25 Cool Guitar Accessories to Make Yours  Looking Impressive

Are you planning to decorate your basic plain-looking guitar? Make your guitar more lively and fascinating by adding a personal touch to your guitar. Accessories are not only great for decoration, but also for expressing yourself. While some accessories can even make playing guitar more enjoyable and comfortable. One could argue that a guitar isn’t a complete guitar unless it has accessories that improve its performance and, of course, the one that truly represents you.

The most well-known guitars are acoustic and electric. Each type of guitar serves a different purpose, as do the various accessories that can be used with it. Because you may own one or both of them, we have compiled a list of 25 cool guitar accessories that will undoubtedly make either your acoustic or electric guitar look extra impressive. Check out the list below!

Acoustic Guitar Accessories 

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular types of guitars. It is simple to learn and play when compared to other types of guitar. It has a lovely sound that is suitable for any type of song. Although an acoustic guitar is considered simpler than other guitars, you should still decorate it and add a few accessories to spice up the overall appearance and make it even more comfortable to play with.

1. Vinyl Stickers

The easiest and most practical way to decorate any guitar is by getting a set of your favorite cut-out stickers. There are plenty of options out there, so pick the stickers that portray you the most or the ones that you like the most. If you are more of a flower person, you can get flower cutout stickers. If you like earth colors, then you can probably get earth-tones stickers. 

2. Personalized Guitar Strap

A guitar strap is rather an essential guitar accessory. It makes playing guitar easier either while sitting down or standing up. It helps to keep your guitar in place. Therefore, it is a great thing to get your guitar accessorized with a guitar strap that is both comfortable and cool as guitar accessories. This guitar has great craftsmanship with double stitches all around it. To make the matter better, you can also request your name on it. 

3. Tigerwood Guitar Strap

If you are more of a nature lover, a tigerwood guitar strap makes a marvelous cool guitar accessory. Each piece of wood is handmade of real wood, which makes every piece have its own unique pattern. Wood is also the best material option as a guitar strap as it helps distribute the weight of the guitar better. Surely the right strap for those who are wanting to get rid of the strain from guitar weight. 

4. Personalized Guitar Capo

Make your guitar really you by getting a personalized guitar capo. Getting a personalized guitar capo that is made of alloy and stainless steel truly ensures you a long-lasting piece. You can customize the color of it and also request words engraved on it. It could be your name, your favorite person’s name, or your friend’s name if you are planning to get it as a gift. 

5. Personalized Name Sticker

Personalize your guitar and make it officially yours by getting a personalized name sticker. You can place it on the guitar’s body at any angle that you prefer. A personalized sticker like this is also functional to make your guitar super cute and easy to recognize during a band event or during practice sesh when guitars are all over the place. This personalized name sticker is easy to stick and easy to remove. Therefore, it is super safe for your guitar.

6. Guitar Pick Leather Pouch

Keep your guitar pick secure and always ready in hand by getting a guitar pick holder that you can strap easily on the headstock. The strap and the pouch are handmade in leather for a vintage, rustic, and durable pick holder. Since the strap is made of leather, it will not scratch or damage the guitar. The small pouch also comes with a button for a secure pouch and makes it work for you to hold up to several pieces of picks. 

7. Guitar Pick Plastic Holder

Attach a plastic guitar pick holder to the body of the guitar for easy access to your favorite guitar pick. This is a very great deal as it is quite affordable. It is a great deal because each set comes with one guitar pick holder that can be easily attached to your guitar and also 10 pieces of shell-looking guitar picks with 10 different vibrant colors. No more losing your guitar pick during your amazing performance. 

8. Guitar Pegs Set

Guitar Pegs Set

Improve the look of your guitar with this contemporary black or white guitar pegs set. It will come to you in a box of small tin cans where you can find 36 pieces of acoustic guitar, a piece of guitar peg puller, a guitar nut, and a saddle. These pegs are made of sturdy plastic yet can help create a beautiful sound and beautiful-looking accessories for your guitar. 

