HICKIES 2.0 No Tie Shoelaces, Never Tie Your Strings Shoelaces Again

Tired of rushing in the morning to get to the office on time, yet still need to tie your shoelaces?

Well, I’ve been in that situation so many times before, and sometimes, a simple task like tying your shoelaces can seem like a huge task to be done. And after that, we still need to deal with shoelaces that come off once in a while, and then we need to re-tie them again and again, at least a couple of times a day. Well oh well…

With Hickies, I think we can now say bye-bye to our string shoelaces. It is now time to move from the traditional shoelaces to the new alternative that offers adaptive technology. I accidentally discovered Hickies online as I searched for no tie shoelaces that can turn my sneakers into slip-on shoes.

I have to say that Hickies are the perfect solution for my never-ending battle with my string shoelaces. Putting on my shoes with the new no tie shoelaces has never been easier, thanks to Hickies.

no tie shoelaces
HICKIES 2.0 No Tie Shoelaces

Since I know that I’m not alone in this, I have decided to make an honest and in-depth review about Hickies. The product is called Hickies 2.0 to be exact.

I’m pretty sure this review can be useful for you who are looking for new ways on how to turn your shoes or sneakers with string shoelaces into slip ons, in just minutes!

The Hickies 2.0 Difference: Revolutionizing Shoelaces

Based on what I found, Hickies is a smart and easy lacing system that connects each pair of eyelets independently and makes your shoes look fit and perform better. In short, Hickies 2.0 is a no tie shoelaces that turn your shoes into a pair of slip-on shoes.

I am a person who loves wearing sneakers. Aside from being comfortable, sneakers come in cool and great designs and I think designers have been doing a great job in launching new and innovative pairs of sneakers from time to time.

However, there is one thing about sneakers that hasn’t changed for centuries now. Yup, it is the shoelaces, the string shoelaces to be exact.

Now that I have my Hickies, I don’t need to tie my sneakers’ laces again, and I am thankful for that.

no tie shoelaces
The Hickies 2.0 Difference: Revolutionizing Shoelaces

Since most of my sneakers are white, I got myself a pack of white Hickies. A pack contains 14 pieces, and I think it’s more than enough for a pair of sneakers, and they come in one size that fits all. It’s super easy to install, and it also comes with an instruction book that includes various ways on how to wear them.

There are ways on how you need to wear them based on how tight or loose you want your shoes to be.

Being a flexible no tie shoelaces, I personally think that the founders did a great job in inventing this cool product that can actually become the solution for our daily and never-ending ‘tying shoelaces’ problem everyday. It’s like one of the world’s biggest problems is finally solved. Don’t you think?

Features That Matter: Exploring Hikies 2.0

What I love the most about Hickies is actually the simple design and the variations offered for many types of shoes. Even better, it’s not only work for sneakers, because it works for casual or formal shoes as well.

It’s very easy to use and all I need to do is just put in each piece to my shoes’ eyelets and secure each piece with a simple and easy click, and you’re all set!

To be honest, I am glad that I finally discovered Hickies since it gives me a sense of relief because I don’t need to worry about having to tie my shoelaces anymore. Also, Hickies are made of high-quality rubber, making each piece flexible and long lasting. It is truly an innovative lacing system that comes as fresh air for me.

no tie shoelaces
Exploring Hikies 2.0

With several options on how you want your shoes to fit; whether it’s regular, loose or tight, Hickies can do it all. With an instruction book that shows you many variations on how to wear them based on your needs, I think Hickies has become the most secure fit laces for any type of shoes.

It has been very comfortable for me, plus I just need to ‘plug and play’ the pieces to the shoes that I am about to wear for the day. It’s basically a quick lacing solution like no other.

1. Comfort and Performance

I have to agree with ads, because Hickies 2.0 is definitely made for everyone. It’s perfect for travelers, athletes, urbanities, kids and parents, and simply anyone! Interestingly, I even discovered that some celebrities are already wearing Hickies, too!

On Hickies official website, there are pics of celebs like Alessandro Ambrosio, Chloe Moretz, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Selma Blair wearing Hickies. So, if the super models are comfy in their Hickies, then I don’t see why we won’t feel the same, right?

no tie shoelaces
Comfort and Performance

Aside from being functional, I think we can also say that it has become one of the coolest footwear accessories for any purpose. For sports, for example. For me personally, I don’t have to worry that my shoelaces will somehow loose while I’m running anymore. It’s a great performance sport’s laces.

