Liquor Bottle Lock

This Liquor Bottle Lock allows you to keep alcohol safely locked away and out of the wrong hands. If you have children then you know they can be too curious for their own sake.

Sometimes that curiosity transitions into an unending stream of existential questions that your kid asks you. That’s fine.

But as your babies get older you might have to deal with a completely another side of the coin – underage drinking.

You might think that your kids would never do that, but to be on the safe side you might consider this liquor bottle lock.

Liquor Bottle Lock

This lock is incredibly easy to put on any standard-sized bottle. Just put it one, slightly adjust it until it sits firmly in place, lock it up. That’s it.

Liquor Bottle Lock

The liquor bottle lock is made out of durable plastic and comes with two sets of keys. Just remember where you’ve hidden the keys afterward, or your evening happy hour might have to be canceled.

Liquor Bottle Lock

Even though this lock is advertised for concerned parents, people without children can find some use for it. Maybe, you’re unable to keep to your alcohol-free diet.

Or maybe, you’re having a party but don’t want your friends finding and emptying your expensive scotch collection. In any way, this liquor bottle lock can keep your booze safe and sound. 

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