15 Cool Facts About AirPods You Should Know

Today, we are living in a sophisticated world where people appreciate personal space more than ever. AirPods are one of the products resulting from people’s needs for private time. AirPods are truly wireless earbuds that make it easy to experience your music, podcasts, and more without disturbing other people. They connect instantly to your iPhone and Apple Watch using Bluetooth technology. They feature a new design based on the same award-winning technology inside EarPods. And whether your AirPods are in your ears or charging in the case, they communicate with each other so one can be used at a time.

In case you are an AirPods user or simply a person who has curiosity about this technology, then those facts about AirPods below will give you more insights. From fascinating AirPods statistics to cool features about this device, we will reveal them all in this article. Here are some cool facts about AirPods you should know, check this out!

1. More Than 70% American Teens Own Airpods

Since their debut in 2016, AirPods have enjoyed tremendous popularity, and Apple has since expanded its line of wireless headphones to include Beats models. Because of AirPods and Beats, Apple is said to dominate the headphone industry in the US “by a substantial distance.” According to Piper Sandler’s surveys, the popularity of Apple’s AirPods has reached an all-time high, with 72% of teenagers expected to buy a pair by 2022.

Teenagers’ intentions to get an iPhone as their next phone are, according to Piper Sandler, mostly unchanged from before. It was 88% in Fall 2021, and it is now 87% in Spring 2022. Overall, we think the findings maintain that American youth have a significant preference for Apple goods.

2. Hands-free Siri In Airpods Pro

The AirPods Pro are Apple’s first earphones with voice control over Siri. Wearers can say “Hey Siri” to the voice assistant to activate it rather than having to tap on the earbuds or the phone. Apple products and Siri go hand in hand since the AI system mimics every move the user makes.

Users of the new Airpods can speak to Siri using their headphones, an iPhone or other Apple device, or the Airpods themselves. To chat to Siri while music or any prior actions continue, merely tap the side of one earphone. These days, convenience reigns supreme, with technology making complex jobs progressively easier.

3. It Can Be Paired with Non Apple Products

Contrary to popular belief, Apple products can pair with devices other than other Apple goods. Though you can’t connect an iPhone to a window unless, through Bluetooth or a USB, the Airpods are capable of pairing with almost anything. There won’t be any issues as long as the Bluetooth connection is strong and the device is within range.

With a non-Apple device, you can use AirPods as a Bluetooth headset. On many different devices, attaching any set of AirPods as a regular Bluetooth headphone is fairly easy. You can talk and listen, however, not utilize Siri.

4. Fully Charged In 15 Minutes

Since most devices need to have their batteries charged in some way, charging is still a bother. The AirPods are not invincible, but they do have the fastest recharge time available. If you start charging both pods when the battery has decreased by half, they will both reach 100% battery life in 15 minutes. This may not be as much of a mystery as it is a demonstration of how far Apple’s products have advanced.

On a single charge, your AirPods can last up to 5 hours of listening or 3 hours of talking. You can receive up to 3 hours of listening time or up to 2 hours of speaking time from your AirPods if you charge them for 15 minutes in their case.

5. Apple’s Most Popular Accessory Product

AirPods are at the top in terms of popularity. There have been 716,724 searches on Amazon for these products alone in China. In addition, the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are highly well-liked all over the world, but particularly in China.

Analysts predict Apple sold 14 million to 16 million pairs of AirPods worldwide in 2017. With 35 million units sold, AirPods were Apple’s most popular accessory item in 2018. Apple’s AirPods business has grown significantly, with over 100 million units sold by 2020.

6. Airpods Pro Are Water Resistant

For sports and activities that don’t involve water, AirPods Pro are sweat- and water-resistant. The earbuds were evaluated in a controlled laboratory setting and received an IPX4 grade in accordance with IEC standard 60529. Sweat and water resistance are not always there, and wear and tear can cause resistance to drop.

You should consult support for cleaning and drying instructions before attempting to charge wet earbuds. In addition, the charging case is not waterproof or sweat-proof.

7. It Supports Wireless Charging

Every Apple-produced AirPods Pro case supports wireless charging, and the company also sells wireless charging cases for AirPods of both the first and second generations on its website. You may charge a wireless charging case by setting it down on a Qi-compatible charging mat.

Many cafes in urban areas are using charging pads even though few patrons own one for convenience. The more technologically advanced something is, the simpler it is to use it all.

