25 Cool Bathing Suits That Will Be Perfect For Summer Holiday

Summer isn’t complete without a trip to the beach. You can go swimming and play various water activities during the sunny weather. Therefore, cool bathing suits should be a must have item. Men can wear swim trunks, while women can wear bikinis or one piece swimsuits. Moreover, they usually come with various designs and patterns that reflect the bright summer vibes. 

In case you are going to spend the summer holiday at the beach, then you should prepare your cool bathing suits this year. In this article, we will help you to choose the right outfit to slay the summer vacation. From the basic design to the complicated one, we have collected the best cool bathing suits that will make you fall in love. Let’s dive in!

Cool Bathing Suits For Men

Summer is the perfect time for men to flex their abs and muscle. Therefore, they deserve cool bathing suits to make them look charming on the beach. With the right size and also vibrant colors, these swim trunks below will be their perfect suits in summer. 

1. Vintage Boy Swim Trunks 

Vintage Boy Swim Trunks 

Inspired by the 80s style, this swim trunk is perfect for men with an old soul. It is composed of polyester with a slim fit design which is comfortable to wear. Besides, the tiger and leaf patterns adorn this short beautifully. This suit will absolutely make any man look attractive at the beach.

2. Nautica Quick Dry Swim Trunk

Nautica Quick Dry Swim Trunk

Suppose you are looking for bathing suits for men that radiate the nautica vibes, you can try this beautiful swim trunk. Made from 100% polyester, this swimsuit can be dried easily. Not to mention, the calm light blue with the little anchor pattern gives the classic vibes in this wonderful short.

3. Mesh Lining Quick Dry Swim Shorts

Mesh Lining Quick Dry Swim Shorts

Make your summer holiday at the beach as bright as this stunning swim short. The pink base color brings the cheerful vibes to any man. Furthermore, the pineapple and palm tree patterns are so attractive. This will indeed be a cool bathing suit for men to have fun at the beach.

4. Barracuda Swim Trunks

Barracuda Swim Trunks

At first glance, this swim trunk may look like a regular short for men. In fact, it can be more than just a swimsuit. It has cargo pockets at both sides, so that you can keep some stuff while exploring the beach. In addition, it has a drawstring waistline that is elasticized, perfect for any waist size.

5. Hibiscus Flower Quick-Dry Swim Trunk

ibiscus Flower Quick-Dry Swim Trunk

Suppose you are a flower boy who wants to appear sexy at the beach, then you definitely need this flower swim trunk. It comes with a gorgeous hibiscus flower pattern, showing your soft and sweet side as men. Moreover, it has a drawstring closure that will suit a small or big waist.

6. Martian Swim Trunks

Martian Swim Trunks

While having fun in the sun, men will feel and look beautiful in this Martian pattern. This swim trunk has all the essentials for a hot summer day. It’s airy and quick-drying, with many pockets and a smooth anti-chafe inner liner. This surely will be one of the cool bathing suits that will be loved by any man.

7. Rainbow Carbon-Prix Swim Trunks

Rainbow Carbon-Prix Swim Trunks

Show the spirit of racing at the beach with this cool swim short. This swim trunk is amazingly designed for men who love Formula. It has a modern silhouette with shorter trunk legs. Not to mention, colorful track design and colors also will make a wonderful summer swimming experience. 

Cool Bathing Suits For Women

Women are associated as the sexy ones. Especially during summer vacation at the beach, they need the cool bathing suits that expose more flesh and sexiness on them. Therefore, we have compiled various bikinis and swimsuits that will shine on their beautiful bodies in our lists below. 

8. Sun Moon Back Criss Cross Lace-up Triangle Bikini

Sun Moon Back Criss Cross Lace-up Triangle Bikini

Express your sexiness in an elegant way with this beautiful bikini. The wonderful sun and moon print in this bikini radiates a joyful atmosphere. Besides, it comes with a criss cross design, exposing your sexy back gorgeously. Beautifully made of polyester and spandex, it makes a fit and comfortable suit for any woman. 

9. Tribal Hollow Out One Piece Swimsuit 

Tribal Hollow Out One Piece Swimsuit 

Who says you can look sexy with a one piece swimsuit? Well, this amazing swimsuit for women will prove them wrong. It comes with keyhole design and the sexy backless in tribal print which make you the center of attraction on the summer beach. Furthermore, a high waisted tummy control design may show off your body curves perfectly.

10. Mesh V Neck Monokini Bathing Suits

Mesh V Neck Monokini Bathing Suits

If you are looking for cool bathing suits for women which are simple but sexy then you should wear this monokini. Unlike the regular swimsuit, this monokini features a see-through mesh design and a deep plunge back with a ruched pattern in the torso.This unusual design makes you look gorgeous while still keeping you covered.

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11. Padded High Waist Swimdress

Padded High Waist Swimdress

Make yourself look girly and attractive with this pretty swimdress. It is comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying since it is constructed of high-quality fabric. The gorgeous skirt with a floral pattern also will be the focal point. It will cover your belly perfectly, making you look slimmer. In addition, shirring detailing also helps to highlight your curve.

12. Beach Sport Off Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

Beach Sport Off Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

In case you are looking for cool bathing suits for women that cover your big arm, then this charming swimsuit will be a great option. The off shoulder design gives the slimmer arms look. In addition, the fabulous floral print with attractive colors reflect your cheerful and bright personality.

13. One Shoulder Swimwear Asymmetric 

One Shoulder Swimwear Asymmetric

Suppose you are a woman with a big body, then the asymmetric design in this swimwear will hide your tummy well. It makes you look more beautiful and gorgeous with a one off shoulder monokini design. Furthermore, the front ruched accents provide a form-fitting and slimming design to help conceal your stomach.

