32 Very Funny Shoes That Are Crazy Cool Fun

These funny shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and could either be absolutely hilarious or outlandishly weird! But the one thing they all have in common is their ability to grab attention. Whether you are looking to complete an eccentric cosplay outfit or simply showcase your artistic side, crazy shoes are the way to go. They will not only display your originality and unique style, they will also ensure that you become the focus of attention.

No matter what your reason is for embarking on a search for the funniest shoes in the world, we have you covered. We have scoured the internet to bring you the most amazing collection of funny shoes for sale.

UNIQUE and Funniest Shoes In The World

While others love fancy shoes to showcase, you can challenge your style with the funniest shoes ever made in the world! They have quirky designs but are somehow attractive, a perfect pair for those who love flashy looks. So stop rambling and start enjoying our list of the most interesting and fun shoes ever!

#1 T-Rex “Jurassic Pump” Dinosaur Spike Heels 

Dinosaur Spike Heels

Take a trip back to the Jurassic age in this queer pair of heels. Featuring a T-Rex statue for the heel and steel spikes along the front and back, these weird shoes are the real deal.

A textured surface and metallic paint add to their visual interest taking them to the next level. No matter where you happen to go in them, these statement shoes will steal the limelight. You can wear them to attend cosplay costume events or festivals.

#2 Bob Marley Rasta Reggae Sneakers 

Bob Marley Rasta Reggae Sneakers

Looking for the ultimate pair of funny men’s shoes for the Rastafarian in your life? Or would you simply like to pay a tribute to Bob Marley in style? Whatever your objective, these custom-printed sneakers are the way to go.

They sport rasta colors and an image of Bob Marley on the side, making a statement that is impossible to ignore. On the inside, they have the Lion of the tribe of Judah, a prominent symbol of the culture. With this striking design, you better wear them to hang out with your pals. But we recommend pairing them with shorts to highlight their presence.

#3 Galaxy “Intergalactic Planetary” Spike Pumps 

Galaxy "Intergalactic Planetary" Spike Pumps

If you would like to add spark to your look then these edgy galactic heels are perfect. Combining a love for outer space and the timeless spike trend, these crazy shoes can never go out of style.

Their aesthetic appeal is out of this world, literally, and bound to get you lots of compliments. Show off both your impeccable tastes and your love for astronomy with these unique pumps. Pair them with your black net stockings and fit tunic dress to have an eye-catching appeal.

#4 Sloth Themed Custom Women’s Sneakers 

Sloth High Top Shoes, Sloth Sneakers, Sloth Women High Top Shoes, Sloth Kid High Top Shoes, High Top Shoes With Sloth

Is the sloth your spirit animal? Well, if so then these funny shoes are right up your alley. They feature an adorable sloth print that will crack everyone up.

The sloth seems like he’s about to sleep. For anyone whose life revolves around lounging, these are the ideal pair of shoes to match their character. Showcase these shoes by wearing them for hanging out or grabbing drinks with friends. Choose shorts to allow the pair to stand out.

#5 Whale Tail Shoes 

Whale Tail Shoes

Showcase your creativity and love for the extraordinary with these fun shoes. Inspired by nature’s best, they sport a whale’s tail as the highlight of the design. Just like in real life where they are sighted waving the tail above the water surface, this ankle strap tail curves upwards.

Nature lovers will not be able to turn their eyes to this iconic beauty. Enjoy making waves left, right, and center. However, you better consider putting on skin-tone stockings so your feet don’t get scratched.

#6 Levohlt Lowtop LED Back From The Future Sneakers

Levohlt Lowtop LED Back From The Future Sneakers

Are you a Back to the Future fan or know someone who is? With this pair of LED Back From The Future Sneakers, the future might be a lot brighter than you think! Great attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, breathing life into the pair.

Unlike previous funny shows with quirky designs, this one is the best bet for daily wear. But if you ask us, we prefer to wear them at night as the light will glow in the dark.

#7 Alice in Wonderland Wonderland Teacup Shoes 

Alice in Wonderland Wonderland Teacup Shoes

Would you like to spend a day with Alice in Wonderland? These very funny shoes allow you to fall down her rabbit hole in time for a tea party. An enchanting pair of heels in every respect, these hand-painted pumps feature a stack of vintage teacups and saucers as the focal point.

Lace detailing and crystal spikes on the soles complete the flamboyant effect, promising lots of attention. Well, they are, of course, not for daily occasions, but will capture everyone’s attention at the cosplay festivals.

#8 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots 

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots

Your search for the perfect boots to complete your Harley Quinn cosplay outfit ends here. Impeccable attention to detail brings the fantasy to life and is as close to perfection as you can get.

