43 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirts You Can Buy

Funny Pregnancy announcement shirts provide a fun and creative way to share the good news with friends and family. After all, there is nothing quite as exciting as figuring out a novel way to let them know what’s cooking. Based on that reason, we think that these unique maternity announcement t-shirts are able to ensure that you give everyone a good laugh even as you spill the pregnancy beans.

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Whether you are looking to make a hilarious, simple, awkward or classic announcement, we have got the perfect t-shirt for you! Since we know that finding the perfect shirt can be quite a struggle, we have come to your rescue by curating a list of the most ideal pregnancy announcement shirts to make this season the most memorable one yet.

So parents-to-be, let’s scroll down and be ready to be inspired!

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BEST and Funny Pregnancy Shirts

#1 Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds Pregnancy Announcement Shirt 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt - Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds

This stylish tee based on an old wives’ tale does the job pretty well, if we may say. Wearing this shirt will be a great way to show your friends and family that you still have your sense of elegance and humor intact.

Moreover, we also think that the simplicity of this announcement is the most outstanding part of it. So all in all, this funny shirt comes as a great way to make everyone smile and let them share in your joy!

#2 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Couples

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Couples

This pair of amusing pregnancy announcement shirts for couple will get both of you in for the action. As the happy parents-to-be, even dads deserve a pat on the back for a job well done, don’t they?

We would advice you to wear this pair of shirts to your upcoming family gathering. Then, you can enjoy the effect this harmonious look will have on friends and family when you make a grand entrance into a party.

#3 Preggers Pregnancy Announcement Sweatshirt 

Preggers Christmas Pregnancy Reveal Sweatshirt - Off The Shoulder Slouchy Sweatshirt

Undoubtedly, comfort is of utmost importance during pregnancy. For moms-to-be, one of the most comfy things to wear is definitely a sweatshirt, and this trendy sweatshirt might just turn into your default pregnancy fashion item.

Its message is brief and straightforward, and for the precious family members who do not catch on fast, the tiny footprints will do the trick. One more thing, we also love the color as it perfectly brings out the pregnancy glow out of you!

#4 Keep Calm We’re Having a Baby T-Shirt 

“Keep calm” is a classic words that will never go out of style. So for your pregnancy, why not exploit its potential in sharing the good news to your loved ones? This pregnancy announcement shirt for dad bears a baseball design to show that you’ve just hit a home run.

Moreover, it could also make a great gift for an expecting dad.

#5 Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Siblings 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Siblings

Let your little one share in the fun with this shirt, which we can also consider as one of the most adorable pregnancy announcement shirts for a kid who will soon have a baby brother or sister!

The concept of this shirt will help a soon-to-be-replaced last-born to cope with the news, especially if they are not too enthusiastic about it. Moreover, we also believe that it provides a unique opportunity to let other family members in to your little secret.

#6 Couples Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Shirts 

Couples Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Christmas is a happy time of year, which is also the perfect time for family and friends to share some good news, including pregnancy news! So, we think that it’s a great time to share the good news in style with this pregnancy announcement shirt this Christmas.

Being some of the most adorable pregnancy shirts for mom and dad-to-be, wearing this pair will give everyone an additional reason to be grateful, plus something to look forward to in the coming year.

#7 Gender Reveal Halloween T-Shirts 

Gender Reveal Halloween T-Shirts - Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

One of the best parts of pregnancy is discovering the baby’s gender. If you are looking for a unique way to do that, then we must say that the Halloween gender reveal t-shirt will provides a fun way to let everyone in for the news.

The simple skeleton design is highly amusing and also trendy enough to keep you looking glam down to the end.

#8 “I’m Drinking for Three” T-Shirt

#8 I'm Drinking For Three T-Shirt 

Moving on to the next item on the list, here we have a whimsical twist on the common expression “eating for two”. It lets dad join in the fun by drinking for the entire family now that mom cannot.

A funny dad-to-be will be excited to wear this t-shirt during family or friends gatherings. All in all, it would be a great way to get everyone laughing as soon as they catch on to the meaning of the text.

#9 The Belly and The Man Behind the Belly Maternity T-shirts 

Pregnancy Couple T-shirts Man Behind The Belly T-shirt Baby Shower Couple Tee Shirts

Fun maternity shirts for mom and dad foster unity during this exciting time. After all, we all know that pregnancy is mostly a rollercoaster of emotions, and a couple at times needs all they can get to survive it.

Therefore, we are pretty sure that these t-shirts for mom and dad-to-be are the perfect reminder in the form of fashionable items, which will let people know that you are on the same team. In our opinion, these shirts will keep you smiling even through the tough 9 months.

