25 Unique Tequila Bottles for Your Collection

Tequila: one of the earth’s most fascinating beverages. Lately, the industry itself has evolved, seeing as there are more consumers than ever. The reasons behind tequila’s resurgence in popularity are not only the taste of the liquor itself but also because of the collectible bottles. In fact, tequila bottles have some of the unique shapes and designs that you’ve ever seen in a bottle. Even after you empty it, you can still keep those unique tequila bottles on your shelf and use them for another beverage. 

If you’re thinking about starting a collection of unique tequila bottles, then you’re in the perfect place! On our list of unique tequila bottles, you will find rare and collectible bottles for your home.

Please be aware that some of them might be a little bit expensive. But if you really want to have a comfy home filled with some of the best and most unique tequila bottles, then by all means, go for it!

How Do You Pick A Tequila?

There are some important tips that you should know before buying a good tequila. The first thing to know is to choose tequilas that state “100% agave”. Don’t be fooled by the price, as expensive tequilas don’t always guarantee high-quality flavor. $25-30 tequilas are decent enough, although you might want to spend more should you prefer to buy rare tequila bottles instead.

Rare and Unique Tequila Bottles

Unique tequila bottles have existed for a very long time. Unfortunately, some of them might have been harder to find. These rare and unique tequila bottles are quite expensive, and you should probably buy them ASAP to avoid them climbing in price even more. 

1. Vintage 1942 Don Julio

Vintage 1942 Don Julio

We’re starting hot with our first item: the 1942 Don Julio tequila bottle. This amazing and rare item is able to store 750ml of tequila inside. The slim design also makes it unique in its own right. Although it has aged for more than 50 years, we guarantee you that this item is as mint as a new modern tequila bottle!

If you hesitate to refill it with your tequila, you can display it in your translucent cabinet, though!

2. Tequila Liquor Bottle with Light

Tequila Liquor Bottle with Light

A tequila bottle already looks good in its own right. But when you try and combine it with some beautiful LED lights, the result will be magnificent. Its clear glass allows the light to illuminate the area, a dazzling piece to add as home decor.

In case you want to find the best tequila bottle that looks great with lights, then you should consider buying this beautiful item. This rare bottle is also able to store up to 750 millimeter of liquor

3. Gran Patron Burdeos

Gran Patron Burdeos

If you want to have a taste of collecting vintage and rare tequila bottles, then this unique bottle should be on the top of your wish list. Although we couldn’t tell the exact year of production for this item, we’re pretty certain that it is a rare find. The glass-made lid is shaped like a flying moth, adding a quirky decor to this rare liquor bottle. Plus, there are no visible cracks and scratches on the unique bottle. 

You can pour your favorite tequila into this bottle to make it look super expensive. Alternatively, fill it with colorful sand and glitter intermittently to make it an eye-catching display.

4. Los Arango Tequila Bottle

Los Arango Tequila Bottle

When you’re thinking of rare and unique tequila bottles, you must be imagining items from at least the 90s, right? However, this 2014 Mexico Los Arango bottle has gone out of production, making it one of the unique tequila bottles that are hunted down by many collectors.

It also has a 750ml capacity and can be refilled a million times. Besides, be more creative in arranging fairy lights lamps inside or around the bottle and then display them on your bedroom desk.

5. Set of 6 Tequila Bottles

Set of 6 Tequila Bottles

Throughout the 80s, legendary Italian artist Jean-Michel Basquiat created these iconic and unique tequila bottles. The result? A brilliant set called the 1800 Tequila Essential series.

As it has been out for a limited run, you might want to purchase these rare bottles before they become more expensive. If you manage to get all the figures, try to arrange them in a row in your glass cabinet to showcase to your guests.

6. Premium Skull Decanter

Premium Skull Decanter

Skulls might look terrifying to some people. But if it’s crafted into a tequila bottle, then it will turn out to be one of the unique tequila bottles ever. Besides, the handmade 750ml decanter set is also packed inside an elegant box.

It is highly collectible because it will bring new colors to your shelf. Other than someone who enjoys tequila, consider gifting this striking piece to your friend who likes fancy gothic items.

7. El Presidente Tequila Bottle

El Presidente Tequila Bottle

Some of the best and most unique tequila bottles that are rare are handmade because they are produced in limited quantities. In this item, you’re looking at a tequila bottle made using an ornate and labor-intensive Mexican pottery tradition that can be dated as far back as the 15th century, the Talavera.  

No one may guess it right as the appeal doesn’t indicate a tequila bottle at all. Instead, it looks more like an expensive jar with a boho design. With such a stunning design, this tequila bottle will steal the spot in your clear cabinet.