Take your position in the Suicide Squad in style and showcase your psychopathic side. You never know, you might just start a riot in this inspired pair of boots. To have the boots more appealing, you better wear slim-fit jeans, leggings, or even shorts.

#9 Deadpool High Top Converse Shoes 

Deadpool Mask Personalized Custom comcs fanart Sneakers based on PROSPECT AVENUE White High Top shoes

Show off your allegiance to the Merc with the Mouth in these stylish converse shoes. A true-to-life image of Deadpool graces the pair and adds lots of visual interest to the design.

Handcrafted construction with lightweight, breathable fabric makes this the perfect blend of style and comfort. And thanks to a lace-up closure, you get to enjoy a snug fit for optimal performance. Wear them at Coachella with your favorite, striking outfits.

#10 Fish Flip Flop Sandal Shoes 

Fish Flip Flop Sandal Shoes

Surprise the fishing enthusiast in your life with the funniest shoes ever. Anyone who loves to be a little eccentric will find this unconventional design irresistible.

Showing great attention to detail, these flip-flops are guaranteed to turn heads and amuse everyone. Enjoy the feel of the texturized surface against your feet and dare to stand out from the crowd with this highly creative concept. You better wear them to the beach so they match the coastal vibes.

#11 Skull Pump Heels 

Skull Pump Heels

If your style is edgy, bold, and unconventional, or skulls, then no pair of bizarre shoes defines you better than these ones. Hand painting and a texturized design, along with the prominent skulls on the back make them the ideal pieces of wearable art.

Choose any color or color combination to breathe life into the concept you have in mind. You can consider a black one if you love emo designs to wear with your emo dress. And you can be sure that you will be the star of the event.

#12 Creature Feet Hoof Shoes 

Creature Feet Hoof Shoes

Whether your cosplay costume involves being a satyr, a faun, or any other creature with cloven hooves, these creative shoes have you covered! Made to perfectly replicate the look of creature hooves, these have got to be the weirdest shoes in the world.

Rigid plastic ensures that they do not bend but retain that silhouette perfectly. Traction control offers lots of stability and eliminates chances of slippage. Since they don’t cover all your toes, try to match them with black stockings.

#13 R2 D2 Sneakers 

R2D2 Droid style wars in the stars illustration custom converse High top shoes sneakers trainers printed robot gift C3PO

Any Star Wars fan would kill for an opportunity to spend a day in the life of R2 D2. And these funny shoes can turn that from fantasy to reality.

A high-top converse shoe is used as the base of the design, guaranteeing tested quality and comfort. Instead of watching the droid beep across the galaxy, now you can get to join him in his exploits. To highlight their striking designs, you better match them with your shorts or wear this pair to the cosplay Star Wars events.

#14 Grotesque Mouse Skull Pumps 

Grotesque Mouse Skull Pumps

Combine your love for Disney and all things macabre in these peculiar shoes for women. Featuring grotesque Mickey and Minnie Mouse skulls on the back, these heels take the love concept to a new high.

Ignoring the “Till Death Do Us Part” analogy, they have elected to extend their union beyond the world of the living. Show off your obsession with the outlandish by wearing these creative heels. Nothing can beat Halloween or emo events as the best occasions to wear this pair.

#15 Banana Shoes 

The 'Banana Shoes' by designer Gilla Cardaun are on display in Bonn

Flaunt your knack for originality in this pair of funny shoes. Inspired by the banana, they take the idea of wearable art and run with it. The top perfectly simulated the banana silhouette when partially peeled.

All that is left is to slip your feet in and enjoy the head-turning effect and the compliments that come with it. If you want to be a real star among the crowds, you better wear mini skirts and net stockings to show off this pair.

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#16 Goth Spike Graveyard Heels 

Goth Spike Graveyard Heels

Hit the sweet spot between adorable and creepy with these weird goth heels. As their name suggests, the highlight of the design has got to be the miniature cemetery scene that defines the front.

Complete with coffins, headstones, pumpkins, and typical fencing, they are spot-on in their depiction. A spiked heel and zipper trim complete the effect creating unmatchable visual appeal. With these features, it is impossible not to display these shoes by wearing them with your Halloween costumes to celebrate the scariest time of the year.

#17 The Flash Hand Painted Custom Shoes 

The Flash Hand Painted Custom Shoes

Take your fascination with The Flash to the next level with these custom-painted shoes. Featuring an image of the freak lightning bolt responsible for his super speeds, these shoes have simplicity at their core.

If you are always running behind schedule, these could be all you need to match the speed of light, phasing through objects, and creating sonic booms. Try to match them with your body-fit white tee and high-waist short jeans, then put your sunglasses on. That way, you will easily capture anyone’s attention.