14. Racerback Boyleg Sports Swimwear

Racerback Boyleg Sports Swimwear

If you want to buy cool bathing suits for water sport activities at the beach, then you can try with this racerback boyleg swimwear. The neat and simple design emphasizes its function for modern coverage while doing water sports. It definitely will be a perfect swimsuit for athletic women. 

15. Slimming Vintage Swimsuit

Slimming Vintage Swimsuit

Expose your body curve at the beach with this stunning swimsuit for women. The polka dots print radiate the vintage vibes, making you appear attractive at the peach. In fact, the torso ruched pattern in this swimwear emphasizes your curves and hides faults while remaining appealing.

16. Push Up Bikini Sets

Push Up Bikini Sets

Give yourself the cool bathing suits for women that expose your slim body. This push up bikini will surely light up your summer vacation at the beach. It features the padded push up bra in black and white color, making you look sexy and attractive. It will be an ideal outfit to get a beautiful tan skin.

17. Bikini Set High Waisted Swimsuits 

Bikini Set High Waisted Swimsuits

Hide all the imperfections in your body with this amazing swimwear for women. It comes with an off shoulder with ruffle crop top design which gives a slimmer arms silhouette. Meanwhile, the high waist bottom with full coverage will expose your body curve without showing too much belly.

18. 2 Piece Set Lace Swimsuit

2 Piece Set Lace Swimsuit

Make your swimsuit look trendy and fashionable this summer with this fantastic swimwear for women. This flowy and charming zig zag patterned lace overlay tankini swimsuit gives a relaxed feel. Made from nylon and spandex, it provides a more comfy and modest appearance for your beach day. 

19. Monokini Bandage Push Up Padded Swimsuit 

Monokini Bandage Push Up Padded Swimsuit

This is indeed a fantastic swimsuit that radiates sexiness. It comes with a bandage push up padded bra that exposes your torso. Furthermore, the zig zag lace in the torso adds the attractive vibes in this monokini. Wearing this suit will make any girl appear cute and hot at the same time.

20. American Flag Bikini Set 

American Flag Bikini Set

Bring the bright and vibrant colors of the US flag to your summer holiday with this bikini. The combination of red, blue, and white color will surely make you stand out at the beach. Besides, it has a built-in sports bra with adjustable straps and deep cut sides which will make you look hot and charming.

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21. Overwatch D. Va Swimwear to m

Overwatch D. Va Swimwear to m

In case you are looking for cool bathing suits for women who love to play Overwatch, then this swimwear will be an excellent choice. It features a one piece design which resembles the Overwatch jacket. Beside that, the soft blue color on this swimsuit will blend perfectly with the fantastic blue ocean at the beach.

22. Women Water Polo Swimsuit

Women Water Polo Swimsuit

Get your body a great coverage at the back with this waterpolo swimsuit for women. Unlike the other woman’s swimwear, it has both front and back inner linings. Moreover, the combination of red, purple, and orange radiate the bright summer vibes well. This will be one of the ideal cool bathing suits which gives back protection.

23. Jessica Simpson Swimsuit

Jessica Simpson Swimsuit

Celebrate your success at weight loss with this charming Jessica Simpson bikini. Inspired by the famous singer’s bikini, it comes with the ruffle top with removable pads and the low waisted bottom. This coral green bikini has the combination of nylon and spandex fabric which will make you look cool and sexy.

24. Wonder Woman Swimsuit

Wonder Woman Swimsuit

If you want to have cool bathing suits that resemble women superheroes, why don’t you try this gorgeous swimsuit? The charming design represents the elegant and powerful Wonder Woman. Made from spandex and polyester, it will suit your body perfectly, making you look hot and sexy,

25. Retro Black and White Swimsuit

Retro Black and White Swimsuit

Feel the retro vibes in this attractive swimsuit. The white lines along the shoulder, torso, and the waist part gives the slimmer look to any woman. In fact, the thick straps are adjustable. You can wear it on the edge of the shoulder or just as off shoulder which will give a chic and sexy feel.

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What bathing suit color makes you look tan?

The best bathing suit to expose your tan skin is definitely a bikini. Wear bikinis in vivid hues like red, fuchsia pink, or coral green to make yourself appear even more tanned. For example, try to wear the Jessica Simpson Swimsuit in coral green color. Besides that, black color is also perfect for tanning. Therefore, you can wear the Push Up Bikini Set to bring out the sunkissed tan..

What color bathing suit makes you look skinny?

Dark colors, especially black and navy blue, offer a slimming impact and are ideal for hiding a few pounds. Therefore, the One Shoulder Asymmetric Swimwear in black color will be the great option to give a skinny look. Not to mention, the right design also helps you look skinny. For more inspiration of cool bathing suits that will hide your flaws, please check our article above.

How do I choose a swimsuit?

Well, you have to know the type of your body first. If you have a skinny or athletic body, then you can expose your curves and abs with bikinis for women or swim trunks for men . Meanwhile, if you want to hide your tummy or belly, then you should choose the suitable design with ruffles such as the Bikini Set High Waisted Swimsuit. Today, there are various cool bathing suits which are designed for a certain body type. If you are curious about them, you can read our selected list above.

How do I look classy in a swimsuit?

To make you look classy, you should wear the one that fits your personality. Therefore, the right swimsuit will make you look confident and charming. For instance, if you love vintage design, you can try to wear the Vintage Boy Swim Trunks for men or the Slimming Vintage Swimsuit for women. For more inspiration of cool bathing suits that will match your preference, you can check our article above.

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