360 Degrees Dog Shower

With this 360 Degrees Dog Shower you’d be able clean your dirty, but no less charming, dog much faster than you’d think, without loosing on the quality of the washing session.

Your precious dog probably loves spending time outside, which later results in dirt splayed all over its beautiful coat.

And we all know, that dogs scatter around in panic whenever they hear the forsaken word “bath”. Well, with this unique dog shower you might have it a lot easier than others and it will make the perfect gift for a dog owner.

This shower comes in form of a hoop that dispenses water from all the angles (hence the name), that helps you clean the hardest places to reach and simultaneously provides your dog with a delicate water massage. 

360 Degrees Dog Shower

All you have to do is attach this dog shower to your hose, fill the shampoo dispenser with your dog’s favorite shampoo, put the hoop around your dog and turn the shower on.

360 Degrees Dog Shower

Maybe now bathing time won’t be so traumatic for your dog and you as it used to be. 

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