#10 Baby on Board Shirt

Baby On Board Shirt, Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

This next item has to be one of the most creative ways to announce pregnancy to your lovely husband. As you can see, it is simple and precise, and stylish enough to dress up or down to match your style.

Also, since we know that comfort is crucial for preggers, this shirt uses a cozy fabric to pamper your skin. Plus, it also gives you lots of room to ensure comfort.

#11 Growing Our Tribe Maternity Announcement Singlets 

Growing Our Tribe

The ‘growing our tribe’ shirt is definitely one of the cutest pregnancy announcement shirts which will be a great item for families who love a puzzle. It might encourage some guesswork even with the arrow pointing straight at the scene of the crime.

Wearing this shirt will allow you to enjoy everyone’s reactions as the message dawns on them.

#12 Got to Let The World Know Shirt 

Got to Let The World Know Shirt - Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Grandpas are often overwhelmed by news of an upcoming grandchild. So, why not get them one of these t-shirts and let them have some fun with it. This is the kind of t-shirt that is bound to get a reaction as people wait to read the continuation on the back side.

It is cool and cheerful, and in our opinion, it’s the perfect present for granddad.

#13 Drinking for Three and Eating for Two T-Shirts 

Drinking for Three Shirt Eating for Two pregnancy Announcement T-Shirts

Are you looking for great pregnancy announcement shirts for both mom and dad-to-be? Look no further than these fun tees. They are ideal for making an entrance into a family event or gathering. We can almost be certain that wearing them together is a sure way to let the world know that something precious is cooking.

#14 Pregnant AF Shirt 

MOUSYA Pregnant AF T-Shirt for Women Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirt Short Sleeve Round Neck Letter Printed Tee Tops

This trendy tee is one of the most ideal fashion items for a hip mom. It is rather straightforward and we’re pretty leaves no room for guesswork. If you are a hip mom-to-be, then we would recommend you to own one of these shirts.

We honestly think that it is ideal for announcing your crankiness to the rest of the world, especially when you do not have the time of day to let them know what’s up.

#15 Couples Mommy & Daddy Maternity Announcement T-Shirts 

Mummy to be, Daddy to be pregnancy reveal black T-Shirts set.

At times the most creative way to make a pregnancy announcement is just to blurt it out. If you are one of those couples who simply want to spill it out bluntly, then these funny pregnancy announcement shirts for couples will do precisely that.

The double thumbs-ups give the world a hint as to the right reaction. Undoubtedly, they are a great way to let everyone in on the celebration.

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#16 Friends-Themed Pregnancy Announcement Shirt 

Friends Theme Pregnancy Announcement T Shirt

If you love Friends then we can guarantee that you will love this creative t-shirt. It uses the famous TV show’s theme font and colors to pass the news in style. Also, the text is the title of one of the funniest episodes ever based on an open secret!

It thus provides a great way to reveal the secret about your bun in the oven.

#17 You Can’t Scare Me, My Wife is Pregnant Shirt 

You Can't Scare Me My Wife Is Pregnant Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Few things are as exciting for a man on the day he discovers he’s going to be a dad. And if you are one one those happy dads out there, this pregnancy announcement shirt is the one item that captures the essence of that feeling. Plus, it defines your invincibility, too!

Moreover, the tiny footprints and baby bottles are a touching part of the exciting message.

#18 Pregasaurus Pregnancy Announcement Long Sleeve

Pregasaurus Shirt - Funny Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Anyone with a good sense of humor is bound to love this amusing pregnancy shirt. We believe without a doubt that this is one of the most creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your lovely siblings.

For siblings who love dinosaurs in particular, we have no doubt that they will have a great time with this concept. So, test them out and see how fast they get it.

#19 Glow in the Dark Halloween Maternity Shirts 

Glow In the Dark Halloween Maternity Shirts - Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

These glow-in-the-dark maternity announcement t-shirts are ideal for whimsical couples. The waving skeletal baby on her tee and the junk and beer in his clearly say it all. Being a funny pair of pregnancy shirts, they have a harmonious essence to them and the design is also perfect for a party on Halloween and beyond.

#20 Ice Twice Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt 

Ice Twice Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

Ice Twice pregnancy announcement shirts are great for letting friends and family laugh as you break the news. We believe that it would be a great choice for one baby or even twins! If you ask us, we would say that you don’t have to say too much to let everyone in in the glad tidings. The front side of this shirt clearly says it all.

#21 Family Bear Pregnancy Announcement Shirts 

Family Bear Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Would you like the whole family to have a share in the announcement and look great while at it? You can stop searching now because we have the perfect answer for you.

We recommend you to have this set of pregnancy announcement shirts for families, which will be the most ideal way to do it. In our opinion, the family bear concept is timeless and will never lose its appeal. Milk it for all it’s worth.

