25 Must Have Beach Gadgets To Complete Your Summer Vacation

Summer is happening and you can’t just miss it out. This is the time to take a break and enjoy the hot season. Of course, we cannot plan a perfect summer getaway without going to the beach. The feeling of wet sand, the sea breeze, and salty air already calling our vitamin-sea craving soul. 

Now that you are all ready to go to enjoy your summer vacation on a beautiful beach, you need to equip yourself with all the beach essentials to help you maximize your vacay experience. It is very important to pack your bags with all the essentials so you can enjoy the vacation, worry-free. In this article, we’ve selected the best cool beach gadgets so you don’t miss a thing. 

From much needed beach towels to the unthinkable but actually useful gadgets, the following is the list of beach gear for the ultimate beach getaway. 

1. Personalized Cup Holder

You know the struggle. You want to just chill and enjoy your favorite cold drinks but you got sands all over your cup. So uncomfortable, we know. This is when a cup holder or sand spiker comes in handy. It keeps our drinks in our reach, stable, and sand free. No more spilling and sandi hands. The personalized feature makes them luxury beach accessories everyone can have. 

2. Personalized Beach Towel

Chilling on the beach is more than just getting a good sun bath. It is also the perfect opportunity to show off our cute beach accessories. Beach towel is one of the beach essentials we should take. It serves different purposes from laying down on the sand to dry ourselves after a fun swimming session. And there is no cooler way to do that other than by a personalized beach towel with your name on it. You can match with the whole gang too. 

3. Personalized Beach Bag

The best beach bags should be accessible, waterproof, and cute. And this bag has them all. It is made out of jelly plastic material making it durable and can stand the test of the weather. It comes in a basket-like design so you will be able to see all of your beaches and access them easily. It can be assembled and dismantled easily so it won’t take up too much space in your house when not in use. You can get it personalized with your name on it so you will never lose your cool beach bag. 

4. Portable Beach Towel

This cute beach towel is a must have. It is not just your average beach towel. It is wearable and even comes with the hood providing extra protection to your head. It is also foldable and you can turn it into a backpack making it easy to carry with no hassle. It is perfect for both kids and adults. 

5. Backpack Beach Chair

A foldable beach chair is probably one of the beach essentials people look over when it actually provides so much comfort. It allows you to enjoy the vitamin sea comfortably if you don’t like to get your butt on the sand. It comes with a bottle holder so you can keep your favorite drinks at reach. It has a cute tropical design, and best of all, it is foldable into a backpack making it super easy to carry. 

6. Portable Neck Fan

Portable Neck Fan

We know that we come to the beach to enjoy the breeze. But sometimes, the weather can get too hot and we just need an extra boost of fresh air to keep our neck cool. This portable neck fan is designed to be worn around the neck so your hands remain free. It features double heads design, and two fans can 360° flexibly rotate, which allow you to adjust the best wind direction. 

7. Flying Rings

Flying Rings

Beach vacation is not complete without catching frisbee. And these flying rings are just the perfect thing to get. They are 80% lighter than standard frisbee making them comfortable and safe for players of any age including children. And it won’t hurt your finger ever again. The ring design also makes it so much more fun because you will be able to catch it with your fingers, hand, wrist, and even foot if you are feeling playful. 

8. Inflatable Beach Chair

Inflatable Beach Chair

We go to the beach to relax. And we can do that and show off the coolest beach gadget ever to make others envy. For instance, if you pull out this undoubtedly cool inflatable chair, people will look at you with jealousy. It weighs less than a pound so you can simply toss it into any bag and enjoy it at the beach effortlessly. And it inflates in under a minute so you can enjoy the beach scene right away. 

9. Monocular Telescope

Monocular Telescope

Want to enjoy the beach view further? This monocular telescope will expand your view so you can see birds and ships on the horizon. It features all glass high end optics and provides 8X magnification letting you have the best view. It is waterproof, and comes with a built -in lens dust cover that can prevent the lens from dust/moisture/debris, making sure you see everything in a clear detail. Its rubber finish has shock resistance, durable external protection makes it usable to withstand the tough weather conditions. 

10. Water Shoes

Water Shoes

Do you want to be able to walk on the beach while keeping your feet protected and remain comfortable? These water shoes will be your new best friend. The soles are made of TPR materials with excellent air permeability and non-slip resistance. The soles are thicker which can better protect your feet from sharp objects. The unique translucent sole is particularly attractive in the sun making them the most fashionable outdoor water shoes.

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11. Frosty Beer Chiller

It is super annoying when the hot beach weather makes our beers warm. Who wants to drink a warm beer? But worry not! Keep your beer chilled with this beer chiller. The beer lover inspired Frosty Beer 2 Go is the ultimate “cool tool” to keep your favorite bottle of beer frosty cold. Vacuum insulated, double wall stainless steel technology ensures that your bottled beer or can of beer will remain super cold regardless of the outside temperature. 

12. Coconuts Opener

This coconut corkscrew tool allows you to always open any size coconut in the right size. The stainless steel material is sharp and easy to use while also safe and won’t harm you. It is durable and rust free so you can use it for a long time. This is a must have beach essential for couples planning on a private honeymoon getaway when they plan to camp on a private beach with no disturbance. 