#18 Sweet Bear Heels 


Every girly girl would kill for a pair of these adorable yet extremely funny women’s shoes. Sporting a fuzzy teddy bear at the front, they are the epitome of feminine flair.

The combination of pink, blue, and purple makes these funny shoes look adorable to wear. Even though you can have them plain with no socks, we recommend putting them on so your feet don’t get scratched, knowing the tight design. To make them cute, choose socks with white lace.

#19 Custom Hand Painted Batman Shoes 

Batman - Custom Hand Painted Converse All Stars High Top Canvas Sneakers ~ NEW ~

If you or someone you love never quite got over Batman, here is the perfect way to bring his fantasy to life. A custom pair of hand-painted batman shoes with the dark knight’s face on one side and the Batman logo on the other is a great way to celebrate the icon.

Get into the superhero spirit and set the kid in your heart free with these stylishly funky shoes. Since the design isn’t as eccentric as the others, you can wear these funny shoes to hang out with casual outfits.

#20 Cat Sneakers 

Women’s or Teens Cute Cat Sneakers, Black Cat Print Shoes, Rare and Adorable!

Are you a crazy cat lady? Well, you can now embrace your love for felines and showcase some serious style with these funny shoes. The creative concept and perfect execution offer an opportunity to spread good cheer to all cat lovers young and old. How adorable!

Bearing black color with a cute cat printed on the shoes, this pair is wearable for daily occasions. Match them with your skinny blue jeans and denim jacket and now you’re all set to go!

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#21 Ruby Red Purgatory There’s No Place Like Hell Heels 

Ruby Red Purgatory There's No Place Like Hell Heels

Your collection of outlandish shoes is not complete until you add a pair of these “Dorothy” inspired heels. When you click your heels three times, then these purgatory heels take you to hell, not home.

Any lover of the macabre would relish this unique opportunity. Enjoy watching the sparkly gemstones in action as they play around with light and make an enchanting statement. If you dare to stand out among the crowd, we recommend wearing them at prom with your body-fit dress and now see how every eye is on you.

#22 Crystal Metallic Combat Boots 

Nine West Walan Women's Combat Boots

Make the world around you drool with these funny boots. Based on a regular combat boot, the design is brought to life using metallic paint and shimmering crystals.

The result is an amazing visual display that would make the stars jealous. Spikes add to the effect creating the perfect blend for gothic style lovers. Enjoy the stares and compliments that are sure to come with the look. Pair them with skinny blue jeans, silver body fit long sleeves, and a blazer or coat to create an amazing style.

#23 American Psycho Studded Ankle Boot Heels 

American Psycho Studded Ankle Boot Heels

Embrace your inner monster by wearing these wacky American psycho boots. In order to create the perfect horror movie effect, they come complete with Patrick Bateman images.

Blood spatter, coffin cut-outs, spikes, and studs as well as distressed latex all add to the effect. Whether you are looking to creep everyone out or thrill horror fans, this is your best bet! Have them on Halloween party with your costume to creep everyone out!

#24 Michael Myers “Halloween” Studded Ankle Heels 

Michael Myers "Halloween" Studded Ankle Heels

You do not have to wait till Halloween to rock these funny shoes. They would look just as creepy on any other day of the year.

Michael Myers from the Halloween Slasher film series turns the spine-chilling effect up a few notches. His face is placed in a coffin cut out on the side of the shoe, creating perfect harmony with the concept behind it. Put them on with transparent black stockings to match the eerie design.

#25 Xylophone Stilettos 

Xylophone Stilettos

Immortalize your love for all things musical in a pair of the funniest shoes ever. Inspired by the rainbow-colored xylophone, these shoes showcase a love of unusual art at their best.

A brilliant array of colors makes it a guaranteed show-stopper, perfect for anyone who thrives on attention. The heel takes the shape of the percussion mallet used to play the instrument, adding a ton of whimsy to the design. With this flashy appeal, no other season is better than summer to showcase this pair.

#26 Platform Spikes Punk Boots 

Women Spikes Punk Goth Biker Chunky Platform Studded Ankle Boots

Platform boots are among the most enduring shoe design, and with one of these pairs, you can push the trend to the next frontier.

A perfect reflection of gothic culture, these boots make a statement that is impossible to beat. Together with spikes, creating an awesome display. Metallic paint caps it up, offering unimaginable appeal. Consider skinny black jeans, a black tee, and a denim vest to make a great combo with these shoes.

#27 IT “Pennywise” Bloody Clown Pumps 

IT "Pennywise" Bloody Clown Pumps

Give everyone the creeps with one of these pairs of funny shoes. Based on Stephen King’s IT, they feature Pennywise the scary clown in his clownish splendor. Taking the idea to the next level, the shoe makes use of perfectly sculpted clown skulls.