9. Guitar Trainer Acoustic

If you are more of a newbie in learning guitar, you should probably check out this guitar trainer acoustic. It is a cool accessory that you can simply attach to your acoustic guitar, precisely on the neck of your guitar. It is built with several buttons that can automatically play a certain chord. This accessory definitely will make playing the guitar easier.

10. Personalized Guitar Keyring

Make sure you keep your guitar pick safe and sound in this leather pick pouch made especially for a guitar pick. Not only does it make beautiful accessories for your guitar gear, but it also works wonders to keep your guitar gear safe since it also comes with a sturdy small box to keep the pouch with the keyring inside.

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11. Handmade Recycled Skateboard Pick

Add a piece of a unique guitar pick to your collection with a guitar pick made of a skateboard. Since this pick is made of recycled skateboards, each layer of it has its own story and each of it also does not have the same color and pattern, making it even more unique. You can make this guitar reflect more of your personality by having a custom engraved name engraved on it.

12. Soft Eco-Friendly Guitar Case

A guitar case or what people also called a guitar bag makes a wonderful accessory to have for your guitar. It makes your guitar look good and also easier to bring. If you would like to keep your guitar looking as crisp as new, a soft guitar case is one of the best and coolest guitar accessories. It prevents your guitar from scratching, breaking, etc. 

13. Ellie’s Guitar Moth Vinyl Sticker

For those of you who loved the game “The Last of Us”, you would probably love this moth vinyl sticker for your guitar. You might be familiar with it because this sticker can be found when Joel plays guitar for Ellie during the game intro. You might not need to worry that it will disturb you during plays, because this sticker is quite thin so it will not bother both the string and the frets. 

14. Butterfly Guitar Sticker Decal

Butterflies symbolize freedom. It could be freedom to explore music and play your guitar as free as you can. If you have a love for butterflies and the meaning it implies, you should get a sticker decal with a silhouette of butterflies. You can simply place it on your guitar like a regular sticker decal and you will have a cool guitar in no time. It is also pleasant to note that it does not leave a stain when you peel it off. 

Electric Guitar Accessories

The sound of an electric guitar is always excellent and amazing. In contrast to acoustic guitars, which can be played immediately, electric guitars require an external amplifier to work.  When you plug in the amp, your guitar will sound like it is on fire. You should have amazing accessories to balance out the amazing sound.

15. Customized Signature Decal

Cool Guitar Accessories

Make your guitar look like an artiste piece of art by adding your signature on it. You can customize your signature and turn it into a signature sticker decal, which you can stick and apply easily onto your guitar. A sticker decal surely has better durability compared to if you sign to your guitar directly. Once you stick the sticker to your guitar, it would not fade and look very natural.

16. Custom Flame Decal

Custom Flame Decal

Make sure that your music and guitar are both on fire with this flame decal. It is made of a good quality decal that ensures you get a vibrant decal with a clear cut-out. It is super easy to apply and modify as creative as you like. Since it is a custom sticker, you can also request the size of the sticker to make sure that it fits your guitar perfectly. 

17. Personalized Wood Grain Capo

Personalized Wood Grain Capo

Wooden grain capo with your initial name undoubtedly makes your guitar look a step more personality. It adds a mysterious yet professional-looking capo. The design is amazing with a beautiful solid wood pattern. The engraved letter is also neatly and perfectly executed for a clean and sharp result. It is definitely amazing for your own guitar or as a gift to a friend or family. 

18. Silver ThunderBird Guitar Knobs

Silver ThunderBird Guitar Knobs

The mastermind and the controller of almost the whole guitar are these knobs. Therefore, you might want to decorate it with something that is a little bit more unique and has a personality than the plain basic knobs. Guitar knobs with the engraved bird and the neat design are something you do not want to miss. The diameter can fit a 6mm, therefore, it is important for you to make sure beforehand that the size fits.