8. It Helps Blind People To Read Message

This device is quite helpful for blind folks because of Siri in the AirPods. It is a well-known fact that Siri can read practically anything, yet it is frequently overlooked. For blind people, Apple’s Siri can read emails, notes, books, messages, and Safari pages.

Messages can be read aloud on an iPhone. However, the noise cancellation function of the AirPods allows you to hear them better. If you need to read a friend’s SMS message, it makes for a calm drive home.

9. Airpods Users Are Mainly Young People

According to survey results from Towardsdatascience.com, 60% of AirPods users between the ages of 18 and 25 and 34% of users between the ages of 26 and 35. If we take a closer look at the demographic research, which shows that 75% of people are full-time college students, this seems acceptable.

The fact that AirPods do not tangle is undoubtedly one of their many appealing qualities. When young people put old earbuds in their luggage, they can become tangled. They enjoy listening to music as well. According to a Forbes Magazine research, Americans now spend just a little bit more than 32 hours a week listening to music on average.

10. Apple Gained Annual USD 20 Billion From Airpods

Apple Gained Annual USD 20 Billion From Airpods

During the 2020 fiscal year, Apple’s Airpods sales alone produced $23.05 billion in revenue. This brings in more money than Spotify, Twitter, and Square put together. The value of Apple’s AirPod business is now estimated by the financial markets to be at $240 billion.

According to Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, Apple will sell 100 million pieces of its wireless headphones by the end of 2022, making AirPods a $20 billion annual company. The figures are supported by several reports that rank Apple #1 among headphone vendors.

11. Automatic Ear Detection In Airpods

Because they are intelligent, AirPods can detect when they are in your ears and turn on. When enabled, automatic ear recognition enables your iPhone to identify when you remove your AirPods and pauses the audio you were playing. By selecting your AirPods from the list of devices under Settings > Bluetooth, you can, however, disable this capability. 

If you don’t have AirPods on but Automatic Ear Detection is turned on, audio is played through the device’s speakers. These functionalities are disabled when you disable Automatic Ear Detection, and all audio is sent to your AirPods whether or not you are wearing them.

12. You Can Share Audio With Other Airpods

You Can Share Audio With Other Airpods

You can share audio with a friend’s AirPods if you have iOS 13 or later. With no need to use the speakers or lend someone one of your AirPods to place in their ears, it is simple to listen to music or watch a movie together. The simplest method to make this work is to open your friend’s AirPods and select Temporarily Share Audio while they are close to your iPhone or iPad.

If they already have AirPods in their ears, you can also choose to hit Share Audio in the Control Center. Using this method, you can even share with Beats headphones.

13. It Tells You Who is Calling Without Looking Your Phone

It Tells You Who is Calling Without Looking Your Phone

One of the most cutting-edge inventions in my lifetime is the AirPods. In addition to being cordless, they can now let you know who is calling before you even bother picking up the phone or looking at the screen. Simply enable the option, and Siri will read out the caller to you over your headphones. Additionally, you can simultaneously enable this for any Bluetooth system in a car.

It will read the caller’s name to you over the AirPods when you receive a call. It should read out the caller’s phone number if they are not in your contacts. This can help you avoid picking up a call you don’t want or answering a call in a silly voice when it’s actually your employer. This is a useful way to identify who is calling over your AirPods while you simply can’t reach your iPhone.

14. You Can Find Your Lost Airpods

You Can Find Your Lost Airpods
(Source : appletoolbox)

If you misplace your AirPods, you can use the Find My iPhone app to locate them. Although there are certain restrictions, it is a necessary feature that you must use at least once. Find My can help you find your AirPods if you’ve already configured it on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac that you’re using.

Open Go to iCloud or Find My iPhone on your iPhone. Tap on your AirPods once you’ve located them in the list. You can make them play a loud sound and view their last known position.

15. Airpods As A Hearing Aid

Airpods As A Hearing Aid

You may use your AirPods as a hearing aid by using the “live listen” option that Apple recently implemented. On your iPhone, navigate to settings and select the hearing option by clicking the green + sign. You can put your phone down after the function is enabled and hear the audio of the activities taking place around you.

Put your AirPods in your ears and point your iPhone’s microphone in the direction of the sound source or person you wish to hear. Simply tap the ear symbol in the Control Center to use your AirPods to listen to what is happening in the adjacent room.

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