25 Ultimate Viking Gifts for Him that Emerge His Inner Viking Spirit

Are you frustrated by how difficult it is to find a good quality gift that relates to the Vikings? Or are you short on time in looking for some ideas for Viking-themed gifts? Calm down, because now that you are here, you can lift the burden off of your shoulders in a time crunch. Getting a Viking gift is one of the most exciting things for any Viking fan. They will feel extremely happy and heart-touched, not only because they get their favorite stuff, but also because they know that you are paying close attention to their interests.

We have compiled a list of the best Viking gifts available, all of which are of the highest possible quality, to ensure that you find the perfect present. Some of these gift ideas are wearables and some are also perfect as home decorations for Viking lovers. Nonetheless, all the list of gifts will make them live their inner Viking spirit. Let’s check out the list below!

1. Viking Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This is an extremely comfortable tunic that can steal your heart. The attention to details and overall design unquestionably give the wearer the impression that they have traveled back in time to the Viking era. If your boyfriend, friends, or family member is a fan of the Vikings, then you should most definitely not pass up the opportunity to purchase this long-sleeved Viking shirt for them.

2. Wide Cuff Viking Bracelet

A wide cuff bracelet with all the detailing of the metal pendant and leather material makes this one a perfect Viking gift for him. If you take a closer look, the pendant has an engraved Vegvisir symbol, which means guidance through storms or rough seasons in life. This handmade cuff also comes with a vintage adjustable buckle for flexible sizing. 

3. Viking Ship Metal Wall Decor

Getting a wall decoration is surely a bold move to show the love for Vikings. This Viking ship metal wall decor will perfectly fit either a small or large area. As long as you have available empty wall space in your room, you can fit this Viking ship metal wall decor by hanging it onto a nail. It is super easy to maintain and definitely a beautiful focal point in a room. To keep it looking as fresh as new, you can simply wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. 

4. Celtic Triquetra Viking Bracelet

This amazingly beautiful Viking bracelet is no doubt a gift that the receiver will adore. This bracelet has a combination of black onyx, a famous stone that can absorb any negative energy around the people who are wearing it. You can also customize the marble beads with gemstones of your choice, such as howlite, amethyst, pink quartz, and many more.

5. Ox Horn Viking Glass

Would you like to incorporate the life of a Viking into your regular day? Grabbing a cup of drink on this ox horn Viking glass surely makes your dream come true. It is 100% made of a cattle horn, which makes every piece of glass really special and unique. The pattern is beautifully engraved on the horn with the pattern of your choice. 

6. Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Step up the pamper day with this Viking folding wooden comb. A wooden comb is an excellent personal care tool for those who are trying to have sleek hair and a strong Viking game. The craftsmanship is beyond words as it is well made with rounded teeth, which guarantee a comfortable and smooth glide through the hair. The folding feature makes it a perfect travel-buddy since it comes in a compact size.

7. Viking Beard Beads

Viking Beard Beads

The perfect accessories to step up the Viking hair game are these Viking hair beads. It is great for both hair or beard accessories. It is made from metal for sturdy hair accessories that can last you a very long time. The metal also makes it looking vintage especially with the engraved pattern on it. These accessories are also perfect for hair stylings, such as braids, dreadlocks, and many more. 

8. Viking Hammer Necklace

Viking Hammer Necklace

Wearing a piece of jewelry in a Viking theme makes someone look incredibly badass. Viking jewelry perfectly portrays strength and power, which surely will boost confidence. Surely you do not want to miss this stainless steel Viking hammer necklace, because it is durable and lightweight. The material also gives the wearer accessories that will always be looking as good as new for a long time.  

9. Viking Berserker Sculpture

Viking Berserker Sculpture

Getting this crazy detailed Viking sculpture surely makes a mouth-dropping moment. The whole sculpture is hand painted for a vibrant and precise sculpture. This skull Viking statue has a dimension of 14.8 inches by 6.2 inches by 11.7 inches, which makes it an incredible piece of decoration on the desk and shelves. You can get a Viking Berserker sculpture for a Valhalla gift, birthday gift for the Viking aficionados or even for Halloween gift. 

10. Nordic Viking Odin Mug

Nordic Viking Odin Mug

Nordic Viking Odin mug is a way-to-go gift for Viking lovers. The dark and detailed engraving of Odin is everyone’s favorite. An Odin Viking mug is surely a great Viking gift for him who adores Vikings and Odin. You also can not skip the best part of this mug, that is the unique cup handle, which also has engraved detailed 3D pattern. Since it has a double-wall design, it is great for either cold or hot drinks. 

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11. 3-in-1 Viking Ship LEGO

LEGO is riding the trend and people’s interest these days. It is either children or adults who would like to be able to build things out of LEGO. Therefore if you are planning on giving a gift to him who loves both LEGO and Vikings, a 3-in-1 Viking Ship LEGO set is the answer. This set comes with more than a thousand pieces, which make it very challenging to play with.

12. Norse Viking Raven Claw Pendant

Too good to be true one might say, because the Norse Viking Raven Claw pendant is just too gorgeous. It is a great accessory to wear during any occasion especially during game night with the Viking community. It is important to note that the chain and pendant is made of a long-lasting type of metal. The chain is made of alloy and the pendant is made of stainless steel. Therefore, you do not need to worry about it being rusty. Definitely an affordable and durable accessory.

