Electrocute the audience with this electrifying bass guitar. The shape of this guitar is so cool and screams the rockstar spirit that will make the whole stadium cry hysterically. The cool design of this guitar will boost your confidence and will make your bass slapping game even more glorious that it will make even Davie504 jealous. 

4. Double Neck Headless Electric Guitar

Double Neck Headless Electric Guitar With Flamed Maple Top Transparent

Some people just get the gift of always being so good at every single thing they do. For example, a musician might be able to play both guitar and bass well. And sometimes, they can even play both instruments at the same time. If you’re one of those lucky human beings, then you should get this double neck guitar. This cool guitar has six strings on the upper part and four strings on the lower part making it possible for an extremely talented musician like you to play both guitar and bass simultaneously. What a way to show off your skill and talent, right? 

5. Metal Purple Double Shake Guitar

custom version special-shaped electric guitar metal purple double shake

Metal music is often identified with the color black. But it’s not the only truth. You don’t have to go all black to be a true metalhead. For instance, look at this stunning purple guitar. Doesn’t it scream metal enough for you? With its intriguing design, it will stand out on the stage and make you the true rock star. 

6. Matte Black Four String Guitar

Custom Electric Guitar Bass Matte Black 4-String Shaped

A true metal bassist needs a real metal guitar bass. Hence, this guitar is the perfect one to get if you want an irregular-shaped bass that looks stunning. The matte black color makes it look elegant and awesome. Moreover, made out of basswood material, this guitar guarantees durability and sound quality. It is the guitar you can hang proudly on in your studio or bedroom and will make a great impression that will leave your friends in awe. 

7. Slide Acoustic Electric Blues Guitar


An extremely light guitar that is delicate to touch. A perfect guitar for a guitarist who is more into artistry. The guitar sounds nice and can also work as a slide guitar. The design of the guitar combines wood and metal elements making it the cool guitar you can use as an interior decoration but actually playable. 

8. Hello Kitty Electric Guitar

hello kitty electric guitar

A cool guitar doesn’t always have to be all black and rough-looking. It can be pink and kawaii too. This electric guitar is surely a worthy collectible item for a Hello Kitty lover and a perfect guitar to get for guitarists who are into cute aesthetics. 

9. Custom Shape Purple Body Electric Guitar

Unusual Custom Shape Purple Body Electric Guitar With Rosewood Fretboard

What if we say you can have a truly unique guitar like no other? Yes, getting a custom-shaped guitar is an instant way to get that cool look and make you really stand out on the stage. Above all, you may be the only one who plays the guitar with that specific shape. Some of us don’t want to admit it, but it does feel good to be special, right? 

10. Vintage Gold Electric Guitar

KILLER GUITARSKG-EXPLODER Vintage Gold Electric Guitar

Getting an average cool-looking guitar is easy, but getting a true cool guitar with a character is a whole different level. This guitar might be one of those who stand at the next level. With its vintage shape and golden color, the guitar is a valuable piece that can be played and passed on as a legacy. 

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11. Edward Acrylic Guitar

Edwards / E-FRX-Acryl Electric Guitar

Why does the transparent design make everything cooler than they actually are? Remember Tony Stark’s transparent phone? The transparency on the design makes it look futuristic and hence, much cooler than the average phone. This guitar is no different. Made out of clear acrylic, it has a transparent body. Furthermore, combined with a cool body shape making it the ultimate cool guitar you can ever wish for. 

12. Children of Bodom Model Guitar

EDWARDS E-SCYTHE Alexi Laiho Model Children of Bodom w/case F/S NEW

On the rock stage, white guitars appear less than black ones. This is an opportunity you can take if you want to grab the audience’s attention and be the coolest guitar on stage. This guitar has a simple but very cool cut combined with modest stripes that give it just enough punch to make it look interesting. This guitar will undoubtedly make you look cool without trying too hard. 

13. Jackson Matt Tuck Signature Guitar

Jackson Matt Tuck Signature Rhoads Electric Guitar

The classic flying V also always works. It guarantees coolness straight up by the look and all you have to do next is just rock hard and show off your skill. The material used ensures quality and if you treat it right, you will be able to play it for a long time. This guitar can be a great gift for a metal guitarist who wants to look cool but still lay low a little. 

14. Killer KG-Pirates Electric Guitar

Killer KG-Pirates Electric Guitar with Soft Case / FS

The classic electric guitar will surely make anyone who sees you on stage know that you’re a rock star. For a metal or rock guitarist, this guitar can be considered as a basic electric guitar to get if you want people to know that you are a rockstar without saying much. 

