25 Ideal Gifts for Zookeepers to Boost Up Their Daily Life

Being a zookeeper is a fantastic opportunity. Being able to work and interact with cute animals does not come to everyone. This type of job is definitely only for a select few who are lucky and caring. It must be fun having a friend who is a zookeeper. As a good friend, you could provide a variety of gifts for him to cope with their daily life considering being zookeepers are pretty demanding. But, as the gift-giver, you must put some thought into your gift selections.

And here we are! We’ve compiled 25 gift ideas to help you find the best gifts for your friend who works as a zookeeper. It is not easy to come up with 25 gifts for zookeepers, but we’ve tried our best. So, here they are.

1. Zookeeper Water Bottle

Zookeeper Water Bottle

A zookeeper’s water bottle is one of the best gift ideas for your animal-loving friend. There is a funny quote on the bottle that says Animal Servant, revealing the bottle owner’s identity. To keep your pal stay hydrated, this water bottle will be a perfect reminder for that!

2. Zookeeper Make-Up Bag

Zookeeper Make Up Bag

Perhaps you have a girlfriend who works as a zookeeper and has a birthday coming up. A zookeeper’s makeup bag might be agood gift choice for her. The white hue and the phrase “I’m a Zookeeper”, convey high confidence and responsibility of an animal carer.

3. Sea Turtle Scrunchie

Sea Turtle Scrunchie

Another gift that will suit your female friend who works as a zookeeper is a sea turtle scrunchie. In case your friend has long hair, this zookeeper gift will help her tidy up her hair. There are several amusing motifs, one of which is this green sea turtle scrunchie.

4. Fantastic Zookeeper Mug

Fantastic Zookeeper Mug

The next gift is a fantastic zookeeper mug. Although it may appear to be a fairly common gift, the writing on the mug would cheer up your friend’s day as a zookeeper. The former President Trump’s parody design will brighten your friend’s day.

5. Zookeeper Uniform Embroidery

Zookeeper Uniform Embroidery

The idea of giving this gift may appear to be a straightforward concept. Still, you need to think about its usefulness. So, giving a zookeeper uniform embroidered with a pinky zookeeper’s logo would be a lovely idea. The uniform will enhance the charisma of whoever wearing it.

6. Unisex Safari Costume

Unisex Safari Costume

How come someone shows up to work without wearing a proper uniform? Giving your zookeeper friend a safari costume or uniform as a zookeeper gift comes in mind to response this question. Usually, zookeepers and adventurers in television series will wear this outfit.

7. Life of a Zookeeper Book

Life of a Zookeeper Book

Has a close friend who recently started a new career as a zookeeper? This zookeeper’s gift appears to match his desire for a new task. Stephanie Fowlie’s book, the life of a zookeeper, will give him a new insight into what it takes to be a first-timer professional zookeeper.

8. Coach Whistle

Coach Whistle

A zoo may have a wide area and needs quick and easy communication tools when precarious situations happen. The coach whistle would serve that purpose. The zookeeper can also use it to train the animals as part of a zoo show. Available in gold and silver, the whistle has a luxurious and elegant appearance.

9. Inspirational Zookeeper Keychain

Inspirational Zookeeper Keychain

Technically, a typical zookeeper would have the keys to the animal enclosures. This fact makes a zookeeper need a keychain to unite all the keys. In case your husband is a zookeeper, this zookeeper’s gift is ideal for assisting him to work efficiently.

10. Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Wireless On-Ear Headphones might be a zookeeper’s gift beyond your expectations. Nevertheless, a zookeeper is also a human being who needs amusement and tranquility when he is resting or relaxing. Everyone could present Wireless On-Ear Headphones to a zookeeper who is also a music lover.

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11. Designated Zookeeper Pillow

Designated Zookeeper Pillow

Listening to music will not be perfect without a padded pillow to lean your head on. Therefore this gift is also complementary to a zookeeper so it makes the resting process flawless. The phrase zookeeper on the pillow denotes that this gift is appropriate as a zookeeper’s gift.

12. Black Square Sunglasses

 Black Square Sunglasses

These black square sunglasses will help your buddy as zookeepers look more elegant and dashing on the job. In addition, this zookeeper’s gift protects your buddy from direct sunlight exposure. Regardless of his special day, you can give this gift any time because the price is affordable.

13. Zookeeper Leisure Socks

Zookeeper Leisure Socks

Wearing comfy socks are important for zookeepers while he is working. Considering his mobile work, he needed socks that can protect his feet from rubbing against his shoes. These Zebra socks would be perfect for that while making his appearance more fashionable.