#22 “I Miss Wine” Pregnancy Announcement Shirts 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt, I Miss Wine Pregnancy Shirt

Pregnancy comes with lots of sacrifices for the mom-to-be. But trust us, those sacrifices are mostly the happy ones! For those kind of moms-to be, this pregnancy announcement shirt will make use of this aspect to amuse and share the news in style.

It would take a sober mind, though to understand its meaning if a bump is not yet showing. Have fun with it and see how many guesses it takes before they figure it out.

#23 Promoted to Mommy V Neck Maternity Shirt 

Promoted To Mommy V Neck Maternity Shirt

This is definitely one of the most captivating pregnancy announcement shirts on our list. It provides a great opportunity to make an early announcement to those that matter. Also, it tells the rest of the world to act carefully around mama bear. This would make it a great baby shower gift.

#24 Dad to Be Loading T-Shirt 

Dad To Be Loading T-Shirt

This pregnancy announcement shirts for dad give him the rare opportunity to share his joy with the world before the baby arrives. But unlike mom, daddy has no bump to show off.

But don’t worry Da, because your heart will burn with joy and pride as you wait for the joy of the family to finally arrive. Also, this will also help him let some steam off and gives friends the chance to congratulate him.

#25 “Oops I Did It Again” Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Funny Quote Oops I Did It Again Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Britney Spears gave pregnant moms the perfect line for that special announcement. Her famous and iconic lyrics of “Oops I did it again!” will come as the perfect way to announce an unplanned pregnancy.

In our opinion, it will helps other family members to handle the news better, thanks to the humorous twist. After all, everyone loves babies and they will love this one just as much.

#26 “Big Brother & Biggest Brother” Announcement Shirts 

Big Brother & Biggest Brother Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

These pregnancy announcement shirts for big brothers are the perfect way to introduce the littlest family member to the world. Having these adorable shirts will help older siblings to take the news of having a new sibling positively.

Without a doubt, they will be happy to be promoted as big brothers and will be more than happy to greet the new arrival.

#27 Be Nice to Me, My Wife is Pregnant T-Shirt

Be Nice to Me My Wife is Pregnant Pregnancy Announcement

Being an expecting dad is not all roses and butterflies. They have to cater to the whims and demands of hormonal partners. Most often, they must also answer to cravings at all odd hours and get kicked to the dog house for the flimsiest reasons. Yes it’s tough, we know.

For that reason, we think that this announcement shirt will get them some needed sympathy from the rest of the world as they patiently hold on.

#28 The Best Husbands Get Promoted to Daddy T-Shirt 

The Best Husbands Get Promoted To Daddy T-Shirt

This t-shirt offers one of the most creative ways to announce pregnancy to a dear husband. It is simple and brightly colored, and we believe that it will be the perfect gift to let him share in the joy with you. So, why not let him proudly show it off to his friends and family?

Therefore, the rest of them can join your husband in his celebration.

#29 Funny Couples Maternity Announcement Shirt And Singlet 

Funny Couples Maternity Announcement Shirt And Singlet

His and hers t-shirts provide a unique opportunity for couples to announce the long-awaited pregnancy. These funny pregnancy announcement shirts for couples are particularly creative, as they let him choose the one with his favorite snack.

The list is endless but the result will be the same; loads of cheers for the proud mom and dad-to-be.

#30 “Baby is Coming Game of Thrones” Pregnancy Shirt 

Baby is Coming Game of Thrones Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Game of Thrones fans will have a particularly easy time with the pun-filled baby is coming t-shirts. Since it’s pregnancy season, winter is not the season that we’re waiting for, obviously. This adorable shirt features the custom font and the house Stark sigil.

If you ask us, we must say that we love this shirt, because this Game of Thrones t-shirt is simple and stylish, and still.. it’s perfect for this winter season.

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#31 “Tacos for Two Please” Pregnancy Shirt

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt, Tacos For Two Please

If you don’t like to be too obvious with your pregnancy, then we believe this would make the best pregnancy announcement t-shirt. Apart from the little footprints, it would be hard to guess why you have your order for two printed out.

It uses a subtle yet fun approach that takes a moment to sink in leading to the perfect reaction.

#32 Pink or Blue We Love You Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Pink or Blue We Love You Gender Reveal Shirt

If you are not a great fan of peeping to see your baby’s gender, then this next item is one of the best tops for your announcement. It is full of stylish potential and holds promise for either gender. Also, the sheer material is perfect for the fashion-forward mom-to-be, a great way to define her great taste to the end.

#33 BUMP Maternity Shirt

Pregnancy Announcement, Pregnancy Announcement Shirt, BUMP MATERNITY Shirt

The bump pregnancy announcement shirts are ideal for family gatherings. They do not let it all out at once, but allow family members to absorb the news gradually. Moreover, the indent is also ideal for that effect and it is especially great for when there is no actual bump.

