Amazon Astro : Independent Household Robot With Advanced AI and Periscope Camera

Would you like to have a robot companion that can autonomously move around? Meet the adorable Amazon Astro! This capable household automaton can perform various tasks because it is integrated with Amazon services.

Now, you get to own an intelligent machine that can behave like the cute droids from the Star Wars movies.

The high-tech Amazon Astro can move autonomously around the house without running into walls, furniture, stairs, or other obstacles. It will explore your rooms and scan the surrounding area to map out the layout.

In science, this feature is called simultaneous localization and mapping or SLAM. This feature has been a holy grail in the automaton world, and now Astro has solved it. The map is processed through neural networks and planner systems.

Amazon Astro Household Robot

According to the creators, Astro’s Artificial Intelligence is a result of a revolutionary breakthrough. The ability to move independently requires a complicated algorithm.

The robot uses advanced hardware and software to process the scanned layout while actively and continuously making accurate real-time decisions. Moving obstacles such as running dogs would not be a problem for this little automaton.

Amazon Astro Household Robot

This intelligent robot can do SLAM very quickly. It uses multiple cameras and sensors to capture your rooms’ layout. Amazon Astro comes with a periscope camera that can extend upward up to 42 feet. This camera can efficiently monitor your house.

You can remotely see what is happening inside the house through the periscope camera. Amazon Astro is indeed an excellent household observer. You can also send the adorable automaton to check any disturbance, and you can see what is going through the camera.

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Amazon Astro Household Robot

In addition, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is integrated within Astro. You can command it through your voice to play songs, dimming light, plan schedules, and many more. Furthermore, Astro also comes with Alexa Together, which is especially helpful for elderly and ill people.

You can set a custom limit to restrict Astro’s movement area for privacy. After all, you do not want this robot to observe you during private time. There is an option to determine out-of-bound-zone.

Amazon Astro Household Robot

This way, Astro will not go into the forbidden area. You can also set do not disturb mode, giving you personal space and time.

Amazon Astro is intentionally designed to have friendly appearances. The shape of this robot has to be loveable because it will technically live with your family, including kids and pets.  

Amazon Astro Household Robot

It has a square monitor as its head and three wheels to maneuver around indoors. The non-threatening looks will melt anyone’s heart.

Astro is both practical and an incredible feat of science. More robots that use Astro’s dynamic SLAM capability may arise in the future. The world where we get to co-exist with intelligent automatons has come!

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