Portable Door Lock

This Portable Door Lock will add an extra layer of security to any room you stay in. You can virtually add another lock to any door. No tools or extra time required.

You can take this additional door lock anywhere with you. This small gadget is portable enough to make it a constant companion on all of your trips.

This way you can always be sure no one will snoop through your stuff when you’re out.

The carbon steel lock installs in seconds and works with virtually any hinged door that opens inwards. 

Portable Door Lock

Setting it in place takes only a few steps but gives you the peace of mind that will last all throughout your trip.

Portable Door Lock

You can use it at home to secure your back door or to make your room more private. It can also serve as an alternative to installing a new lock in an apartment (which you can’t always do).

Plus, there’s sleeping in hotels and rented rooms (or dorm rooms). To make sure you are the only one who has access to them, use this Portable Door Lock.

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