AdapDesk Portable Workstation

AdapDesk Portable Workstation completely changes the way you can use your laptop in everyday life. Let’s not be grumpy or condescending and freely admit that laptops and tablets are a necessity now.

Especially when they’re used for working, catching up on current events or just relaxing after a stressful day.

Before, you’d try to balance your laptop on your stomach, knees or lap to get into a comfortable position which would only cause you pain. Now, there’s AdapDesk.  

This workstation is easy to assemble and its portability allows you to take it anywhere you go. It has a cleverly designed mousepad, cupholder and several side baskets for essentials that you want to keep in close reach.

AdapDesk Portable Workstation

This workstation works when you are sitting, lounging, standing and even lying down. You can adjust both the angle of the desk itself and the position of the laptop (tablet or book) on it.

This certainly allows you to comfortably enjoy the time spent while working on it without the unnecessary pain in the neck.

AdapDesk Portable Workstation

The workstation equipped with a cupholder and a mousepad weighs only around 6 lbs. It also comes in two editions that differ in the way they fold.

AdapDesk Portable Workstation

Overall, if you want to truly enjoy spending time with a laptop, tablet or reading the book and avoid the constant shuffling to keep it balanced, take AdapDesk Portable Workstation and never let go. It’s a treasure.

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