13. Beach Tray

A table tray is very useful when it comes to hanging your clothes, placing your food, drink, and other small gadgets when you’re on the beach. It can be fixed with a beach umbrella. Made of PP material, this table tray is solid and wear-resistant to use for a long time. Its compact size, and the lightweight texture is portable with long lifespan due to the solid texture and is portable to store in bags. 

14. Beer Snorkel

Add a touch of style while having your chill beer on the beach with this cool beer snorkel. It is a must have beer gadget for adults who want to enjoy their favorite drinks with style, especially for ladies who wear lipstick, allowing you to enjoy your beer elegantly. It has a novel and colorful beer straw design that is reusable making it environmentally friendly. 

15. Soda Can Lids

Canned soda is fun to have when enjoying the beach view. What’s not fun is when the soda slowly loses the fizz after the can has been opened for a while. You can prevent that discomfort by getting these soda can lids. It keeps the coda can closed so the soda will stay fizzy for a longer time. It is reusable and easy to clean. It is also very compact and light making it easy to carry in your bag. 

16. Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

Having a fun beach getaway with your besties? Makes the whole experience a lot more fun with this reusable water bottle that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. How cool is that? This is the ultimate beach gadget everyone should own. Or at least those who are cool and love music. Bringing out the party vibe to the beach has never been so easy. 

17. Sunblock UV Sensor Stick

One thing we should not forget when we go to the beach is protection. Yes, the sun is very important for us, but at the same time, it can also be very damaging to our skin. Hence, we need to apply the sunblock and we need to reapply it in time. These sunblocks are attributed and provide a built-in reminder for reapplying. The paste’s fun and sparkle-filled hues begin to fade when your nose, lips, ears, or any area needs another colorful coat. 

18. Solar Powered Speaker and Radio

Want to for the real deal? This radio and speaker set is so much fun. It features a solar panel in the back making it the perfect device to use on a beach where you are away from a power outlet. Its telescoping antenna pulls in FM stations, and the speaker responds to voice commands for answering and taking phone calls while you’re connected to it. 

19. Sand Removing Powder

Love the beach but not the sand that comes home with you? This talc-free product removes it using an all-natural blend of plants and minerals. First, towel off and generously sprinkle the powder on your sandiest spots. Then brush it all away, and voila, your skin is left smooth and sand-free, with a subtle scent of vanilla. This beachgoers essential is packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard tube, and suitable for beach lovers at any age including kids and babies.

20. Beer Preserver

These cute beach accessories that come in a life jacket design will keep your canned beer chill for a longer time. It is a must have beach gear every beachgoer should have. With two thermal insulation layers, this nylon beer preserver maintains your cold one’s refreshing frostiness while preventing condensation from cramping your style. 

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21. UV Protection Sun Visor

cool beach gadgets

A visor is nothing revolutionary but clearly necessary as a beach gadget for adults. These are the luxury beach accessories that will elevate your appearance without breaking your bank. It serves not only the look but also functionality as it protects your face and view from the glaring sun rays. It also keeps your neck safe so you won’t get sunburn

22. Wearable Beach Towel

Wearable Beach Towel

Drying yourself can be done in a stylish way too. Instead of getting a regular beach towel, opt for this wearable towel dress instead. You can use it to dry yourself after a swimming session on the beach, and you can use it as a bikini cover afterwards. A multipurpose cute beach accessory you should get this summer. 

23. Bubble Massage Slipper

Bubble Massage Slipper

And if you want to look a little funky and edgy, you can wear this bubble slipper as a way to make a statement. It is made out of foam material that is extremely comfortable and it is completely waterproof. Decorate the slippers with beach themed charms or other style of charms you like. It will make you stand out while you walk comfortably on the beach. 

24. Jelly Beach Tote

Jelly Beach Tote

And because you have so much beach stuff you need to take, you can fit them all in this large beach tote bag. It is made out of jelly plastic material that is super durable and it is waterproof. The large openings provide easy access. It is available in fun pastel colors making it highly fashionable so you can walk on and off the beach in style. 

25. Dry Bag Case

Dry Bag Case

Does the vacation ever happen if you don’t take any photos or videos? Documentation is just as important that the vacation itself. But remember to do it safely by getting this cool beach gadget that will provide security to your phone. The material is durable and 100% waterproof to prevent your phone from getting wet from sea water or condensation. It also supports the touch screen so you can still use it to take pictures and videos under water

Latest Post:

What are the must-have beach gadgets?

The must have beach gadgets can vary according to your needs. But as starters you need at least a durable beach bag, beach towels, dry bag for your phone, and sunblocks. You also need to keep yourself hydrated and you can get some of the drink related beach gadgets including beer chiller, sand spiker, and soda cup lids. 

What are the best beach essentials for couples?

The beach essentials for couples includes matching beach to, beach tray, matching beer preserver, matching beach water bottle, and many more. You can also get inflatable beach chairs to match with your spouse so you can relax and enjoy the warm breeze together with ease. Also, don’t forget the water shoes if you don’t feel like walking the beach on your bare feet. 

What are the best beach accessories for women?

There are a lot of options when it comes to the best beach accessories for women. Cool beach towels are an option, and you can get them in the form of traditional towels (personalized, of course) or wearable towel dresses that look so stylish. Beach bags are also very important for women. And don’t forget to get extra protection from the beach visor. 

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