Danalock V3 Smart Door lock

The Danalock V3 Smart Door lock makes your front door secure, smart, and up to today’s technological standards.

First, this smart lock makes keys obsolete. Now, instead of frantically looking for your keys and phone before going out, you’ll be looking for your phone only. Although, you can still use your keys if the need arises.

As you might have guessed, This smart home product can open your front door through your smartphone. You can also set it up to auto unlock when you get close.

Might come in handy when you get home from a hardcore shopping spree with hands full of bags. 

Danalock V3 Smart Door lock

You can also open the door remotely for a courier or a plumber when you’re not around. Your regular guests and visitors can get access to the door for several minutes, hours, or days.

Danalock V3 Smart Door lock

Get notified when somebody enters and exits your house. This way, you can keep an eye on your kids, delivery men, contractors, and anyone else.

Danalock uses advanced encryption (AES 256) to keep your home safe and sound. In case you lose your smartphone, access to the front door can be wiped remotely in a matter of seconds. 

Danalock V3 Smart Door lock

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Danalock V3 Smart Doorlock

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