30 Cool AirPods Cases to Protect Your AirPods in Style

No matter if you are a tech savvy or a fashionista, having your device protected should be a main priority for you. Tech enthusiasts might appreciate the advance of technology so let’s say they own a pair of AirPods, they will protect it as best as they could to make sure that the AirPods will work properly. With fashionistas, things could be a little different. They might care more about the look of their Airpods cases, that can add a style value to their whole daily style. 

To get more about an AirPods case suitable for fashionistas, below are our selection of cool AirPods cases. This list not only will protect your AirPods but also make you be able to do it in style.

1. Seamless Flower Protective AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

A cool AirPods case is not only made to protect the AirPods from scratches and bumps, but also to brighten up your day. This trendy AirPods case has a beautiful bright design in bright colors that will cheer you up and keep you in a good mood while protecting your AirPods. It is compatible with wireless charging and completed with a clip for easier access. 

2. Personalized Leather

cool airpods cases

Leather materials scream elegance and ensure quality. It will always make everything look cooler and more expensive. This AirPods case comes with a metal keychain that goes really well with the elegant leather design. This AirPods case is personalizable and will make a great gift. 

3. Floral Silicone AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

This cute AirPods case has the manic-pixie dream girl vibe. It will be perfect for anyone who has a fun and quirky personality. It comes in various pastel colors with daisy on the front making it cute and cheerful. The premium silicone material ensures safety and will protect the AirPods from any unwanted scratch or bumps. 

4. Personalized AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

Talking about personalizable stuff, this AirPods case might be the ultimate personalizable case you can ever get. It is made out of durable hard plastic and can be fully customized not only you can put names on it but also initials, designs, and patterns. This can be a perfect option when you want to get similar cases for the whole gang but with different touch on each case. 

5. Luxurious Diamonds

cool airpods cases

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they said. This diamond case is perfect for the boujee babe who loves shiny things and doesn’t hesitate to show their love towards luxury in every detail including cool AirPods cases. It is made out of durable impact-resistance hard PC for the ultimate protection while the bling will accentuate the luxurious side of the glam diva that you are. 

6. Fashion Pink AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

Internet baddies are known for their love of good aesthetics and coffees. This AirPods case has just about all of that. It has a very fashionable pink color with a famous coffee chain design representing the trendy side of a baddie. It comes with a carabiner, so you can attach it to your bag easily. Also, this AirPods comes with a tiny pink drink keychain that every trendy coffee lover love. 

7. Squid Game

cool airpods cases

There is no shame in loving a series and collecting all things related to the series. Everyone has their own level of attachment to some pop culture product. And either you’re a real fan or you just happen to be someone who is following the trend, this AirPods case is still a cool item to collect. The keyring hook makes it accessible and secures it from getting lost or left behind at the same time. 

8. Cute Characters AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

Sometimes, a simple cute accessory can help us to deal with our daily stress and burden. This is why getting a cute cartoon character AirPods case is a good ting to do if you are not only looking for protection, which this case can provide of course, but also daily amusement. There are various if designs available. All of them are cute and come with a tiny matching keychain.

9. Waterfall Quicksand AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

This AirPods case is a perfect combination of beauty and fun at the same item. It comes in a fashionable perfume bottle design made out of transparent plastic. The body of the case is filled with mineral oil and sparkling color sequins making it glamor and fun at the same time. It also comes with a golden chain so you can wear it as a necklace. 

10. Cute Cartoon Fruits AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

This cute cartoon fruits case can be your most fun experience to keep your AirPods safe and clean. It has a compact design for minimum bulk and has a very cute cartoon fruit design over a transparent hard-shell plastic cover. With this fun case, you can protect your AirPods while decorating your bags at the same time. 

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11. 3D Cartoon AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

This AirPods case has a variety of popular designs and everything we love starting from our favorite candy to the game console. It is made out of high-quality silicone and has a cool 3D design that makes it have a real-to-touch finish. Now you can keep your AirPods safe and clean in the most fun way

12. Marble Patern AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

Marble pattern is now back in trend. Not only in interior designs, but also other stuff including cool AirPods cases. People even often make their own marble pattern things to make their belongings appear more glamorous. This AirPods case already has a marble pattern so you don’t have to do it yourself. It comes in various solid, neutral and soft colors that can go with everything. 

13. Star Wars AirPods Pro Case

cool airpods cases

Who doesn’t want a Darth Vader case? Well, if you are a true Star Wars fan, chances are either you want a Darth Vader case or a Stormtrooper case. Either you are more of a dark force fan or more to the light force side, this Darth Vader Airpods case is still very cool to have. It comes in a great detail with a soft finish, and of course, a matching keychain on it. 

14. 3D Motorcycle

cool airpods cases

This cool AirPods cases will make a great gift for a biker or anyone who just loves motorcycles in general. It comes in a 3D motorcycle design that can actually stand up so you can also use it as a decoration on your desk. It has an easy-to-access opening so you can access the AirPods easily. 