14. Zookeeper Boonie Hat

Zookeeper Boonie Hat

The hat must be recognized by anyone who has ever visited a zoo. Given zookeepers’ constant exposure to the sun, giving this hat as a zookeeper gift to them is a no-brainer.  This hat will keep your wife as a zookeeper from the scorching heat.

15. Zookeeper with Giraffe Doll

mazon)Zookeeper with Giraffe Doll

Did your girlfriend just get accepted as a zookeeper? It seems that the gift of a doll will make her even more eager to step into her new job. A zookeeper doll with a giraffe depicts the funny and lovely side of a female zookeeper.

16. Cute Giraffe Headband

Cute Giraffe Headband

Another cute gift that would suit your girlfriend who works as a zookeeper is a cute Giraffe headband. Using this hairband, your girlfriend’s appearance will be funnier and more stunning. Moreover, this hairband is likely to make the children in the zoo feel more cheery as well.

17. Safari Waist Bag

Safari Waist Bag

Waist bags will undoubtedly be useful for every zookeeper who always need to patrol the enclosurres. Moving from one location to another in a short period necessitates an effective and easy carry bag. Either a female or male will appreciate this zookeeper gift because its brown color is the same as the zookeeper uniform.

18. Sakura Binoculars Zookeepers

Sakura Binoculars Zookeepers

Binoculars are frequently used by an adventurer yet might also be utilized by zookeepers. Although the use is quite rare, binoculars could be used as a part of accessories while working. Through binoculars zookeepers gift, the impression of wilderness will appear in the zoo.

19. Neck Zookeeper Gaiter

Neck Zookeeper Gaiter

In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the nose or face protector is essential to avoid exposure to the virus. For your old schoolmates who is working as zookeepers, you might give this neck zookeeper gaiter as a zookeeper gift. He would be delighted to be in your care.

20. Windows Game Zookeeper

Windows Game Zookeeper

As a zookeeper, you’ll notice certain similarities to other vocations, such as boredom. To dispel boredom you could give a zookeeper’s gift in the form of a windows game zookeeper. The arrival of gifts such as this will certainly make your friends more enthusiastic about their work.

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21. Pod Coffee Maker

Pod Coffee Maker

Coffee has recently become highly popular among many individuals, probably including your zookeeper friend. The coffee maker pod is easy to get sneaked anywhere and allows it to be taken to your friend’s workplace thus this item is ideal as a zookeeper gift. Thanks to the coffee maker pod, your friend can stay awake more easily at work!

22. Everett Puffer Vest

Everett Puffer Vest

In the winter, everyone requires warmer clothing, including zookeepers. Everett’s puffer vest will keep your boyfriend warm in the cold, as he works largely outdoors. Warm clothes like this will fit your boyfriend who works as a zookeeper.

23. Waterproof Rain Boot

Waterproof Rain Boot

Another zookeeper’s gift that you should consider is these boots. The typical task of zookeepers dealing with mud and puddles requires strong and waterproof shoes. Water will not seep into the boot so the zookeeper’s feet will be free from foot fungus.

24. Teddy Glove Thumb

Teddy Glove Thumb

In addition to warm clothes to face the winter, do not forget gloves as well. Prevent hypothermia in the winter by wearing these Teddy gloves. Your grandfather who still works as a zookeeper will stay warm in the winter by wearing this zookeeper gift.

25. Loud Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm Clock

Why should this loud alarm clock be used as a zookeeper’s gift? Considering that your younger brother who works as a zookeeper has trouble getting up in the early morning, this gift may be given to him on his birthday. Zookeepers must get up early enough to begin feeding the animals immediately.

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What does a zookeeper need?

Speaking of what a zookeeper needs certainly could not be separated from the things that assist him in performing efficiently. For example, there is a zookeeper’s water bottle that will prevent zookeepers from dehydration or a neck zookeeper gaiter that will prevent viruses from animals or Covid-19. These products have been described above in detail both their uses and color options.

What are the best gifts for zookeepers?

It should be noted that working as a zookeeper comes with its own set of difficulties. For example, when the animals are misbehaving then there are wireless on-ear headphones that could be entertainment tools during rest or leisure time. Another gift that zookeepers also normally need or even other work is Everett’s puffer vest that could warm the body in the winter.

What are the best zookeeper accessories?

As a form of creating a safe and friendly zoo atmosphere, several accessories are needed that could assist in creating a good environment. There are black square sunglasses that will add the gallantry of a zookeeper or cute Giraffe headband that will create kid-friendly. These were some of the accouterments that zookeepers used to wear.

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