35 Most Powerful Good Luck Charms for Success, Wealth & Prosperity

Have you found yourself in a run of bad luck lately? Or are you simply looking to charm lady luck into bringing a wave of good luck your way? No matter what you have in mind, good luck charms are a great way to bring some positivity your way.

In different cultures around the world, there are symbols or items that people believe can bring them good luck. With the evolution and assimilation of these cultures on a global scale, these symbols or charms have traveled across the world.

Every good luck charm comes with a deep-rooted history explaining its origin and potential benefits. Whether you happen to be superstitious or not, a lucky charm can be a lot of fun and a great way to keep you feeling positive. And at times, good luck is all about having the right attitude.

The Best Good Luck Charms for Success

With that in mind, we have created the ultimate collection of powerful good luck charms from a variety of cultures. Read on to discover some of the most powerful lucky charms that you can buy to bring money, success and wealth.

#1 Tree of Life Good Luck Charm Necklace

Tree of Life Good Luck Charm Necklace - good luck charms
Tree of Life Good Luck Charm Necklace

Full of symbolic meaning and aesthetic appeal, the tree of life is one of the most popular good luck symbols. It’s often considered a symbol of good health, wealth, positive energy and a bright future. It adds a ton of significance and visual interest to this rustic necklace.

What makes this good luck necklace particularly appealing is the unique copper wire tree design. Inside the wire enclosure sits a delicate jasper gemstone that takes the appeal to a whole new level.

#2 Success & Abundance Gemstone Bracelet

Success & Abundance Gemstone Bracelet

If you love beaded bracelets, how about adding a piece to your collection that will do so much more than up your ante! This 108-bead mala bracelet uses Amazonite gemstone which is full of meaning.

Amazonite is taken to be one of the best good luck stones for financial ventures and games of chance. It traces its roots back to pre-colonial Central and South America but is now popular around the world.

#3 Hand-Carved Natural Obsidian Scrub ‘Soaring’ Pendant

Hand-Carved Natural Obsidian Scrub 'Soaring’ Pendant - most powerful good luck charms for money

When it comes to elegance and ornate detailing, no other charm comes close to this one. Featuring the mythical Pegasus, a winged stallion, this charm is one of the most powerful good luck charms. He is a product of Greek mythology, often representing victory, and said to attract lasting success into one’s life. The use of obsidian makes the pendant particularly captivating, with a beautiful gloss to enhance the workmanship. To complete the effect, the necklace sports black onyx beads, another timeless classic.

#4 Aventurine Pyramid Necklaces

Aventurine Pyramid Necklaces - good luck charms

Light aventurine has an admirable reputation as one of the most powerful good luck pendants. As a talisman associated with optimism, it has excellent centering and grounding capabilities too.

Its use on this necklace adds these and other meaningful features into the jewelry piece. In addition to its ability to attract good luck, it also has healing properties. It takes a unique pyramid shape that has what it takes to make a statement.

#5 Sanskrit Good Luck Necklaces

Sanskrit Good Luck Necklaces

You must have heard it said that when you pick up a penny, you will have good luck all through the day. Well, here is an opportunity to have plenty of that every day!

These Sanskrit coins in gold and silver bear an inscription that reads “good health.” Other than aiding positive health, the coin also has protective properties as well as the potential to attract good things. It does not hurt one bit that it is also a beautiful jewelry piece, one that will accent any look.

#6 Arrow Head Neutral Agate Arrow Necklace

Arrow Head Mint Green Jade Pendant Necklace

With one of these Chinese lucky charms for money, you get a combination of benefits from two distinct types of charms. Jade comes with protective properties and has the capacity to attract wealth. In fact, according to Chinese legend, in increases the flow of prosperity.

Similarly, arrow heads have protective properties based on American Indian mythology. At the same time, it can cultivate your own energy to help you persevere in any undertaking. To cap it all up, it is stunningly beautiful!

#7 GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT African Turquoise Gemstone Bead Bracelet

GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT African Turquoise Gemstone Bead Bracelet

African turquoise is an elegant gemstone which brings prosperity and balance. As the “stone of evolution” it fosters positive change, encouraging growth and development.

It brings about inspiration from within and will push you to excel at what you do. If in addition to attracting wealth you also wish for less emotional aggravation, this is the perfect choice. On this beautiful bracelet, it offers matchless aesthetic appeal, creating a unique focal point for your look.