15. Soft Panda AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

This panda might do no kung fu, but it can brighten up your day and make you smile while keeping your AirPods protected. The hands of the panda are movable so you can change the direction of it however you like. It also comes with an easy-to-open cover so you can access your AirPods easily. 

16. Classic Game Player

Classic Game Player

Classic game devices always bring us good memories. This cool AirPods case is no exception. It has the classic gameboy design and is made out of high-quality silicone material that will protect the AirPods from water and dust. It comes with a carabiner so you can attach it easily and comes in a matte black color with a soft finish. 

17. Shockproof Hunny AirPods Case

Shockproof Hunny AirPods Case

This AirPods case is more than just its chic appearance. It has all of the things your AirPods needs including shockproof features that protect the AirPods just in case it drops. It’s made out of soft-to-touch silicone material with 3D details to make it appear more real. It also comes with a carabiner that works as an anti-theft feature. 

18. Bape AirPods Cover

Bape AirPods Cover

This AirPods case is the perfect case to get for a hype-beast who always keep up on high-end top designer clothing. This cool AirPods case comes in the shape of a backpack with the icon bape design. Every fashion hype-beast will be so thrilled to get this product. 

19. Instant Noodle Cup AirPods Case

Instant Noodle Cup AirPods Case

If you have never taken a pair of AirPods out of a noodle cup, then this is your best chance to do that. Whether we admit it or not, instant noodles are very close to our life. This is why getting a noodle cup AirPods case can show how close we are to our very own daily habits. 

20. Kate Spade Ombre Glitter

cool airpods cases

This AirPods case has a very elegant look with its ombre glitter in soft color. This can be the perfect case to get for anyone who is mature and can appreciate the beauty of a design. This case comes with a golden keychain for easier access. 

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21. Black Dog

cool airpods cases

Having a dog can be a great thing to do. Sometimes you just can’t have a dog as a pet due to some condition such as the rule in our apartment not allowing us to have a pet. Even though a faux pet can never replace a real pet, sometimes it can help us to live the life of a pet owner while providing all of the protection you need. 

22. Leather Armor

cool airpods cases

If you want to get the case that protects the AirPods seriously, this case might be the case that you are looking for. The design and look of it represents professionality and security. Not just the look, this cool AirPods case also provides serious protection to keep your AirPods at its best condition. It has complete access to every single function and buttons making it the perfect AirPods case you can rely on. 

23. More than Magic

cool airpods cases

Just as the name suggested, this AirPods case is more than magic. First of all, it has a cool magical sparkly color ready to glam up your day at any moment. Providing the basic function of every AirPods case which is to give protection, this case comes with a star-shaped carabiner so you can attach it to your bags and access the AirPods in style. 

24. Clear AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

Cool AiPods Case doesn’t always have to come with loud patterns or intricate designs. Sometimes, the best of all AirPods cases is the one who will be available to give protection while maintaining its original look. This clear case gives all of the protection and access needed, while also letting us appreciate the original design of the AirPods case. 

25. Fluffy Pom-pom AirPods Case

cool airpods cases

Since every cool AirPods cases are often being used as a keychain or being attached to bags and serve as decoration as well, why don’t you get one with a pom-pom in it? That can be a very special accessory you have that can actually elevate the fashionable side of your technology-related item. 

26. Wooden AirPods Case

This is a very suitable AirPods case for those who love nature. Made of Walnut and Oak wood, this item is perfect to reflect one’s love for nature while still embracing the beauty of technology. Aside from keeping your AirPods safe, this item will also boost your style, thanks to it’s sleek and elegant design.

27. Elago Clear AirPods Case

lago Clear AirPods Case

Adding some colors into your life will definitely make you days bright, just like the color of this adorable AirPods case. Comes in six bright colors, we can guarantee that you will love all of them and might purchase more pieces for your loved ones, too! It also comes with a chain so you can hang it on your handbags or backpacks.

28. KAKUYI AirPods Case Cover

KAKUYI AirPods Case Cover

When it comes to choosing an AirPods Case that acts more than just something to protect your AirPods, you might want check this one out. This item is more than just a case, because it will also become a cool item to boost your classic and elegant style. Made of high-quality silicone, this case is highly durable and tough, making it a super protective case that protects your AirPods from scratches and external impacts.

29. Lemon AirPods Case

Lemon AirPods Case

This one is an AirPods case that will be the perfect summer item. Aside from its fresh and fun design, it’s also very easy to install and fits perfectly in your AirPods without being clunky. In addition, it also comes with an access for you to charge your AirPods without having to remove the case while charging.

30. Minimalist AirPods Case

Minimalist AirPods Case

The last item on this list in an item that will be the perfect AirPods case for someone with a simple taste. It offers a minimalist design with a cute and natural look. Due to it’s unique design, you can definitely have this as a perfect gift for your loved ones. Moreover, it also supports QI Wireless charging technology.

Final Thought

The best way to choose the most suitable Airpods case is to choose the one that represent your personality the most. If you consider yourself as a fun and cheerful person, then you can go with colorful cases with cute patterns. Meanwhile for those with a classic taste, the leather case is probably the best pick for them. They can also pick the ones with simple design such as wooden case.

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