13. Viking Coffee Mug

Make sipping a hot drink at home extra special with this “Always be Viking” mug. It is great not only in terms of build quality but also in printing. It is made out of ceramic material, which is well knowingly great with extreme temperature. Therefore, you can use it for either hot or cold drinks. The perfect 11oz size and the comfortable c-grip also make sipping hot tea enjoyable.

14. Beer Mug with Petwer Lid

Looking for a high-quality mug with unique design? Then beer mug with petwer lid is the answer. It is made of ceramic for a nice durable mug for beer drinking. It is super easy to clean and maintain, and perfect for beer drinking on game night sesh with family or friends. Moreover, a unique petwer lid that is made out of sturdy metal, also comes with the mug. The pewter lid will help you to keep your beer nice and cold for a couple of hours. You might also notice the super detailed engraving on the mug and what makes it even better, is it has several choices of patterns that you can choose from. 

15. Norse Wine Goblet

A wine goblet is needed in every house, but a Norse wine goblet is a sure thing that needs to be in every Viking fan’s house. It is built with a thick double wall made out of stainless steel and polyresin, which makes it perfect for wine drinking. The detailed bowl, stem, and base parts are extraordinary. A Viking wine goblet is a great Viking gift, either for a housewarming gift, birthday gift, or a Valhalla gift. 

16. Spearhead Viking Necklace

Wearing a spearhead Viking necklace is wearing the symbol of a leader, warrior, and strength. The chain and pendant are built with stainless steel to ensure you have an affordable yet high-quality product. On the spearhead, you will find a symbol of Vegvisir, which is neatly and beautifully engraved. Any Viking aficionados will surely love to receive such a beautiful Viking accessory. 

17. Axe and Leather Viking Bracelet

Leather accessories are always great as man accessories because they never fail to make strong, musky, and manly artisan-looking accessories, just like this axe and leather Viking bracelet. The bracelet is made with a braid-like pattern for a thicker and sturdier wristband. The detailed axe pendant on the end of the bracelet is what makes the whole bracelet look even more extraordinary.

18. Viking Costume for Men

Everyone has a dream of becoming similar to their hero, or their favorite person. The same thing with the Viking fans, they surely would like at least once to wear and feel like a Viking. Therefore, a Viking costume for him is the one you can get. The Viking coat is made out of good leather, with old trimming and detailing, and also faux fur on the shoulder, just like the ancient Viking coat. 

19. Viking Shield and Axe Wall Decoration

You might see a similar kind of wall decor in a lot of Viking movies. Shield and axe symbolize defense and fight. Therefore, getting wall decor is surely a great house decor. The shield has a natural printing, which makes it look real. It is a really suitable gift for Viking lovers who would like a beautiful classic Viking shield and axe wall decoration

20. Medieval Viking Pouch Belt

A 2-in-1 thing always makes life more effective and easier. Therefore, a medieval Viking pouch belt is surely a life-saver. This belt has a 2-in-1 function, it functions as a belt and at the same time has a little pouch for storage, so you can always have an extra little storage on your waist. The pouch and bag are made of horse leather to give you a strong, sturdy, and durable belt. You can have a pouch belt as a gift to your Viking-fans boyfriend, father, or friends. 

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21. Personalized Viking Phone Case

Having a phone case is truly important to avoid your phone from being shattered into pieces when it hits or falls to the ground. Would you like an upgrade from the old phone case? A personalized Viking phone case is the one you can trust not only to protect the phone but also to spice up the phone. It is made of a very durable polycarbonate that can work pretty well to absorb shock. 

22. Viking Leather Wallet

Viking Leather Wallet

Carrying a Viking pride every day is surely fun and a one-of-a-kind thing to do especially with a Viking leather wallet. Inside the wallet you will find several slots for passports and documents. The compact size makes this Viking leather wallet a perfect one for traveling. The premium leather material also gives this wallet a durable quality.

23. Viking Vintage Box Organizer

Viking Vintage Box Organizer

A box organizer made out of wood with engraved detail always makes any gift look a little fancier with a lot more personality. You can surely grab one of these Viking vintage box organizers as a gift. Particularly, this box organizer is perfect to store cigarettes, accessories, and many more. Since this Viking vintage box organizer is looking absolutely gorgeous with the vintage hardware, you can also use it as a vintage desk decoration.

24. Viking Leather Pouch

Viking Leather Pouch

It is good to always have a place to organize and store things. A little pouch like this vintage, unique and spacious Viking leather pouch should work perfectly well to store little things like accessories, pins, and many more. On the focal part of the pouch, you will find an embossed ancient Viking symbol. However, you can also personalize the embossed according to your preference.

25. Wooden Viking Ring

Wooden Viking Ring

The combination of wood and tungsten metal makes the wooden Viking ring look vintage and also unique. You will find ancient Runic alphabets engraved all around the ring for more Viking theme accessories. The wood part, where the alphabets are engraved, is beautifully sealed with a layer of resin. It is to give you a long-lasting ring that will be less prone to fading or scratching. 

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