8. Customizable Tequila Bottle

Customizable Tequila Bottle

To some people, this bright tequila bottle might be a little bit much. However, that’s actually the highlight of this rare and expensive tequila bottle. The handmade item can also be personalized with any colors, patterns, and initials, making it one of the most unique tequila bottles no one has.  

Besides, the personalization adds sentimental value to this bottle. Thus, you can easily gift these to loved ones on their birthdays.

Collectible Tequila Bottles

The main function of a tequila bottle is to store your favorite liquor before you consume them. However, some of them have a unique design that you can’t resist making collectible items on your shelf. Although some of these bottles are expensive, we assure you that these collectible tequila bottles are worth it. 

9. Monkey-shaped Bottle

Monkey-shaped Bottle

Our first collectible item is one of the unique tequila bottles on our list. This 10” tequila bottle has the shape of a monkey, and it looks pretty darn cool. The blend of red and blue provides a color combination that is striking but not overwhelming.

Due to the design, you can put this in your dining room without filling the bottle. Plus, the price isn’t that high, so it’s not a bad deal. 

10. Crystal Decanter with Vintage Car

Crystal Decanter with Vintage Car

Did you know why this decanter set is one of the unique items on our list? Yep, it’s a vintage car! It can hold a lead-free tequila bottle on its back as well as glasses on the side. To make the classic car design look intact, fill the bottle with your favorite tequila.

If you choose to buy this rare collectible item, it’ll definitely be the center of attention for any guests visiting your house.  The key is to display it on your clear cabinet or living room table.

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11. Decanter Skull Bottle

Decanter Skull Bottle

Did you know the best way to increase your drinking appetite? Perhaps, a skull bottle might help you out! It has an elegant and unique shape that makes it highly collectible. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the shot-stopper has an awesome design and can also serve as a whiskey glass for you to drink. 

In addition to tequila, you can simply extend it on living rho, a table to add a gothic accent. Given its affordable price, you can consider purchasing one for a tequila lover in your life.

12. Personalized Tequila Decanter Set

Personalized Tequila Decanter Set

If you try to look closely, there are going to be some highly collectible unique tequila bottles that aren’t as expensive. This beautiful bottle is just an example of it. There are a lot of designs that you can choose from. So, pick one that meets your taste.

You can also personalize the item with your name and initials on it to make it more personal where no one owns the same as yours. Truly one of the best collectible items that you should own.  

13. The Wine Savant

The Wine Savant

Diamonds are elegant. And if you want your unique tequila bottle collections to be elegant, too, please consider buying this lovely wine savant set. It includes a bottle and four, diamond-shaped glasses that look luxurious. Moreover, it uses Borosilicate to create glass, ensuring hypoallergenic and lead-free features.

Plus, it would make a beautiful display set for any home bar! Besides, the glasses can be used to serve tequila or whiskey when your friends visit. Now, let’s see how they react!

14. Unique Mazatlan Tequila Bottle

Unique Mazatlan Tequila Bottle

Our next item might be one of the unique tequila bottles yet! This excellent bottle originated from Mazatlan, and it has a lovely sculpture on the side of the bottle. Although this collectible bottle is a second-hand item, you can be sure that its condition rivals the best tequila bottles on the market, thanks to its unusual design.

You can be creative in transforming this bottle into an attractive display. Try filling it with brown-colored sand up to 3/4 of the way, leaving the rest with green ones. That way, you give an image as if the sclupture is hugging a tree trunk.

15. Bedazzled 750ml Bottle

Bedazzled 750ml Bottle

Want to make your own collectible tequila bottle? Perhaps, you should take a look at this item and buy one! There are a lot of options that you can play with, such as glitter, rhinestone, and bow colors. After you finish creating your own masterpiece, make sure to fill up 750ml of tequila inside once it arrives!

In case you hesitate to fill it with liquor for its sparkling design, just display it in your mini bar along with the glass.

16. Abstract-shaped Bottle

Abstract-shaped Bottle

We’re calling our next collectible bottle abstract because of its unique shape and design. But despite the unusual shape, it has a durable, thick-walled design with a heavy-weighted base that will ensure your drink stays in perfect condition. Plus, you’ll get six more whiskey shot glasses that look similar to the decanter!

With this set, you can easily throw a party with friends in your home. And when you don’t use the glasses, you can simply display them in your kitchen bar.

Elegant Tequila Bottles

Some of the best unique tequila bottles are elegant looking. In fact, these elegant items might be perfect for contemporary houses. If you‘re thinking of starting a new collection of rare and unique tequila bottles, then take a look at these cool items!

17. Solana Agave Blanco 750ml

Solana Agave Blanco 750ml

Some of the best tequila bottles tend to have simplistic design to support their elegant concept. With this awesome tequila bottle, you’ll get not only the bottle but also 100% agave alcohol inside! After you finish consuming the liquor, you can add this to your tequila bottle collection.

