AirSquares Cleaner Putty is an Intelligent Solution to Thoroughly Clean Your AirPods

Did you know that your phone and its accessories can get so dirty? You must check the hygiene of your earphones before you put them on. Your ears that come in direct contact with the device may be at risk of infection.

Now with AirSquares earbud cleaner, you can clean your AirPod efficiently! This cleaner putty can sterilize all the unwanted materials that stick on the surface of your headset.

Dirty AirPod can lead to so many complications. First of all, putting a filthy gadget inside your ear canal is gross and unhealthy. Furthermore, accumulated dirt, earwax, gunk, and debris may clog the speakers. It may eventually decrease the output sound quality.

AirSquares Earbud Cleaner Putty

Therefore, you have to check it regularly to maintain sanitation. The AirSquares putty allows you to clean your AiPod down to its tiny crevices quite easily. The putty is flexible and draws dirty materials like a magnet.

AirSquares comes in the form of 12 putty squares in one pack. You can take out one square and use it to clean your gadget accessories instantly with ease.

AirSquares Earbud Cleaner Putty

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To use it, you just need to gently press the putty against your AirPod.  This way, the putty can reach inside the tiny holes. All of the dirt will stick on the putty. As a result, you get a completely clean AirPod, as good as new!

Not just for AirPod, AirSquares is also effective for cleaning up your phone, laptop, and other gadgets. This putty is safe against electronics and incredibly effective in removing dirt in small and narrow openings on your hardware.

AirSquares Earbud Cleaner Putty

Clean your device smartly! With AirSquares, it only takes several seconds for you to cleanse your electronics. It encourages you to be more conscious of hygiene.

Your hand that touches gadgets all the time may look clean. However, it may actually carry dirt and other stuff that will accumulate on your devices.

AirSquares Earbud Cleaner Putty

Your smartphone that uses a touch screen is especially vulnerable to dirt. Your laptop keyboard is also among the dirtiest parts of your electronics.

The AirPod may get contaminated with earwax because your ear canal always produces oil to keep it healthy. These types of hardware get to be covered with grimes in a short time.

AirSquares Earbud Cleaner Putty

The AirSquares is flexible, so it won’t damage your device. The putty can enter tiny spaces between your speaker holes, narrow areas around the keyboards, and other places that may be impossible to reach with traditional cleaning methods. This putty will let you thoroughly remove all of the smeared surfaces.

If you would like to have spotless AirPods, smartphones, and other gadgets, AirSquares is something you can use!

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