#8 Mens Jade Zen as F#ck Success Bracelet

Mens Jade Zen as F#ck Success Bracelet

Enjoy an opportunity to showcase your unique sense of style while adding meaning to your look with one of these meaningful bracelets. For every zen man out there, this bracelet is a great choice for making a statement. Using a deep green shade of jade, the bracelet offers matchless visual appeal.

But more importantly, the gemstone jade has a mystical power to attract wealth in various forms. With this blend of flair and function, you will be a showstopper everywhere you go.

#9 Pi Yao 59 – Jade Gemstone Lucky Charm Bracelet

Pi Yao 59 - Jade Gemstone Lucky Charm Bracelet

Offering equal measures of style and utility, the Pi Yao 59 bracelet is one of the best good luck charms for success. Its roots go way back to ancient Chinese mythology and its abilities to rid your life of bad luck and replace it with good are simply matchless.

The best part about having this loyal protector on a bracelet is that you get to enjoy these benefits everywhere you go. Business operators, in particular, appreciate its limitless potential.

#10 Success & Prosperity King Solomon Talisman

Success & Prosperity King Solomon Talisman

By virtue of his great wisdom and wealth, King Solomon inspired the creation of one of the most powerful amulets. The King Solomon talisman derives its unique design from his signet ring.

For individuals seeking financial success, this powerful charm has a host of useful properties. It helps prevent distractions, attracts recognition and fosters professional accomplishment. Two distinct symbols on the two sides collectively work to give it its power.

#11 Financial Success Amulet – most powerful good luck charms for money

Financial Success Amulet

If you have a preference for bracelets rather than necklaces, here is one that brings a combination of benefits. Drawing on two different concepts, it features a King Solomon charm and Hamsa button closer.

Both of these have tons of potential to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. The Hamsa takes the shape of a hand with an eye that sees all so as to protect the wearer from potential harm.

#12 Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Horseshoes are among the most popular charms for good luck. Tracing their legendary origins back to a historical figure, Saint Dunstan, they have been around longer than most. Dunstan’s is just one of many legends that seek to explain the reasons behind its popularity as a talisman.

This trivet brings out the iconic properties of the charm in a captivating way. Thanks to its heart shape, it can serve as an accent piece, adding a touch of rustic romance to your space.

#13 Prosperity Wealth Bracelet

Prosperity Wealth Bracelet

A majority of gemstones come with tons of meaningful benefits and this bracelet takes advantage of that. It blends the highlights of such popular stones as agate, onyx and black lava to offer countless features. Agate attracts prosperity and wealth while also stabilizing and grounding the wearer.

Lava stone on the other hand has a calming effect that comes in handy when dealing with tension and friction. The arrangement of these different beads creates an artistic masterpiece.

#14 Aqua Aura Quartz Point Success Pendant

Aqua Aura Quartz Point Success Pendant - good luck charms

Quartz is one of the most common lucky charms as it has an association with success. What makes the aqua aura quartz special is its combination of meaning and elegance. It comes in a cool aqua blue hue with luminous rainbow elements in varying colors.

To make the ultimate charm, the artist wraps the crystal’s rough point with copper wire. Choose the most appropriate copper wire color to meet your preferences and make this your go-to charm.

#15 Winning & Success King Solomon Silver Amulet Necklace

Winning & Winners Silver Solomon Seal Coin Charm on Silver Necklace

Get your own version of King Solomon’s signet ring with the power to bring you success in your endeavors. Legend has it that his ring gave him supernatural powers and command over the natural forces.

Though you might not get wings to fly literally, this ring has what it takes to make you soar in other aspects. Moreover, the inscription on the face of the ring creates tons of visual interest around it.

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#16 Wealth and Protection Amulet

Wealth and Protection Amulet

Wealth without protection may not mean much in terms of long term success. That’s why this rings combines the two into one delicate amulet. With origins in both Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, this amulet is rich in meaning and power. It features the name of one of four heavenly kings, in Tibetan script. A symbol of the victorious banner, which happens to be his symbol, makes the focal point of the design.

#17 Spiritual Success Chakra Bracelet

Attracting good luck is not an easy feat, but with one of these ancient good luck charms, your work is half done. It bears a combination of ancient symbols that aim to fortify your willpower.

Citrine gem, known as the gemstone of abundance and wealth, is the main stone in the design. Not only does it help in maintaining positivity. But it also helps the wearer to execute plans. Additionally, it offers a useful blend of healing properties to ensure well-being.

