25 Feng Shui Good Luck Charms to Inject Happiness in Your Life

There are a lot of different good luck charms in the world. Shamrock charms, evil eye charms, and horseshoe charms are just some of the most mainstream good luck charms that you can find in today’s market. However, Chinese traditions are heavily influenced by the feng shui. If you believe in the practice of arranging items for the sake of the universe’s balance, you might want to have one or two feng shui good luck charms.

Feng Shui good luck charms usually have a really good design. There are even some feng shui good luck charms that you can use, such as bracelets and necklaces. But the most important thing to remember is that these good luck charms are believed to bring luck into your life. So don’t think twice if you really want to try and change the fortunes.

Vintage Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Feng shui good luck charms have been around for a very long time. It is not surprising that there’s a lot of retro and vintage feng shui good luck charms lying around on the market. Even though they are old, they are still cool and beautiful. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Chinese Knots Feng Shui Charm

Chinese Knots Feng Shui Charm

These I-ching are Chinese good luck charms. They are handmade to your satisfaction. Each of the charms contains a coin that has been blessed and cleaned by a spiritual witch. If you really believe in the power of good luck charms, you should try this one out. 

2. Turtle Feng Shui Charm

Turtle Feng Shui Charm

In the Chinese tradition, turtles are regarded as the symbol of health and longevity. Having a healthy life is more important than all the money in the world, which is why you should buy this feng shui good luck charm. Let’s hope that you will always stay healthy with the protection of this charm. 

3. Lucky Chinese Coins

Lucky Chinese Coins

These Chinese coins can’t be used to buy things like groceries and toys. However, keeping them will be a good idea, as it can help in giving you good luck. Try to display two of the coins, because it is said that by doing just that, fortunes and money will be in your favor. 

4. Rose Quartz Calabash

Rose Quartz Calabash

Each good luck charm has its own powers. Some might bring you fame, and some might even help you in finding true love. But if you want to stay healthy, you better consider buying the awesome Rose Quartz Calabash. It also has a cool and unique design that you will like. 

5. Pixiu Beaded Bracelet

Pixiu Beaded Bracelet

Wearing good luck charms can also make you cool. Just take a look at these beaded bracelets! You can choose from up to nine different designs. Use them to bring you good luck in your endeavors. Wear them daily for maximum effect. 

6. Bronze Chinese Coins from Qing Dynasty

Bronze Chinese Coins from Qing Dynasty

Here’s another alternative to the Chinese coins that we have mentioned before. If you want to have good luck charms while collecting items from a rich history, this might be the perfect item for you. Inside, you will find coins from seven different emperors in the Qing dynasty!

7. Pixiu Feng Shui Charm 

Pixiu Feng Shui Charm 

If you want a vintage ring that will bring you good luck, we’ve found just the right item for you. Take a look at this cool silver feng shui ring. Besides having a good design, it will definitely bring a positive energy to your daily life

Wearable Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

As mentioned previously, some feng shui good luck charms are also wearable. They can even complement your fashion style! Just take a look at some of the cool rings and bracelets below. Let’s hope that you will be hooked with an item or two from our list of wearable feng shui good luck charms!

8. Pi Yao Feng Shui Amulet

Pi Yao Feng Shui Amulet

This is a Pi Yao amulet. In Chinese culture, Pi Yao is a symbol of protection, luck, and wealth. It seems natural to wear this cool amulet if you really want to be blessed in your life. Plus, it really has a cool design and it will fit for both male and females. 

9. 35 Gold Plated Beads

35 Gold Plated Beads

If you really love to wear different accessories every day, you probably will love having these beads. It is attachable for necklaces or bracelets. Even though they have different shapes, they still have the same function: to bring good luck to your life. 

10. Chinese Prosperity Bracelet

Chinese Prosperity Bracelet

This is a really cool bracelet. The design is really elegant and magnificent. It also has the famous Chinese lion that you often see on Lunar new year celebrations. Buy this item and use it for yourself, or hand it over as a present for your friend!

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11. Chinese Round Sterling Silver Pendant

feng shui good luck charms

The symbol on the pendant is known as the “Double Happiness”. It is usually used on wedding celebrations to represent the joy of newlywed couples. If you are recently married or you have a friend who is going to be, buying this charm is a good choice!