15. ESP Arrow Electric Guitar

ESP Arrow fr Used Electric Guitar

This guitar has a classic flying V shape and comes in black, but with an interesting twist. It has a special coating that makes it possible to color change and show a chameleon rainbow color when the light hits or when you see it from a different angle. Perfect for you who want to have some fun but play it safe. 

16. EVH Striped Frankie Electric Guitar

EVH Striped Frankie Electric Guitar

The most recognizable electric guitar ever, Eddie Van Halen’s iconic is also known as the Frankenstein guitar is now available with a price tag the everyday musician can afford. It comes in the famous Eddie’s signature red with an intriguing paint job with an oiled finish. Moreover, it features a basswood Stratocaster-style body paired to a graphite-reinforced quartersawn maple neck. The sound is also routed for an HSS pickup configuration just like Eddie’s original. The perfect cool guitar to get for a true Eddie Van Halen fan. 

17. Jackson Pro Lightning Crackle

Jackson Pro Lightning Crackle

An electronic guitar with a solid basswood body and ebony fingerboard. Judging by its design, it will guarantee you to be the attention grabber whether you play on small gigs or huge festivals. Blue is also an uncommon color used on a flying V-type guitar so it will be a unique statement and easily recognized even if you play on a huge stage.

18. Razorback Rust Electric Guitar

Razorback Rust Electric Guitar

Imagine a music gig in a post-apocalyptic world. What guitar can best suit that occasion other than this razorback rust styled guitar? This guitar reminds us of that iconic Mad Max scene. The perfect cool guitar for those who are into cyberpunk style and play on lots of underground gigs. 

19. Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

Have you ever seen a full-size guitar that can be folded and stored neatly on a mini case? This portable guitar will make any trip easier because the neck can be detached from the body and be reassembled easily. You don’t have to worry about the durability either because this portable guitar is made out of carbon fabric that ensures sustainability and you can use it for a long time. 

20. Super Shallow Body Acoustic Guitar

Super Shallow Body Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are great. But they, especially the classic ones, usually have a bulky body and make it inconvenient for traveling or small living spaces. But this acoustic is different. It has a unique shallow body, making it slim and comfortable without sacrificing the acoustic sound quality. 

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21. Rolling Stones Autographed Electric Guitar

ROLLING STONES Autographed black electric

A black electric guitar signed by Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, And Keith Richards. This guitar comes with a certificate of authenticity from Rock N’ Sports and includes a numbered tamper-proof hologram. It will unquestionably make a great gift for a guitarist who is a Rolling Stones stand. 

22. Pink Floyd Autographed Guitar

Pink Floyd Autographed

Autographed by David Gilmour and Roger Waters themselves in person, this guitar insists on third-party authentication and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This surely makes the perfect guitar for collectors or Pink Floyd fans

23. JonBoy Kristoff Maduro 4 String Cigar Box Guitar 

JonBoy Kristoff Maduro 4 String Cigar Box

A cool bluesy little guitar that features a cool antique black box and brass tuner. The box is what makes the guitar extremely unique. This is a perfect collectible item for guitarists and non-guitarists because it can serve as a decorative item as well. Aside from its relatively bulky shape, this guitar is also lightweight and comfortable to play. 

24. Acoustic 12 Strings Lute Folk Guitar

Acoustic 12 Strings Lute Folk

The perfect guitar to get for a folk musician. This guitar is designed to be played solo or in an ensemble. It is made out of selected wood material to ensure sound quality and durability. It can be played in musical composition but is also suitable for learning. 

25. Custom Burnt Guitar

Custom Burnt

You can make a regular guitar cool too. Get your guitar customized with this amazing burning technique to turn any guitar you have to be the coolest guitar to ever exist. It is handcrafted so you can be sure that you have a true-unique guitar. You can additionally request a specific design and even a name to be burnt on the guitar body. A perfect guitar to get as a gift. 

Final Thought

Preparing for the gig of the year needs to include a new set of guitar that will improve your performance. If you’re looking for a cool looking guitar that will not only show your guitar skills, then you might want to check out the above list to find the coolest item to make your appearance looks even cooler.

However, choosing the right one needs to consider another aspects such as your character and music style as well. If you are into country music, then the best ones would be guitars made of high quality wood materials. But if you are a musician who plays modern music, then you can go for transparent or colorful guitars. So, pick your item wisely!

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