#18 Manifest Your Dreams Silver Charm Locket

Manifest Your Dreams Silver Charm Locket

One of the biggest challenges for most people is working to turn dreams into reality. Here is a silver charm locket that simplifies the process. It allows you to put your dream into words by writing it on a wish paper. Fold it around the charm and place it inside the locket and wear it every day as a constant reminder that you can do it. The set includes a miniature key, an angel wing, a star and a heart.

#19 Wealth Healing Gemstone Collection Bag

Wealth Healing Gemstone Collection Bag

Since gemstones have so much power in them, why not get a collection of them to attract positive vibes? In this set, you get a combination of healing crystals to help you find wealth and success.

At times, the main obstacle between you and success has to do with you. If you make the necessary changes, you can be anything you wish. Use this collection to drive the changes you wish to see and be all that you want to be.

#20 Women Fortune Bracelet

Women Fortune Bracelet

Three is a magic number, the perfect number for powerful good luck charms. On this piece, three elements, aventurine, Amazonite and tiger’s eye meet. Each one brings its own dose of beneficial properties into the mix.

The result is a formidable force for someone looking to attract wealth. All three have the potential to bring motivation and good luck. And they make a striking combination, visually speaking.

#21 Silver Wealth Horse Talisman

Silver Wealth Horse Talisman

From the rich Greek mythology, we get yet another amazing talisman in the form of a horse. Horses have an association with luck, strength, success and wealth. They are also icons of beauty. Bringing these features together, we get an amazing talisman that can transform your life. Careful detailing brings the pendant to life and makes it impossible to ignore. Choose the most appropriate finish to make it a captivating focal point.

#22 Purse Mouse Attracting Money Talisman

Purse Mouse Attracting Money Talisman

As an ancient wealth talisman, the mouse has often played the role of attracting money. With one of these tiny mice, you get triple benefits. Other than attracting money, it could help increase revenue. Additionally, it serves as a protection for your purse, protecting your cash from theft, unwise spending and the evil eye. Beyond the purse, this teeny mouse also helps you to advance up the career ladder. What a useful mouse!

#23 Horseshoe Pendant Good Luck Charm

Horseshoe Pendant Good Luck Charm

The best thing about horseshoe pendants is their potential for diversity in design. more importantly however, they have a solid reputation as good luck charms that work. With this elegant piece around your neck, the world may not even realize its meaning. It takes a subtle design that combines different materials and colors for a striking effect. Take this sign of hope and prosperity with you everywhere you go and watch lady luck walk with you.

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#24 Veles Pendant Wealth Amulet

Veles Pendant Wealth Amulet

Veles was the Slavic deity of the underworld and from his legend, we get our next good luck charm. He was the god of success and wealth and one who wears the Veles sign gets good luck and protection from evil.

Ornate craftsmanship brings the concept to life in form of an elegant zinc alloy pendant. Its beauty is matchless, and so is its potential to reverse your fortunes if you have come upon some hard times lately.

#25 Amulet of Wealth Wallet Spoon

Amulet of Wealth Wallet Spoon

Wondering how to get good luck with money? How about starting in your wallet, with this ornate spoon? The spoon Zagrebushka is a sterling silver piece drawing inspiration from Feng Shui.

Keep it in your wallet in a separate slot away from bills and coins and watch the money start coming in. This particular spoon is an amazing work of art to add to your good luck charm collectibles drawer.

#26 Black Purple Naga Eye Wealth Amulet – most powerful good luck charms

Black Purple Naga Eye Wealth Amulet

Beauty and wealth attraction go hand in hand with the elegant purple Naga eye amulet. Based on Thai tradition, Naga eyes are power stones which have countless benefits. Among these is their ability to attract prosperity. They also offer protective powers and enhance the development of skills that one already has. Thai mythology claims that they are gifts from the gods to humans, hence their supernatural properties.

#27 Kabbalah Charm, Prosperity Pendant – most powerful good luck charms

Kabbalah Charm, Prosperity Pendant - good luck charms

The Kabbalah charm is yet another popular prosperity pendants that carry multiple benefits. On this piece, you get a blend of sterling silver and a gold chariot heart.

The silver pendant has Hebrew engravings believed to spell divine names and corresponding psalms. On the other hand, the chariot is a 3D gold star of David. Together, they release special energies that bestow the wearer with abundance and success.

