Advanced Connected Car System

The ZUS Advanced Connected Car System will let you upgrade your car with a variety of amazing functions for a fraction of their retail price.

We all love gadgets, which make our lives easier and safer. That’s why there are a lot of them available for cars these days.  Many of them are produced by the maker and you can buy them when you order your car.

The downside is that car prices drastically spiked in the last couple of years, largely due to new gadgets being mounted in them. But what if you could enjoy the spoils of modern gadgets for less than $400?

Let us present the ZUS, a combination of 6 amazing gadgets for your car. There is the Smart Backup Camera, which is easy to install in the license plate. It offers 

Advanced Connected Car System

170-degree wide vision with infrared powered night vision so that nothing surprises you when backing up.

Then there is the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor, which decodes engine errors in real-time and based on your car’s history, analyzes the engine work for potential issues.

Another gadget in this combo is the Smart Tire Safety Monitor. It analyzes your tires during driving, warns it if they are in any danger and gives you the perfect pressure data for better fuel economy.

Advanced Connected Car System

For entertainment, you get the All Compatible HD Music Adapter, which supports all cars, provides amazing sound quality and hands-free calls.

The next gadget is called the Smart Car Charger. It has a variety of functions including monitoring your car battery and a mileage log, which produces IRS compliant reports about your business trips.

Advanced Connected Car System

The last device in this set is the Car Key Finder. It’s a simple gadget which lets you quickly find your keys, your smartphone or even your car on a crowded lot. 

Advanced Connected Car System

All in the ZUS set of car gadgets give you plenty of stuff you can enjoy while making you feel safer and your car better cared for.

From finding your car to analyzing its work in real time, these are all essentials in our modern world. The ZUS is an amazing set, different than most on the market because you won’t have to pay thousands of bucks for it.

Advanced Connected Car System

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