Not only for running, but for other sports as well. It’s highly flexible, making it a great alternative of shoelaces for those who are active and love outdoor adventures, too.

I can really say that I am a pretty active person, and I do exercise a lot. But after I was doing some exercise with lots of movements here and there, Hickies remained secure in place. They even adapted wonderfully to different movements. So, in terms of comfort, I would give it 8/10.

2. Easy Installation and Adjustability

In terms of installation and adjustability, I must say that Hickies wins as well. Since it comes with a super easy installation, you can just put it on and off as easy as 1… 2… 3….

Since it’s rubber, it’s also highly flexible of course. 

Easy Installation and Adjustability
Easy Installation and Adjustability

Also, no matter what eyelets your shoes have, I can assure you that Hickies fits all. Whether it’s eyelets made of leather, fabric, flyknit/flywire, loops, D-ring, metal, or plastic, you don’t need to worry because whatever types of eyelets that your shoes have, Hickies will always work.

However, do bear mind that you need to pick the right variation of Hickies when you make your purchase. Hickies comes in two size options; one for adults and another one for kids. When I say kids, I mean below 12 years old.

You don’t want to wear shoes that are too tight all day because you are wearing Hickies for kids, don’t you?

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3. Style and Versatility: Elevating Your Footwear Aesthetics

When it comes to the element of style and versatility, I think pictures say it all. As you can see for yourself, any shoes, especially sneakers will look a lot cooler with Hickies on.

I personally love the look of my sneakers even more now with Hickies on them. There are no strings flying around, no more pulling and tying shoelaces anymore, and I can just put on my sneakers like putting on my slip-on shoes, as easy as that.

Style and Versatility: Elevating Your Footwear Aesthetics
Style and Versatility: Elevating Your Footwear Aesthetics

With such popularity, Hickies are selling more and more variations of products to provide customers with more options to pick.

There are basically four categories of Hickies products, and each has different purposes. Now let’s review each category one by one:

  • HICKIES Originals: Colorful options from black and white to bright and pastel colors
  • HICKIES Metallics: Obviously, Hickies with metallic colors like copper, gold, or silver
  • HICKIES Kids: Hickies with smaller size for kids under 12 years old
  • HICKIES with Crystals: For those who love a touch of bling-bling on their shoelaces

The best thing about Hickies is also the fact that I have unlimited options to mix and match all of the pieces the way I want them to be.

Moreover, Hickies will also make a perfect product for anyone who enjoys wearing sleek leather shoes without having to tie the shoelaces. For this purpose, you might want to go for black or brown Hickies to match with the color of the shoes, and see how elegant your shoes will look on you.

4. Durability and Longevity

Hickies are made of solid rubber, so I don’t think they will break easily. However, I do need to remind you that rubber does expire after being used for a long time.

So, you can anticipate by having some extra pieces, just in case. But since each pack comes with 14 pieces of no tie shoelaces, it shouldn’t be an issue for me.

Maintenance and Care: Keeping Hickies 2.0 at Their Best

Being rubber, you don’t need to wash Hickies the way you wash your string shoelaces. You can just wipe each of the pieces using a damp cloth. To make sure the color lasts, my advice is to make sure you wipe them before use.

After use, you can store them back inside the plastic packaging, and let all the buckles off to maintain its flexibility.

Where to Get Your Hickies 2.0?

Hickies are already being sold widely in the market. Of course, you can always make a purchase through Hickies official website, or you can also get it on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Your pick.

Hickies 2.0 with Similar Products

There are actually quite plenty of options when it comes to no tie shoelaces in the market. But I personally think that Hickies is the one brand that features all the important elements for me.

It is great in terms of functionality, it has a cool and amazing design with various options to choose from, and it features durability, too.

Hickies 2.0
Hickies 2.0

We can take INMAKER, for instance. It is a brand that has created some no tie shoelaces products as well. But when it comes to designs, I still think that Hickies still wins. Most no tie shoelaces products out there come in just a plain design in basic colors only. But not with Hickies.

So, yeah…. I would still go for Hickies.

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Final Thoughts

If you are tired of tying your shoelaces just like I did, then Hickies would be the perfect solution for that situation. It’s a game changer that will change your life. Hickies can basically turn any pair of shoes you have into slip-ons and make them look a lot cooler than before, and more comfortable to wear, too.

So, I highly recommend you to get a pack or two of Hickies, wear them, and you can thank me later. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with Hickies in the comment section!

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