#34 Hola Bebe Maternity Shirt 

Hola Bebe Maternity Shirt

Pregnancy announcement shirts for moms-to-be do not come any better than the hola bebe. They are subtle yet stylish, and the design will have no issue in taking you through to the end of your pregnancy. Also, we honestly think that it offers a timeless appeal and uses a soft fabric to ensure comfort.

After all, any pregnant mom needs a comfy clothes during pregnancy.

#35 Personalised Twins Announcement Shirts 

Twice the blessings Twin Baby Vests, Twin Pregnancy Announcement, Baby Shower, New Baby Gifts

Expecting twins comes with double the joy in a regular pregnancy. So, why not let your family members know with these twin baby bodysuits? The cheerful design and ingenious concept is bound to have everyone smiling when hearing the wonderful news. So, let’s spread the joy in style and make everyone’s Christmas using this cute and tiny shirts.

#36 I Am the Man behind the Bump Sweatshirt 

I Am the Man behind the Bump Sweatshirt

This is one of the most creative pregnancy announcement shirts. It gives the dad-to-be exclusive bragging rights for the nine-month period as he awaits his offspring. Also, it makes a clear declaration of his pride and joy for the world to see.

In terms of design, it comes in long sleeves, so dads can be sure that they will stay warm during the cold weather.

#37 Beauty and the Bump Maternity Shirt 

Bloom Maternity - Beauty And The Bump - Maternity Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Choosing great maternity announcement shirts is not all about getting the message across. Even better, it is also a great opportunity to flaunt your style and personality. Now let’s take a look at this shirt. We believe that you are agreeing with us in terms of it’s lovely design.

Undubtedly, this beauty and the bump t-shirt is a great for vibrant moms who let nothing hold them back even as they bring forth new life.

#38 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirts 

Silk Road Tees Thanksgiving Couple Maternity Shirts Turkey Maternity Shirt Pregnancy Shirt

Make this season the best one yet with these fun pregnancy announcement shirts for thanksgiving. There is one for both of you and they hold enough cheer to end the year in style. How great it would be to strut in to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner wearing these!

We can assure you that everyone in the family will be thrilled to hear the positive news from you.

#39 LOVE Arrows Maternity Shirt 

LOVE Arrows Maternity Shirt

All that an expecting mom needs is love and this tee has got that fact right. It features the ideal design to get you through to the last month dressed to kill. It is long enough to cover the entire bump however big. Plus, the fabric is also very soft and cozy, making it perfect for pampering you to the very end of the pregnancy journey.

#40 Baby Wants Pizza Pregnancy Reveal T-Shirts 

Baby Wants Pizza Pregnancy Reveal T-Shirts - Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

This amusing tee takes advantage of pregnancy cravings to announce your secret to those that matter. It gets past all the mystery and right to the thick of things. We believe without a doubt that this makes it ideal for moms who don’t know how to beat around the bush.

It would be a pleasant way of breaking the news to an unsuspecting husband.

#41 Cute and Funny Pregnancy T-Shirt

See You Soon! | Cute Funny Maternity Pregnancy Baby Scoop Neck Top T-Shirt for Pregnant Women

Showcase your baby bump with this funny pregnancy announcement t-shirt that will make everyone laugh at it! This adorable shirt shows a funny illustration as if a baby is peeking out of your tummy. It seems like your little miracle just can’t wait to see you!

All in all, it’s a creative way to celebrate big news with your dearest ones!

#42 Sarcastic and Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Maternity This is My Last One Seriously Pregnancy T Shirt Funny Announcement Tee

Your family and friends will definitely be surprised with another happy news of your latest pregnancy! Especially if you announce it by wearing this sarcastic and funny t-shirt. Even though this is not your first pregnancy, a sense of happiness will indeed still surround the people closest to you.

#43 We’re Pregnant But Mostly Her – Dad T-Shirt

Mens Dad to Be Gift for Soon to be Dad Gift for New Dad Father

Allow the new dad to join the happy vibes by wearing this hilarious pregnancy shirt. It is the perfect shirt when you are about to announce your pregnancy to your family but you don’t want a mainstream celebration.

Featuring funny screen-printed quotes, in our opinion this t-shirt is fantastic for a humorous father-to-be like your husband.

Final Thoughts

Having a bun in the oven comes with lots of excitement. Not only for the parents-to-be, but also for everyone in the family. Therefore, what’s more exciting is definitely the prospect of sharing the news with those near and dear. For that reason, you can do it by wearing pregnancy announcement shirts.

In order to do that, make sure you pick out any one of these fun ways to tell family you’re pregnant and let them share in your excitement.

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It is fun to share joy and gratitude with your loved ones.

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