31 Best Ankle Bracelets for Men You Can Buy

Ankle bracelets for men have made a major comeback and are making waves left, right and center. If you are looking to join in on the hype this year, you are in great company! For any man whose personal style is tied to jewelry, ankle bracelets for men offer a chance to stand out and get noticed. No matter how you plan to spend your summer, they are a remarkable way to complete your outfit and accent your look.

We have rounded up the ultimate list of men’s anklets to keep you ahead of the trend and take your ankle game to the next height. Whether you are looking for surf anklets for guys or a gold anklet to surprise the special man in your life, we have you covered.

Have a look at this collection and discover some of the most trendy ankle bracelets for men this season!

BEST Ankle Bracelets

#1 Men’s Anchor Ankle Bracelet 

Men's Anchor Ankle Bracelet - ankle bracelets for men

Take your ankle game up a few notches with one of these cool ankle bracelets for men. Particularly if you happen to be a nautical design lover, this enchanting piece will definitely melt your heart. Comprising a double fabric band in grey, and a silver anchor pendant, we think this it is a beauty to behold.

Simplicity defines the design, making it perfect for a laidback personality. So if you are currently looking for the ideal gift for a man who fits the bill, then you just found it.

#2 Minimalist Chain Anklet 

Minimalist Chain Anklet

Whether you are currently planning to spend your summer at the beach or playing Frisbee golf, this minimalist anklet is is your must have. It is one of the perfect ankle bracelets for men to complete your look.

A significant deviation from the chunky design that dominated earlier pieces, its dainty style makes it an instant eye-catcher. Two layers of blackened silver-plated brass give it a certain antique appeal that will be sure to stand the test of time. A little advice, pair it up with trendy sneakers and you will be the center of attention everywhere you go.

#3 Black Leather Ankle Bracelet 

Black Leather Ankle Bracelet

All you need for an eternally stylish look is one of these men’s leather anklets. Available in chocolate brown or black, this piece is a great way to show your ankle some affection. Combining straight cord and bolo cord, with metal beads punctuating the design, it has a design that is simple yet impossible to miss.

The beads serve a functional and aesthetic role, holding the bands together and accenting the piece. Wear it as a flirty accessory for your next poolside party and you will be a guaranteed hit.

#4 Men’s Surfy Anklet 

Mens Surfy Anklet

Showcase your love for riding the waves with one of these surf ankle bracelets for men. Comprising three layers of wax wires in grey, a silver-plated whale tail, and a shell, this anklet is an instant charmer. It will make you look cool while riding the waves.

For sea life lovers, the whale tail pendant makes the perfect statement. Puka shells have always been a remarkable way to show allegiance to the surfing lifestyle. Whether you are a pro surfer or just love to be associated with the culture, you definitely need this shell anklet to complete your look.

#5 Blue & Gold Design Anchor Anklet 

Gold Edn. Anchor Bracelet – Blue

If there is a special someone in your life who’s obsessed with all things nautical, this anklet makes the ultimate gift choice for them. A minimalist double fabric band in blue gives it a barely there look that will amaze any laidback jewelry lover.

Also, the simplicity of the band offers the perfect contrast with the gold-hued anchor detail, making it pop on any man who wears it. Moreover, the color contrast between blue and gold is unbeatable as well. Thanks to the adjustable chain length, it also provides an easy fit for most. What more could you wish for?

#6 Beaded Leather Wrap Anklet 

Beaded Leather Wrap Anklet

Elevate your summer style with the beaded leather wrap ankle bracelet. What makes it one of the best anklets for men is none other than its distinct style. Featuring seed beads with a Picasso finish, handwoven on distressed leather, we surely think that the piece is sure to capture and hold attention with ease.

A coconut wood button and silver feather charm complete its allure and make it a fun addition to your look. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to showcase your boho style this summer, this is precisely what you need.

Chainlink Mens Ankle Bracelet - ankle bracelets for men

Add some much-needed sparkle to your summer days with this silver-plated brass anklet for men. No matter what your personal style is, the simplicity of this design will flaunt it and give you a distinctive edge.

