25 Cool Septum Rings to Get Your Perfect Piercing

A cool septum ring is still a thing now. It’s never out of style, because it is the same as other jewelry or accessories. So, are you planning to get one? If yes, that is great! You will look very dashing. It’s okay if you are nervous, a first timer always does.

If you have no idea what kind of cool septum ring that you must get as your first ring, we will help you. Through this article, we are going to take you on a tour, seeing all styles of cool septum rings. You can directly shop the curated 25 cool septum rings that you like.

Cool Septum Rings for Sophisticated Selections

Let’s start from the sophisticated style. Sophisticated septum rings are mostly shaped fancy with starry diamonds look-alike. These rings are mostly fit with luxurious fashion styles.

1. Opal V Shaped Septum Ring

Opal V Shaped

An opal hoop ring, with a V shape made out of surgical steel. The gold steel mix with colorful material is pretty cool for a sophisticated style. There are three rings color selection you can choose.

2. Brass Lotus Septum Ring

Brass Lotus

You can embrace your new look with this brass lotus shaped septum ring. Very unique and sophisticated for first timers. There are two color options for you, the gold one or silver. This ring is 0.59 inches in diameter.

3. Cool Septum Ring from Lativa Roil

cool septum rings

A gold plated septum ring from rose gold, gold, and silver color are available for you to choose. Plus, the 20 gauge is making this ring way more cooler for your appearance. Time to be different with this cool septum ring.

4. Gold Bee Horseshoe Septum Ring

Gold Bee Horseshoe

This gold bee horseshoes septum ring is suitable for your everyday sophisticated look. Its thickness is 16 gauge, made of surgical steel, the gemstones are cubic zirconia. The bee shape makes it very playful. 

5. CZ Gemstone Septum Ring

CZ Gemstone

A beautiful and cool septum ring from Monster Piercing. This daith hoop ring is 16 gauge with 10 mm diameter hoop. The material is skin friendly with 316L surgical steel with CZ stone. This is perfect to wear for your special occasions.

6. Clicker Scharnier Segment Septum Ring

cool septum rings

Awesomely crafted segment septum with cool gemstone made out of kristal. Schlussverkauf designed this adorable septum ring from metal and stainless steel. The zirconia crystal rod thickness is 1.2 mm.  

7. Syntactic Opal Cool Septum Ring

cool septum rings

As a first timer, you may want to get this opal set septum ring in your drawer. This is very perfect for when you go to a romantic dinner, lavish event, or whenever you dress sophisticatedly. This cool septum ring from EG Gifts is a perfect choice. 

8. Opal Dragon Claws Septum Ring

Opal Dragon Claws Septum Ring

Another hidden gem from OUFER Store. This septum ring is overly cool and has fantastic details. Its two white opals surrounded by dragon claws are eye-catching. Wear this, and your confidence level will boost up automatically. 

9. Double Circle Designed Septum Ring

Double Circle Designed Septum Ring

A rose gold double circular septum ring from FUNLMO is very stunning. Put on your new septum piercing, and everyone will definitely admire your new look. A cool way to appear different from last year. 16G thick, cubic zirconia, and hypoallergenic free.

10. Septum Ring with Cool Beads

cool septum rings

Another option for you to buy from the Schlussverkauf store. These cool septum rings are nicely finished with different beads. They have various color options as well. Built from high quality materials, and you shop this without spending extra. 

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Cool Septum Rings for Unisex Selections

If the sophisticated category is more feminine with beads, gemstones, and zirconia crystals. The next 15 septum rings are unisex. These can be used with your everyday look, important meeting outfits, or special events style.

cool septum rings

If now you are unsure to pierce your septum or not, maybe you can try this non-piercing chain link septum ring. Made out of rhodium or gold plated brass, this is friendly and safe for your septum skin. You can get this for only 7 dollars, so let’s give it a try.

12. Real Gold Lightning

cool septum rings

Lightning shaped 14K real gold septum ring. Very cool, right? The gauge is 18, and 10mm for the inner diameter. This cool septum ring comes with a free gift box and you also enjoy free shipping! This is one of the best options from Anygolds.

13. Unique and Cool Septum Ring

cool septum rings

Designed as minimalist but still stand out, this cool septum ring from Teegono is made for you to wear comfortably. It is sufficiently flexible to match any style. 16g septum, this is made from high quality metal, using a combination of 3D printing technology. 

