The Log Liquor Dispenser

The Log Liquor Dispenser lets you drink your favorite liquor in the classiest and coolest way possible.

You probably never thought about it, but there should be a neater way to drink alcohol, than pouring it straight from the bottle.

This awesome liquor dispenser is a great answer to this exact need. It looks original, unique, and allows you to both dispense and showcase your favorite drinks with style.

First of all, it’s hand-crafted out of a piece of log. It will look great unused whether you put it in your living room, study or in your out-of-town cabin. 

As it’s made out of natural resources, it is very friendly for the environment. All you need to do to use it is mount a standard liquor bottle on top, get an awesome drinking glass and turn the valve.

The Log Liquor Dispenser

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You will literally experience your favorite alcohol pouring out of a piece of log, which feels and looks amazing.

The Log Liquor Dispenser

Even if you didn’t consume the alcohol from the bottle fully, you can still remove the bottle at any time. But why would you? It would be a shame – showcasing some good old-fashioned whiskey like that and not finishing it.

The Log Liquor Dispenser

This patented log liquor dispenser is also available with two types of handles, so choose the one that will suit both your taste and the room’s interior.

It’s a great product for parties, barbecues or maybe for occasional solitary usage. One thing is certain: you will love it and it will surely impress your visitors. 

The Log Liquor Dispenser

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