A blackened finish coupled with the unique chain link design serves to give it an outstanding allure. All you need now is to pair it up with the right choice of clothes and footwear and you will be the next big thing. Truly one of the most recommended ankle bracelets for men!

#8 Shell Charm Anklet 

shell Charm Anklet

For anyone who is a serious anklet enthusiast this double-layered piece is one you never have to take off. Made using black fabric with brass beads and a shell charm to accent it, this is a real investment piece.

In our opinion, the beauty of it lies in the versatile design that can blend effortlessly with almost any look. And thanks to the material choice, it feels comfortable against the skin, too! Top-notch craftsmanship defines the look making it a great choice for taking your anklet game to the next level.

#9 Beach Anklet 

Beach Anklet

Bring in a touch of color and fun to your look with one of these beach ankle bracelets for men. A starfish bead is the focal point of the design with four other types of beads adding lots of visual interest. From mint glass beads in different shades and grey hematite beads to cream glass beads and silver Tibetan beads, the piece sports a vibrant look.

Whether you wear it alone or stacked, it will look just as great. Take part in the summer anklet trend by styling your lookup with this enchanting piece.

#10 Mens White Cord & Shell Anklet 

Cowrie Shell Anklet

Complete your summer look with this stylish double-layered anklet. A blend of white cord and silver-plated brass charms gives it a unique sophisticated style. The neutral colors will also match any outfit with ease and for anyone who loves to stack they make it easy to layer.

Because of the distinct look, you can be sure the piece will stand out, making you stand out in the crowd, too! As the perfect way to flatter your look this summer, this piece makes an undeniable fashion statement for sure. Stay ahead of the trend with tone of these unique ankle bracelets for men.

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#11 Geometric Pendant Ankle Bracelets 

Geometric Pendant Ankle Bracelets

Create great photo moments and make indelible memories this summer with one of the most enthralling ankle bracelets for men. If you happen to be a firm believer in the “less is more” concept, then this piece is perfect for you.

A dainty double-layered faux leather band works together with a silver-plated geometric pendant with amazing results. The combination offers a seriously chic look that you can sport on the beach and in other outdoor activities. Therefore, we can definitely say that this piece is all you need. Also, it might in fact be the excuse you need to spend the entire season out in the sun.

#12 Men’s Feather Ankle Bracelet 

Mens Feather Ankle Bracelet

Looking for a meaningful gift for someone who seems to have everything? Well, you can be almost sure that they do not have one of these trendy men’s ankle bracelets. Sporting a double-layer faux leather band with a silver-plated feather charm, this is the epitome of sophisticated style.

Feathers hold lots of symbolic significance across the global cultural spectrum. Most of these are drawn from their association with birds and ascension to a higher level. They are thus a great way to add meaning to the anklet look.

#13 Feather Charm Anklet 

Feather Charm Anklet

With anklets making their way back into the fashion scene, here is a way to celebrate them in style. This piece is a major deviation from the look of the prior decade and is a great way to achieve timeless appeal.

While chunky anklets dominated the scene back then, they left laidback jewelry lovers out of the loop. But with this stylish anklet for men, you can show off your personal flair and get in on the hype in one smooth move. So, we would suggest that you immediately accent your look with this simple yet captivating design, and enjoy the compliments.

#14 Minimalist Whale Tail Ankle Bracelet 

Whale Tail Anklet | Personalized Silver or Gold Ankle Bracelet

Flaunt your unique style with a minimalist triple-layer whale tail anklet for men. The appeal of this simple design lies in the fact that you can wear it virtually every day. An elegant look that can effortlessly blend with almost any outfit makes it an alluring gift choice.

The wax finish on the bands ensures that you can sport the look for a long time to come.

#15 Burnished Gold Arrow Anklet 

Burnished Gold Arrow Anklet

Looking for a way to transform your look effortlessly this summer? Start small with one of these mens ankle bracelets and gradually work your way up. You will be amazed at the kind of magic this seemingly little addition would do to your overall appearance.

Especially for men, it is easy to fall into a rut when it comes to adorning your feet. We also believe that the color contrast between black and gold on this anklet makes it a great choice to style up your feet. One advice though, pair them up with appropriate footwear and the difference will be astounding.