12. Custom Latitude/Longitude Necklace

feng shui good luck charms

As mentioned before, feng shui is the practice of placing items in certain positions in order to achieve the perfect balance. Although it is rooted from Chinese traditions, Western people also uphold the same value, just like this customizable necklace. You can use this cool necklace and customize it with certain coordinates that have a good feng shui for good luck. 

13. Custom Birthstone Necklace

feng shui good luck charms

Feng shui teachings believe that names also play a part in a person’s luck. If you have a cool name that aligns perfectly according to the feng shui, immortalize it with this awesome birthstone charm

14. Buddhist Ring

feng shui good luck charms

This is a very nice ring to have. If you are familiar with the Buddhist teachings, you’ll probably notice that this particular ring is made for bringing good luck and fortunes into your life. Just try it out and see for yourselves!

15. Yin Yang Necklace

feng shui good luck charms

Yin Yang is another Chinese philosophy that teaches about the need for balancing opposing forces, as it complements each other. With its beautiful design, this beautiful pendant will be a perfect gift for a beloved friend. It will definitely protect them from any harmful energy. 

16. Chinese Dragon Lucky Charm

feng shui good luck charms

This is a really elegant lucky charm. Wearing it can protect you from negative energies while enhancing your overall appearance. It is said that using this bracelet can help you lose anxiety and make you calmer. 

17. Gold Round Beads with Tiger’s Eye

feng shui good luck charms

This fancy charm might look similar to the dragon lucky charm, but the difference lies in the head piece. Instead of a dragon, you will get a tiger’s eye for this beautiful bead. It is really beautiful for you to use in parties. 

Unique Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

For our last category in our list of feng shui good luck charms, we’re going to take a look at some of the best feng shui good luck charms that have unique effects or unique shapes. You will definitely love having some of these good luck charms. Let’s take a look at these cool items. 

18. Pepper Charm Feng Shui

Pepper Charm Feng Shui

It is really odd to see items made from chili peppers, right? However, the results may be really better than what you really imagined. Using this cool item is also beneficial, as it is believed that it will repel any bad spirits that are going to haunt you. Hang it somewhere in your house now!

19. Lucky Charm Made from Emperor Coins

Lucky Charm Made from Emperor Coins

In the feng shui teachings, items that have cross shape are beneficial to ward off bad chi. If you really believe in the teachings, you should really buy this awesome lucky charm. The magnificent lucky charm is also a symbol of wealth!

20. Large Coin Charm

feng shui good luck charms

The awesome Bagua feng shui charm is a remake of an ancient lucky charm. It is said that the user of this charm is blessed with a ton of luck. As a side note, the Bagua charm is shaped that way to represent the feng shui Bagua map. 

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21. Feng Shui Ingot Yuanbao

feng shui good luck charms

In ancient China, a yuanbao is a small metal ingot that was used as money. Although they aren’t valid to be used to buy things, they still can be used as good luck charms. Let’s hope that you are always blessed with wealth when you own these charms. 

22. Zodiac Animal Charms

Zodiac Animal Charms

Some good luck charms that we have offered can be hung somewhere in your house. But the problem is: you also need protection outside your home. That’s where this cute zodiac charm comes! Buy them and hang them in your car to protect you from any kind of danger. 

23. Lucky Cat Keychain

Lucky Cat Keychain

If you want a good luck charm that is small enough to carry, but not to wear as bodywears, keyring might be the answer for your problem. This adorable cat charm might be the perfect fit too. It has an adorable design and it will generate enough positive energy for your daily life. 

24. Citrine GemStone

Citrine GemStone

Citrines are said to contain solar energy, which makes sense because this good luck charm is said to have the ability to heal some minor diseases. It will also generate good positive energy for you. The four sacred animals engraved on the beads are said to be protecting you from the wrath of the demons. 

25. Gold Brass Charm

Gold Brass Charm

Our last item is definitely not the least. This brass charm was made using premium brass material. It also helps to attract wealth and prosperity. If you’re really desperate to freshen up your life, perhaps all you need is this cool charm by your side. 

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