Ruggie Soft Mat is the Ultimate Alarm Clock That Can Only Be Stopped After You are Out of the Bed

Are you having a difficult time getting up on time? Having a regular alarm clock is not enough to guarantee that you will get out of your bed. Sometimes, people just push the snooze button to delay the alarm sounds and go back to sleep.

The ultimate alarm clock is the one that can spur you to get out of your bed. Now meet Ruggie, the most effective alarm clock in the world!

Ruggie is a unique alarm clock in the shape of a soft mat. On the top corner, there is a digital time display. You put this clock on your bedroom floor next to your bed

After setting the alarm, Ruggie will emit a sound that will wake you up. You have to get up, sit, and put your legs on top of the flat clock to stop the noise. This way, your body will no longer be lying on the bed. The urge to get back to sleep will be minimalized.

Ruggie Soft Mat Alarm Clock

The design of Ruggie is seemingly simple. However, it is proven to be the most effective way to ensure that you are out of the sleeping mode. By being on time, your productivity will consistently increase. It is known that you have to be awake in the morning to become successful.

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Ruggie Soft Mat Alarm Clock

If you are a heavy sleeper, a regular alarm clock would be useless. When you are half awake, your body will stop the noise or push the snooze button in reflex.

It is not easy to have a clear mind right after opening your eyes. Your brain is still loading and tends to preserve the instinct to continue sleeping. As a result, you may miss appointments or a critical schedule. 

Ruggie Soft Mat Alarm Clock

Ruggie will encourage you to get out of your blanket. The only way for you to stop the noise is to move out of your comfy bed. You have to put both of your legs on the soft mat for at least three seconds to deactivate the alarm. This position and time will provide you with a chance to regain full consciousness. 

The manufacturer uses memory foam as a soft pad for your leg. After you step on the clock, it will regain its shape immediately. The softness of the material makes Ruggie look lovely and fitting inside your bedroom. The design will complement your resting place.

Ruggie Soft Mat Alarm Clock

For additional features, Ruggie lets you record a custom voice note. The message will be played after you have successfully got up and stopped the alarm clock. You can put a motivational quote or an appointment reminder. 

Ruggie is a type of reinvention that ultimately improves regular alarm clock functionality. This creative device will help you start the day and raise your productivity!

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