#16 3 Silver Plated Beads Anklet 

3 Silver Plated Beads Anklet - ankle bracelets for men

Remarkable beach jewelry pieces like this one are a great way to upgrade your seaside style and ensure you stand out. It is as simple as they come and perfect for the laidback man. The combo comprises a woven black leather band with three silver plated beads as the focal point.

Apart from being a unique statement-making piece, it is also a great way to complete your elegant summer look. We would also suggest that you make fashion waves as well as indelible memories by pairing them up with the right footwear.

#17 Silver Fish Bone Anklet 

Silver Fish Bone Anklet

You do not have to be a male model to sport an ankle bracelet for guys. All you need is a keen taste for fashion and the right choice of anklet to rock the look.

A dainty piece such as this one is a great choice to usher you into the culture. Simple yet incredibly striking, the piece will turn you into a celebrity in an instant. Guaranteed to make a fashion statement, this piece will draw attention to you for all the right reasons.

#18 Double Wrap Leather Ankle Bracelet 

Double Wrap Anklet, Braided Leather Ankle Bracelet, Petite to Plus Size

Your search for a flirty accessory to wear at the beach ends right here! Braided leather cord blends with round leather cord and assorted charms for an innovative harmony of patterns. Brass and stainless steel charms add to the effect, generating lots of visual interest and making it an instant charmer.

Pulling off a luxe look need not be too much of a hassle with one of these. Now all you need is the right attitude to match the look and take your anklet game a few notches higher.

#19 Turquoise Turtle Anklet 

Sea turtle Anklet

Nothing defines love for sea life as one of these turquoise turtle ankle bracelets for women. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, but it also holds lots of symbolic value. Turtles have often been associated with strength, longevity and endurance.

Additionally, the symbol is considered to hold protective power and is thus a popular choice for surfers. We also think that the turquoise turtle on an adjustable wax cord is the perfect combo of style and significance. So kick-off your summer flair with one of these meaningful anklets or get it as a gift for a friend who loves sea life.

#20 Lucky Red Rope Adjustable Anklet 

Lucky Red Rope Adjustable Anklet

A vintage anklet is a great way to bring back the good old times in style. Made using wax rope and an intricate woven design, this jewelry piece holds lots of visual appeals. Available in numerous color combinations, it also gives you a chance to add whimsical charm to your look.

Lastly, as a focal point of the design, every piece sports a zinc alloy centerpiece. So let’s wait no more and make an imprint on the minds of everyone around you by wearing one of these to the next beach party.

#21 Silver Plated Bead Ankle Bracelet 

Silver tube bead anklet for men, black cord ankle bracelet

The only thing more outstanding than a delicate anklet is one that comes in a layered design. Three layers of black wax wires and a silver-plated bead as the focal point make this an amazing addition to your summer collection.

With the potential to blend with everything in your closet, we believe that this neutral-hued anklet is the ultimate statement piece to get you noticed. Thanks to its simplicity, it is easy to pull off for almost any occasion, offering remarkable elegance.

#22 Dream Catcher Anklet 

Dream Catcher Anklet - ankle bracelets for men

This dream catcher anklet would be the best way to add a boho touch to your look. The focal point, which informs the name, comprises two silver-plated feathers and a woven dream catcher symbol. Hand-weaving and macramé define the rest of the band, and considering its symbolic meaning, the anklet features a unique blend of function and style.

Based on Native American legend, the symbol is said to capture nightmares and let only good dreams to pass through. Enjoy pleasant dreams while making a fashion statement with one of these mens ankle chains.

#23 Infinity Ankle Bracelet for Men 

Infinity Ankle Bracelet for Men - ankle bracelets for men

Choosing the perfect gift for a special man who loves jewelry just got a whole lot easier. The infinity ankle bracelet allows him to show off his unique sense of style. But more importantly, it makes a truly thoughtful gift as it holds great symbolic value.

Known to signify undying love, eternity, and empowerment, it is a great way to declare your affection for him. Moreover, it does not hurt at all that it looks great and would enhance his appearance.

#24 Hematite Ankle Bracelet

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Look stylish during the summer holidays with a hematite ankle bracelet. This bracelet features hematite and tiger eye crystal that make you look stunning. The combination of neutral colors from attractive natural gems also makes your feet a focal point. 