19. Vintage Gold Electric Guitar String Saddles

Vintage Gold Electric Guitar String Saddles

No more plain regular guitar string saddles, you can have a more eye-catching cool guitar accessory by getting gold electric guitar string saddles. This set is also affordable since it comes in 6 pieces of string saddles. It is made of brass, which gives you anti-corrosive and super durable pieces of guitar string saddles. Therefore, you will definitely get good-quality guitar string saddles that are perfectly suitable for your amazing electric guitar.

20. Guitar Leather Pick Holder

Guitar Leather Pick Holder

A leather guitar pick holder in the shape of a guitar is a plus because it is both cute and cool as guitar accessories. Even better, it is made of genuine leather, which ensures safe and long-lasting storage for your guitar picks. The keyring hardware is also excellent, with retro gold-brown color. Each keyring that you get also comes with a set of 5 pieces of guitar picks in vibrant abstract color. 

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21. Marvel Guitar Strap

Marvel Guitar Strap

Marvel fans should have this Marvel guitar strap as it works perfectly as a cool guitar accessory that you will surely adore. It makes holding a guitar way easier when standing. It also comes with a buckle so you can adjust it to make it as comfortable as you prefer. Surely not disappointing at all, considering the fact that the picture is really sharp and not blurry.

22. Portable Mint Tin Amp

Portable Mint Tin Amp

A small thing can surely go a long way. This portable mint tin amp works wonders to create a clean distortion sound on your guitar play. Each ampoid is carefully handmade to deliver the best portable amplifier for electric guitar. It is amazingly easy to use and at the same time very easy to maintain. All you need is a battery and you are good to go. 

23. Black Mountain Slide Ring

Black Mountain Slide Ring

Glide smoothly through each string of music by getting this black mountain slide ring that no doubt will make your play with the guitar more enjoyable. It comes in a set of three so you will always have a spare slide ring available. By wearing a slide ring, you will be able to make your performance look extra cool and also make your music sound more stable. 

24. Cable Wraps

Cable Wraps

It is commonly found that some guitar cables can be troublesome. Each cable starts to tangle to one another and create a chunk of cables. However, you can fix that problem by getting cable wraps made of genuine leather as your guitar accessories. It is perfect to keep your guitar cable neat, organized and beautiful. Moreover, it makes cool guitar accessories because it is also available to be customized with your name printed on them. 

25. Guitar Copper Weave Cable

Guitar Copper Weave Cable

A new cable can also make a huge difference to the overall look of your guitar. It adds a new texture and new color to it. Therefore, getting a cable made of beautiful copper material with a length of 15 feet long is a great idea for a more flexible movement during your plays. For storage, you do not need to be concerned as this cool guitar accessory already comes with a tin can for you to store it safely. 

Latest Post:

What accessories should I get for my guitar?

Guitar accessories that you should get are accessories that will help your guitar-playing be more enjoyable and comfortable. A guitar strap is one of the easiest guitar accessories that you should get to improve the appearance and comfort of your guitar. Other crucial accessories are guitar bags to prevent the guitar from scratching and also a pick holder that will surely save you more time looking for lost guitar picks.

How can I make my guitar more unique?

In order to make your guitar stand out and different from any other guitar are vinyl stickers. Not a regular sticker, but choose a vinyl or decal sticker that you can customize and design according to your preference. By getting a custom sticker, you are getting a unique piece that probably no one has. The material also saves you from annoying sticker stains. 

How do you accessorize a guitar?

You can accessorize your guitar by getting accessories and decorations, such as a sticker with your name, a beautiful animal prints decal, or even a colored vinyl decal. Small adjustments here will also unconsciously turn your guitar into a work of art with your accessories. It could be a slight change on the string, on the strap, guitar saddles, and many more. 

Do stickers damage guitars?

Some stickers do damage guitars. Therefore, it is preferable to get a decal vinyl sticker that is proven to be safe when peeled off and at the same time easy to apply. It is also important to note that you need to peel stickers carefully to avoid any stains. 

Can I draw on my guitar?

Sure, you can draw on your guitar, however, drawing on your guitar might not last you a durable drawing as markers can easily fade away on a guitar’s body that mostly has smooth and shiny surface. 

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