Instead of leaving it empty, we recommend filling it with glow-in-the-dark gravel to make the bottle radiate at night.

18. Engraved Liquor Decanter

Engraved Liquor Decanter

A person’s tequila bottle collection should be unique and awesome. What better way to accomplish that than to own personalized bottles? With this magnificent item, you’ll be able to engrave your name and initials on the front part of the bottle, making it unique addition to your office desk decoration. 

Considering the small size, you better refill it again with your favorite liquor. So, you can bring it everywhere and drink the tequila whenever you want to have a sip.

19. Corralejo Reposado

Corralejo Reposado

Most of the items that we’re offering here have a wide-yet-short design. That’s why we’re also including this cool bottle on our list of unique tequila bottles. Although it has a slim design, the bottle is still able to load lots and lots of Blue Weber Agave or any other liquor that you prefer. 

And when the time comes, this electric blue bottle will make an impressive addition to your tequila bottle collection without adding many decors, thanks to the color.

20. Tequila Pepper Bottle

Tequila Pepper Bottle

A pepper probably won’t make a great team with tequila and other beverages. However, a pepper-themed tequila bottle might be a different case. With this adorable set, you’ll get one tequila bottle (with a little cute artificial pepper inside), six agave shot glasses (and an even smaller pepper!). The engraved pepper will surprise your friends whenever you hand drinks to them.

Aside from being a set of equipment for drinking alcohol, this set will offer you outstanding decor for your mini bar. It is really stunning, and you shouldn’t afford to miss out.  

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21. Mosaic Tequila Bottle

Mosaic Tequila Bottle

If you really pay attention, there are a lot of handmade tequila bottles on our list! This awesome mosaic bottle is just another addition to it. The mosaic design is also completed with glass tiles and beads, making it look eye-catching. It will definitely be a conversation piece whenever a guest is coming over! 

With an arrangement like that, you can effortlessly make it look classy. You only need to put it in the clear cabinet, particularly slightly further ahead than the rest of your tequila collection bottles.

22. Elegant Diamond Bottle

Elegant Diamond Bottle

Take a moment and just adore the beauty that this elegant diamond decanter poses. It has a capacity of 1L and comes with a cool stand to make it an awesome display at home or in your office room. Make sure to refill it to have the best appeal.

But please, don’t you dare to put the bottle without the frame. Otherwise, it will roll and fall to the floor. The bottle also creates an airtight seal that makes your tequila last a lifetime. Buy one now!

23. Mike Mussina Decanter

Mike Mussina Decanter

A tequila bottle enthusiast who also loves baseball should really be punching themselves if they can afford to miss out on this absolute gem of an item. In fact, it’s a custom-made bottle that features Mike Mussina’s uniform number and his induction year to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

To sweeten the deal, you’ll also get authentication for the item. Having such a design that mimics a light bulb, you can either fill it with liquor or fairly light to make it look attractive.

24. Elegant Liquor Set

Elegant Liquor Set

An elegant house must also be complemented with elegant decorations. That’s the reason why this adorable liquor set earns a spot on our list of unique tequila bottles. Although it is quite fragile, no one can deny these bottles’ beauty. It has an engraving design which makes it look sparkling even without the need for light in the bottle.

But for a better appeal, we recommend putting some fairy lights with a warm tone. What’s more important is, you can fill up to 750ml of tequila to enjoy!

25. Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila

Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila

Last but not least! If you want an elegant tequila bottle that comes with an equally elegant-flavored tequila, then you’ve just hit the jackpot with this item! The Jose Cuervo Especial Gold is a golden blend of reposado and younger tequilas that are stored inside one of the unique tequila bottles on our list. Plus, nothing can go wrong with the 1.75L capacity!

Because the design doesn’t feature lots of patterns or engraving, it would be better to always refill it before displaying it, so it’s not too plain.

Final Thoughts

Who would have thought that tequila bottles could turn out to be collections, even attractive home displays? Maybe we even often throw it away. In fact, you can fill the bottle with your favorite liquor, which you can then arrange in your mini bar to decorate the area. Or if you are a creative person, filling it with fairly light and colorful sand could be an option to enhance your collection of liquor bottles.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the most unique tequila bottles?

We’re going to be recommending the El Presidente bottle, due to its vintage and traditional inspiration. As an alternative, the shiny and glowy crystallized tequila bottle is also cool!

What are the most collectible tequila bottles?

The best tequila bottles will always have unique shapes and designs, therefore making them collectible items. If you want said items, please consider this cool vintage car and bottle set. On the other hand, this skull bottle is not bad either!

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