Based on what the experts say, these gemstones can also relieve anxiety and radiate positive energy for you. So, we ca definitely conclude that this item is surely one of the best ankle bracelets you can buy.

#25 Jasper Stone Ankle Bracelet

Infinityee888 Anklet Jasper Stone Ankle Bracelet 10 Inches Woven with Leather Cord Beautiful

If you prefer colorful accessories, then this one is perfect for you! It is an ankle bracelet that is incredibly matched with your casual summer style! The vibrant colors from jasper stones beautifully depict its bohemian style. 

Using a weaving technique to hold the charms together won’t easily break this bracelet. A leather cord is used to connect the rope to the weave to add a black line accent on the edge of this bracelet. It is almost impossible you can resist this alluring piece.

#26 Italian Sterling Silver Ankle Bracelet

Italian Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Diamond Cut Oval and Round Beads Mezzaluna Chain Ankle Bracelet

Express your passion for fashion by wearing this one of the best ankle bracelets. Made of Italian sterling silver, this jewelry looks classic but luxurious. Highlighting its simplicity, this ankle bracelet is perfect for men who like essential accessories. Plus, it also has a neutral black color that make you look so manly. Now, you just need to mix and match with your favorite outfit, and off you go to the beach!

#27 Skull Ankle Bracelet

Skull Ankle Bracelet

For men who prefer darker accessories, this skull ankle bracelet is a must-have! The bracelet features a very well-crafted silver skull bead, ordained with cool motifs. You can see the menacing teeth of the skull despite the small size of the bead.

The brown cord of this anklet is very sturdy, and the tone will match your skin color. It is very subtle yet stylish, not over the top but elegant!

#28 Minimalistic Fish Anklet for Men

Minimalistic Fish Anklet for Men

Simplicity equates to elegance! This fish ankle bracelet is the proof of that quote. You will get an abstract, simplified fish-shaped bead from silver-plated metal. It looks very manly yet still permeates a hint of cuteness.

The dark green cord for this anklet is waxed and available in various lengths. Moreover, the color of the cord really makes the silver-colored fish stand out more, making it the perfect combination!

#29 Rainbow Ankle Bracelet

Rainbow Ankle Bracelet

Here is an ankle bracelet that would be perfect for gay men! Show your pride by wearing this lovely accessory around your foot. The rainbow colors are very intense, thanks to its excellent material.

This ankle bracelet does not feature any charm because its strap is already beautiful. Even better, you may choose different sizes and lengths that suit your ankle.

#30 Cross Ankle Braclert

Cross Ankle Bracelet

If you are looking for a bracelet that can also act as a protective charm, this one with the cross pendant is the one! It is perfect Church-friendly accessory as it will always remind you of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The cross is integrated tastefully in a sideway position. So, it looks stylish and won’t dangle around loosely. The black cord and the silver cross blend very nicely, creating a black and white contrast.

#31 Ankle Bracelet with Nugget Bead

Ankle Bracelet with Nugget Bead

This ankle bracelet is the pinnacle of simplicity. It features a silver nugget bead that does not have any carving whatsoever. Only some polygon cuts here and there. Yet somehow it looks super alluring!

The combination between the adjustable green cord and the silver create an interesting contrast that look very lovely. Men usually do not like something that is too over the top. Thus this simple ankle bracelet should be in your list if you want a masculine accessory!

Final Thoughts

Ankle bracelets can be a charmer for men who love to dress casually fun, especially those who think that the beach is the place to be. If you want to add a unique fashion item to enhance you look, then ankle bracelets are probably the best answer. It will make you look cool yet manly, and it will also show that you have a great sense of taste, too!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you choose the right size of bracelet?

First, you need to measure the size of your wrist using a string then put it on a ruler. After that, add 1-2 cm more than your normal wrist size. For example, if your wrist is 20 cm then your ideal bracelet size will be 22 cm. 

Ankle bracelets for men are a simple yet highly effective way to add some fun and spice to your look. So get on board and enjoy the effect of these seemingly simple jewelry pieces and the compliments that come with them.

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