Custom Made Opal Rings

Show off your unique personality by wearing one of these Custom Made Opal Rings. Carefully crafted by hand, these rings are exactly what wearable treasures look like.

These unique rings are the result of a passion for gems, rock hounding, and jewelry. After witnessing the beauty of opals in their natural environment, the idea of making these rings was born.

Each piece of stone is carefully aligned on the ring base. Using tweezers, they are put under the right angle to show off their natural shine. This process makes every ring one of a kind.

The rings come in 6 unique colors. This includes black, pink, peacock, marine blue, orange, and purple opal.

You’d be surprised how different they look even though made of the same stone. Choose the color that would best represent your personality.

Custom Made Opal Rings

Custom Made Opal Rings

But be warned, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of the ring. It’s that captivating.

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