Caffeine Molecule Necklace

With this solid silver Caffeine Molecule Necklace around your neck, you can geek out about your love of coffee or chemistry for the whole world to see.

Drinking coffee can sometimes be an almost religious experience. It breathes life and energy into you, helps you get through the day without smashing your face on the table in a desperate attempt to get some shut-eye.

These unique necklaces for men or women are a great way to show your appreciation for your favourite beverage.

So if you want to have coffee with you everywhere and always, at least in a figurative sense, then put this necklace around your neck.  

caffeine molecule necklace

The necklace is made out of sterling silver, with the pendant as an image of a caffeine molecule (1,5 in) attached to a snake chain (16 to 18 in) with a lobster clasp.

caffeine molecule necklace

It is beautiful, minimalist and petite and it comes gift-wrapped with a fact sheet about caffeine.

This will be a perfect gift for anyone who knows the value of coffee and has it to thank for getting through hard days of work and studies. 

caffeine molecule necklace

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