The Portable ZipCharge Go Refills Your Electric Vehicle Battery Anytime and Anywhere

We are currently witnessing the dawn of electric cars. Eco-friendly transportation units are increasingly becoming an essential part of our life. Nevertheless, infrastructure to refill the battery is still limited in some areas.

With ZipCharge Go, you won’t have to worry about finding a charging station. This portable charger can save you from getting stranded if your electric vehicle runs out of power in the middle of nowhere.

Having an electric car is undoubtedly great for our planet. However, sometimes it can be highly inconvenient. You have to carefully calculate your distance to see if your car’s battery will be enough.

After all, we can’t always charge our vehicle on the road. ZipChargo is an intelligent solution to this problem. If you can’t find a power station, you just need to bring a portable charger.

Portable ZipCharge Go Electric Vehicle Battery

ZipCharge Go comes in the shape of a suitcase. It has a handle and a set of wheels that allows you to pull or push it quickly. This electric vehicle charger is highly portable. You can easily store the equipment in your car’s trunk, take it out and move it around without difficulties.

Even though this portable car charger is not that big, it has an extraordinary capacity. ZipCharge Go can store enough power for your electric car to travel up to 20 to 40 miles.

Portable ZipCharge Go Electric Vehicle Battery

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You just need to connect your car with this equipment for 30 to 60 minutes, and it will have extra energy to go on.

Imagine that you have two ZipCharge Go units. You get to store twice the power and extend your electric car range. This idea is viable if you have the budget and can spare more of your trunk space.

Portable ZipCharge Go Electric Vehicle Battery

You may need to travel to remote areas with limited infrastructure. Having portable energy stations will ensure that you reach your destination safely.

The ZipCharge is compatible with various sockets. It comes in a modern, sleek design that will compliment your futuristic electric vehicles. Hauling a suitcase that contains electric energy is something that we will experience more in the future.

Portable ZipCharge Go Electric Vehicle Battery

You can refill ZipCharge Go whenever you have the chance. Make sure that you top it off before you go on an adventure. This way, your spare energy outlet will always be full. You can also use the accompanying apps that remind you of the battery level, status update, and more!

The world is getting more concerned with climate change. The role of electric vehicles is essential to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. Inventions such as ZipCharge Go will speed up the transformation away from dirty fossil fuel!

Portable ZipCharge Go Electric Vehicle Battery
Portable ZipCharge Go Electric Vehicle Battery

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