American Psycho Studded Ankle Boot Heels

Everyone’s wardrobe would appreciate these unique American Psycho Studded Ankle Boot Heels.

These crazy unique shoes are a custom pair deriving inspiration from Patrick Bateman’s Zombie Peepshow. They make a bold fashion statement and are ideal for the daring, adventurous spirit. 

They hold so much character thanks to the attention to detail displayed. The imagery is precise and captivating. The spattered blood seems real-to-life. The studs and spikes do a great job at bringing the concept to life.  

American Psycho Studded Ankle Boot Heels

The ankle boot makes the perfect choice to give the idea personality. They are the ultimate footwear classics that will never go out of style.

They can match almost any outfit and bring out the perfect silhouette. They are confortable and outstanding.

American Psycho Studded Ankle Boot Heels

This evergreen design coupled with the Bateman concept is unbeatable. The fact made-to-order aspect of these boots offers another unique advantage.

All the boots from this line will carry a distinct design. So if you love to stand out and generate interest, these are your ultimate boots.  

American Psycho Studded Ankle Boot Heels

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