14. Geometric Shape

cool septum rings

A unique and cool septum ring from Teegono. There are various selections you can choose from 16g septum to 22 septum. All septum rings from Teegono are made of highest grade materials that are nickel-free. This geometric septum ring is also 14K gold plated.

15. Black PVD Steel

cool septum rings

This 16G septum ring is very cool with black color and bat shaped pendant. The cartilage features a hinged and non-removable segment for easy insertion and removal. This septum ring from Body Candy will make you look cool, and a little bit gothic.

16. Bat Wing Steel Septum Ring

Bat Wing Steel Ring

If you need a more vivid bat with its wings for your first septum ring, this one here can be your second option. Made of steel and rhinestone, various color selections, and the crystal stones are made from cubic zirconia. Let’s elevate your new style with this, shall we?

17. Double Ring Open Stacked Rainbow for Septum

Double Ring Open Stacked Rainbow for Septum

A cool, shining rainbow colored septum ring from the WYR store. For rainbow lovers, this one is going to be your first love. The hoop is made from Zircon or Opal, and you can choose the desired size from 14G to 20G. The material base of this cool septum ring is 316L surgical grade stainless steel. 

18. Cool Skull Septum Nose 

Cool Skull Septum Nose

Looking more fierce than before with this stainless steel skull septum nose from Pierced Owl Store. With only 9 dollars, you can get this cool guy that is made of stainless steel and brass, 16GA bar thickness, and 3mm skull pendant.

19. Slithering Snake Stainless Steel

Slithering Snake Stainless Steel Septum Ring

A new septum pierced with a slithering snake ring is a cool thing to do. Like, You will look stunning and badass from wearing it. The thickness of this ring is 16GA, and the hoop diameter is 10mm.

20. Crescent Shaped Septum Ring

Crescent Shaped Septum Ring

Looking way beyond mediocre with this crescent shaped septum ring from FUNLMO store. Made from highly polished 316L surgical steel, your septum skin will be safe wearing this. It is also easy to use with a seamless closure. 

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21. Nautical Anchor Hoop

Nautical Anchor Hoop

16G steel hinged segment ring from Body Candy, shaped like a nautical anchor. We recommend you to wear this anchor hoop if you want your appearance with the new septum piercing to be cool and quirky. The available size is 16 gauge with non-allergic stainless steel. 

22. Another Cool Septum Ring from Body Candy

Another Cool Septum Ring from Body Candy

What makes this septum ring cool is the alien head with clear accent eyes. This 16 gauge hoop metal is plated in black, with impressive finish, and can be used with any kind of wardrobe you got. Again, this cool septum ring is coming from Body Candy.

23. Alien Septum Ring from Monster Piercing

Alien Septum Ring from Monster Piercing

Talking about alien septum rings, we have another recommendation. This alien shaped hoop is cute and cool at the same time. There are two gauge sizes available, one is 16 gauge, the other is 12 gauge. These piercings are perfect for any occasions you have ahead. 

24. Septum Clicker Ion-Plated Ring

Clicker Ion-Plated Ring

Which one do you like the most? The blue one, black, or rainbow? These cool septum rings are pretty cool with a shiny metallic finish. All items are nickel-free, autoclave safe, and hypoallergenic. Oh, the good news is that you can return this spetung ring if you don’t like it!

25. Triangle Septum Ring with V Shape

Triangle Ring with V Shape

Walk like a star with the new septum piercing and with this V shaped septum ring. Boosting your confidence in a second with its sleek finish surgical steel metal. This ring from Monster Piercing comes with a minimalist and safe package. 

Latest Post:

Are septum piercings cool?

Sure they are. Septum piercings can boost your appearance to be more fierce and bold. Especially when you choose a cool septum ring that is different from anybody else. A septum piercing is still a thing now. Everybody treats it like any other jewelry. So, don’t hesitate to get one.

What does a septum ring signify?

It depends on which country you are referring to. Now, in the USA or western parts, a septum ring is a mainstream accessory. It only holds a little history. But, in India for example, a septum ring can symbolize marriage. 

Why do girls get nose rings?

Some wear it because of peer pressure or following the latest trend. While for some groups, they use it as a symbol of freedom, rebellions, and boldness. Also, in some parts of the world like South Africa, women use nose rings to show their prosperity, wellness, and wealth.

How long does septum funk last?

One person is differ to another. Your friend might feel the most painful part around 1 to 3 weeks. Then the healing takes 6 to 8 month for the healing period. But, when it comes to you, it might take longer or shorter periods. But, it won’t be far from the average length of period.

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