Blood drip stains, sewer scenes and IT’s Dead Lights adorn the shoe for a super weird effect. Ruffle trim and miniature balloons add to their harmony and hair-raising factor. Wear them at a Halloween party or when you have a trick-and-treat game around your neighborhood if you want to make them jump out scary.

#28 Striped “Zombie Pin-Up” Pumps 

Striped "Zombie Pin Up” Pumps

Crossing the line between funny and weird, these striped pumps are one of the most unusual pairs in the collection. Their aged texture has a flesh-like feel that would spook even the bravest of souls.

Stitches bring the zombie concept to life creating the perfect illusion of the undead. On the soles, spikes of varying lengths add to their gothic appeal and make them perfect for the Apocalypse. To allow them to shine, wear darker tones for your outfits, like black.

#29 Vinyl Candelabra Skull Boots 

Vinyl Candelabra Skull Boots

Reach a new height of awesome with one of the funniest shoes yet. Skull candelabras create the focal point on the front side with flickering LED lights on white candles.

A Transylvania effect results from the fact that the candles drip red blood-like wax. Pyramid studs perfectly complete the effect bringing the concept to life. All that’s left is to pair them up with the perfect outfit and attitude and you’ll be good to go! Given the boot design, you better wear shorts in the same color to match the style.

#30 Get More Beauty with Pearl Wedge

getmorebeauty Women's Wedge Sandals With Pearls Across The Top Platform Sandals High Heels

Bring your fashion to the next level with this pair of wedge shoes. Decorated with pearls in the form of colorful flowers shaped like lace, making a vibrant look for you.

Not to mention the woven pattern that fits nicely on the heels, adding a rustic vibe to these wedges. They are perfect to wear when you want to attend a music festival in the summer because they will make your appearance stand out!

#31 Heart Heel Wedge  

SHOW STORY Retro Blue Strappy Studs Heart Heel Wedge Evening Platform Sandals,LF40214

If you like eccentric looks, then this wedge is perfect for you. Having a heart-shaped design makes these shoes look weirdly fascinating. Additionally, there is lace in the shape of a spider’s web with a black ribbon in the middle giving the impression of being bold, and elegant, but funny and crazy shoes at the same time.

This set of wedges also has high heels, so you will become a center point for those around you if you wear them at a costume festival, for example. Dare to try?

#32 Garden Ankle Water-Proof Boot

Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain and Garden Ankle Boots with Comfort Insole

Unlike other boots, this one has a unique design. These funny shoes have chickens with two different feather motifs, wonderfully printed on the shoes. But the cool thing is, the motif doesn’t look weird. It actually gives this boot its own charm.

Moreover, the combination of the maroon color with the chicken image is very alluring and perfect for anyone who wants a different fashion appearance. You don’t have to worry about these beautiful shoes getting wet and dirty when they get splashed by rain. They have a waterproof design that makes them easy to clean, making them an ideal one to wear on rainy days.

Final Thoughts

Not all funny shoes are meant for daily wear. They are mostly best for festivals or occasional events, like cosplay, costumes, Halloween, or even music festivals. Their designs are one of a kind, bearing a quirky and flashy appeal that will instantly become a centerpiece that stands out from the crowd.

You can choose the one that suits the event you are going to visit. We recommend non-heels shoes if you are not used to them because they will hurt your feet. Especially if you need to stand for hours. Choose boot ones that have a cute design but are more comfortable to wear. But in case you are okay with wedges or heels, buy them anyway.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What occasions are funny shoes suitable for?

  • Theme parties: shoes with colorful prints, cartoon characters, or pop-culture references can add a playful touch to a costume party.
  • Casual events: shoes with quirky designs, such as animal shapes or wacky patterns, can make a fashion statement at informal gatherings, such as barbecues, picnics, or drinks with friends.
  • Special events: shoes with humoristic slogans, jokes, or puns can be a fun accessory for birthdays, bachelor parties, or any other celebration that calls for a lighthearted mood.
  • Performance: shoes with LED lights, flashing patterns, or other attention-grabbing features can enhance a theatrical performance, a dance routine, or a musical act.

What kind of shoes is the best to stand all day?

The best and most comfortable shoes if you want to wear them all day are sneakers. They have a flat shape, and almost no heels, making them easier to wear for long walks and runs. They won’t hurt your heels. Some of these types of shoes are on our list above, such as bob marley sneakers, sloth-themed women sneakers, and R2 D2 sneakers.

What kind of shoes make your look stand out?

Wedges and heels are the best options for a great look. They generally have a unique, eye-catching, and charming design and appearance. The high heels in these shoes make you a center point because they can increase your height by a few inches. This type of shoe is perfect for formal events, such as weddings, fashion shows, parties, and so on.

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