#28 Japan Lucky Cat Maneki-Neko 

Japan Lucky Cat Maneki-Neko - Handmade

Sometimes, we need a little luck so that our financial affairs, work, and love go well. If you are that person, then you may want to have this Japan Lucky Cat Maneki-Neko charm. It is usually made of plastic or ceramic, but here we present you the wooden one.

Maneki-Neko is basically a Japanese calico cat with a gesture of beckoning while it is waving. The waving is believed to bring luck in everything, especially wealth. If you want to have one, display this charm in your living room facing the front door. Wait until the good comes to you.

#29 A Wu Lou Charm – The Giver Of Life

GJMY Feng Shui Coins with Brass Calabash Wu Lou Key Chain

Chinese people are the one who still appreciates and believes that charms can bring good luck. No wonder so many charms come from the country. One of them is A Wu Lou with Feng Shui coins. 

A Wu Lou or known as Calabash or The Giver of Life is a charm that is considered to bring good luck in terms of wealth and safety in life. The holder of this charm is believed to be able to avoid any calamity that might happen to them. Each fengshui keychain is filled with a blessing card that has been blessed by the Master.

#30 Lucky Orgone Crystals Good Luck Charm

It is an Indian charm that is made of the three luckiest crystals, which are green aventurine, red garnet, and citrine. These combinations are important to stimulate intellectual, an important element to achieve wealth and prosperity.  The Orgone Crystals are also believed to deflect any negative forces and allow positive ones to come to you. If you want to attract success in life, especially money-related, go grab this charm.

#31 Japanese Omamori Charm

Japanese Omamori Charm

Omamori is a traditional amulet that also comes from Japan that has its root in Shintoism and Buddism. People there usually would buy it as a gift to those who are about to take an exam. Students would often attach it to their backpack or bring it around all the time inside their pocket or purse.

Unlike other charms, Omamori is shaped like a mini pouch. Inside it, you would find a paper talisman or crystals, though people do not usually open an Omamori. Nowadays, Omamori comes in various intricate designs and colors that look catchy.

#32 Han Solo’s Dice

Han Solo's Dice

For those who love the Star Wars franchise, you might notice that Han Solo would carry around some sort of dice accessory. This peculiar item is his lucky charm, as he loves to gamble his way around the galaxy. If you want to surprise your friend who loves Han Solo, these dice would make a special present.

Give Han Solo’s dice as a way to wish your friend good luck. Even though it is from a fictional story, the power is real as long as it can bring a positive feeling to those who own it.

#33 Glow in The Dark Firefly Charm

Glow in The Dark Firefly Charm

This firefly lucky charm token is unlike any other charms that we have mentioned in this list. After all, this cute little accessory can glow in the dark!

Since ancient times, people have always marveled at the magical light emitted by fireflies. Now, this charm perfectly captures that magic with its unique design. The token is created from metal, and the firefly belly incorporates a special chemical compound, allowing it to light up once the sun has set!

#34 The Wise Sea Turtle Token

The Wise Sea Turtle Token

Sea turtles have always been the symbol of wisdom. Thus, this miniature sea turtle token would make an excellent good luck charm for those who are seeking knowledge. If you have a friend who is about to have an exam, the Wise Sea Turtle shall be their studying companion and guide them to success.

People can place the adorable sea turtle token on their desks to motivate them to do their best. They can also bring it around inside their pocket without hassle because of its tiny size.

#35 Four-leaf Clover Charm

Four-leaf Clover Charm

People say that four-leaf clovers are rare, and that is true. Usually, you can only find ones with three leaves. Because of its rarity, people who encounter it believe that the four-leaf clover brings good luck and fortune.

Finding a wild four-leaf clover is extremely hard because it is such a rare variation. So, you should definitely consider getting one of these four-leaf clover charms! It is created from real leaves that have been preserved using resin. We believe that the four-leaf clover token is among the strongest good luck charm you can find!

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It is an object that is believed to bring luck in your life. The lucky charm may be able to deflect negativity from your life and attract only positive energy. They could be stones, keychains, crystals, rings, necklaces, or anything that is meaningful to you. Those who believe in lucky charms are called superstitions. 

If you have been wondering how to attract good luck and wealth, now you have 27 stunning answers. Make your choice from the wide array of necklace pendants, bracelet charms and amulets to experience a turn for the better.

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