The Sleeping Bag Coat

The Sleeping Bag Coat is an ingenious invention designed to keep the homeless warm at night, as the coat can be transformed into a sleeping bag and when not needed it can be carried as an over-the-shoulder bag.

This amazing creation manages to restore your faith in humanity, especially when you learn more about how it is made.

The Sleeping Bag Coat is manufactured by the non-profit organization “The Empowerment Plan“, that not only has already managed to distribute 15,000 of these coats all over the United States and Canada, but also employs homeless individuals to create them. 

This strategy helps the homeless get training as seamstresses, earn a steady income and generally get back on their feet. Since 2012 34 those in need have already managed to find a home for themselves and their families.
the sleeping bag coat

If you want to be a part of this inspirational program you can order the coats for people in your community by simultaneously supporting people working as a part of The Empowerment Plan.

The world can be a better place one good deed at a time. 

the sleeping bag coat

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